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What to Pack for London in March

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Did you know that March is the driest month in London, based on precipitation trends? This might be surprising – after all, don’t next-up April’s showers make the city’s May flowers so great? (Actually, April is also quite dry, compared to other months!) A lack of rain is one among many reasons that visiting London in March is a great idea – but it might be confusing to figure out what to pack for London in March if it isn’t just rain, rain, rain every day (especially as it might be on a certain year!).

March is one of my favorite months in London; it’s when the daffodils burst into vibrant color across the city, the leaves begin to bud on trees, the weather improves, and the summer crowds have only just started planning their trip – the city still feels a bit more local than in months to come. You’re in for a real treat if your London trip is planned in March!

What to Pack for London in March

But coming back to that all-important question, what should you pack for London in March? Below you’ll find some guidance; first, I’ll lay out how longer days and improving weather make March a good time to visit but still require a bit of preparation. Then I’ll share my recommendations for a March London packing list to help you put together what you need. Ready to get your suitcase sorted?

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​​March Sunrise & Sunset Times in London

Knowing how long the days are in March will come in handy when you’re planning your London trip. It will help you to better organize your itinerary and see how many activities you can fit in a day. 

March is a transition month as the city goes from winter to spring. Daylight hours increase by almost 2 hours between March 1st and 31st, allowing more time for outdoor activities. 

Below you’ll find a chart of sunrise and sunset times in London in March:

Daylight Hours~11 hours~12 hours~13 hours

As you can see, days get substantially longer between the beginning of the month and the end – it might well feel wintry in early March, but really is spring by the end. Knowing this can help you understand another important trend in March, which is how weather improves as a whole. Now let’s turn to that.

(This info is also helpful if seeing a sunrise or sunset during your London visit sounds like an activity you’d like to include in your itinerary!)

London March Weather & Temperature

Despite being a transition month, March is still on the cold side. The average London temperature in March tends to be between 39°F (4°C) and 50°F (10°C). Remember that the earlier you visit, the colder the temperatures you’ll experience; by the month’s end, you’ll definitely feeling and smelling spring on the air.

As for precipitation, there are about 10 days of precipitation in March, but the good news is that the rain tends to drizzle or showers. In total, there isn’t a ton of precipitation, but it’s best to be prepared each day in case a little black raincloud decides to pas overhead.

What to Pack for London in March

Packing the right clothes is essential to have a comfortable trip, which is why I’ve included a detailed guide on what clothes to wear in London in March.

When planning what to pack for London in March, I suggest you pack layers, so you can adjust your outfit according to the outside temperature. 

  • Pack two sets of long-sleeve, natural fiber shirts; I love Unbound Merino’s tops which are super warm and also odor-reducing so you won’t need to worry about washing them during your trip. They also look nice enough to wear everyday when exploring London, which generally has a nicer dress code than many North American urban destinations.
  • Bring a sweater and a hoodie, as well as a raincoat to serve as your outer layers depending on the day. I love this Pendleton slicker which is totally waterproof. 
  • If you’re visiting earlier in the month, you might want to throw a beanie and a scarf into your bag to ensure you don’t lose too much heat on chillier days.
  • Pack a pair of trousers and two pairs of jeans, for every 5-7 days of your trip.
  • You don’t want the rain to stop you from getting to know the marvelous city that London is, in the event that it is one (or several) of those rainy March days during your visit. So bring an umbrella and your rain boots.
  • Bring a pair of comfortable shoes. While you’ll be relying a lot on public transportation during your trip, you’ll spend lots of time walking around. It’s also nice to have a pair of dry non-boot shoes to wear around your hotel or accommodation.
  • Pack a fancy outfit; some venues and restaurants in London are fashionable and you’ll have to dress up if you want to visit them.

Have any other questions about what to pack for London in March, or any items I didn’t mention that you might need? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Chris Cavolo

    Hi Valerie! This is sooooo helpful. We are doing our first family trip to London March 9th 2024 for a week. My wife thanks you- she said that being specific with your packing list was incredible. (She tends to over pack and then wear very little of it…but I didn’t say that 😉

    Great job and of such good service

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