Where to Stay in South London

Where to Stay in London

One of the most important decisions you can make on your first London trip is choosing where to stay. London is a huge city and you’ll hear advice from everyone on the best areas and hotels and Airbnbs/vacation rentals where they believe you should stay.

After living in London and visiting many times, I’ve gotten to know the different parts of the city and have my own thoughts. On this page, you’ll find all my advice in one place.

The Best Areas to Stay in London

London is generally divided into five areas: Central, North, South, East, and West.

On the map images at the right, you can click each one to see a specific guide to the best areas to stay in that part of London – and also some parts of that area that aren’t as good to stay.

If that seems overwhelming, never fear. I put together a guide of the best places across the city – the best 2 or 3 areas in each part of London to stay.

(Think of it as the “Greatest Hits” from the rest of the series.)

No matter where you choose, London has tons of great accommodation options.

Other Tips on London Accommodations

If you need other advice on choosing accommodations, I have written other posts too – both round-ups and hotel reviews. You can find them all below: