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What to Pack for London in July

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June may get a lot of the glory as the best month to visit London if you want sunny days with little chance of rain while exploring the city’s top sights – but July’s a very close second! Often hotter than its predecessor, exploring London in July is obviously a good idea, but the last thing you want is to be sweltering and sweating and feeling a hot mess. Knowing what to pack for London in July is key!

I’ve been fortunate to spend plenty of time in London in July, between living there and return visits since moving back across the pond. As a lady traveler, it’s a season of sundresses, shorts, sunglasses, and only needing to pack my cutest short rainboots and umbrella in case the forecast turns; gents can opt for fitted shorts and light-weight button-downs to look sharp but stay comfortable even if the temps soar.

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If you’re still working on what to pack for London for your July trip, this post will help. Below you’ll find some guidance; first, I’ll lay out how longer days and improving weather factor into your packing decisions. Then I’ll share my recommendations for a July London packing list to help you put together what you need. Ready to figure out exactly what to pack already? Let’s get to it!

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July Sunrise & Sunset Times in London 

Sunset in London - City View from the Thames

As I’ve written on other occasions, knowing what time the sun sets and rises in London is useful to help you plan your day and see how many activities you can fit. Here’s a simple chart with the sunrise and sunset times in London in July:

Sunrise4:47 am5:00 am5:21 am
Sunset9:20 pm9:11 pm8:21 pm
Daylight Hours~16.5 hours~16.25 hours~15.5 hours

As you can see, July is a fantastic time to visit London. The month has the longest days of the year, giving you plenty of daylight to explore the city and beyond. If catching a London sunrise or sunset is something you’d like to experience, you can check out my guides to the best places to watch sunrise and sunset across London in July (and every month too).

London July Weather & Temperature

London is rainy and grey, right? Sure, it’s a stereotype, but like most stereotypes, it has kernels of truth (see: January, February, March… and so on!). However, July breaks the rule (like the other summer months) with warm (sometimes hot!) weather and high temperatures. The “high temperature” statement may be subject to interpretation, but you can certainly wear shorts and tank tops if you want to. 

While you’ll be in the height of summer, the London temperature in July rarely is unbearably high – though there have increasingly been heat waves once or twice each summer. On average though, you can expect temperatures ranging from 70°-73°F (21°-23°C). The best part weather-wise is that July is also the driest month, so you won’t be using your umbrella as often. 

What to Pack for London in July

First Trip to London Hero

Knowing what to pack for London in July is another piece of info that will help you plan your trip accordingly. It can be difficult to know what to bring when you only have so much room in your suitcase! As a general rule, my advice is to stick to the summer basics and pack a few extra layers to wear on breezy nights. Also, I’m a bit old school and generally dress a bit nicer when I’m in London (or anywhere in Europe) compared to when I’m home in the States.

Here are my suggestions for what to pack, depending on how long you’re visiting and the weather forecast:

  • Pack a few natural fiber shirts; I love Unbound Merino’s tops (they also have long-sleeve options) which are warm but also breathable and odor-reducing so you won’t need to worry about washing them during your trip. They also look nice enough to wear every day if you want to step up to European daily fashion standards (which are mostly nicer than across the pond).
  • Bring a sweater and a hoodie or light jacket, for laying up if there are any cool days. I don’t think you need a raincoat in July…
  • …but in the event the forecast calls for rain (sorry ’bout that!), throw in a small, packable umbrella you can carry around each day.
  • Even if the forecast calls for rain, sunglasses are small enough to pack for sunny days.
  • Pack a pair of trousers and a pair of jeans for every 5-7 days of your trip.
  • If the forecast is looking really warm, Unbound Merino also has fantastic linen-merino shorts that I love on hot weather days; one or two pairs of shorts is a good number.
  • Bring two pairs of comfortable shoes. While you’ll be relying a lot on public transportation during your trip, you’ll spend lots of time walking around. It’s also good to have a back-up for any unexpected showers that might soak your feet.
  • Pack a fancy outfit; some venues and restaurants in London are fashionable and you’ll have to dress up if you want to visit them. I love Wool&‘s Merino dresses or the Unbound travel dress for women.

I’ve got a list of essentials to pack for London too, so you don’t forget anything important.

Have any other questions about what to pack for London in July, or any items I didn’t mention that you might need? Let me know in the comments below!

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