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20 Lovely Spots for Vegan Sunday Roast in London

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Have you ever heard of the term “Beefeaters?” It is a term coined by King Henry VII; to refer to the Yeoman guards of the Tower of London who were paid partly in beef. Eventually, beef became a staple of the British diet, primarily appearing in the iconic Sunday Roast meal. It’s a long-lived London food tradition that everyone should enjoy when visiting London – a meal typically served during lunchtime with beef, Yorkshire pudding, veggies, and even a dessert pudding (yes, please).

Vegan Sunday Roast in London Hero
Featured photo courtesy of The Mall Tavern

Being a vegan often means missing out on fun food traditions but not to worry, a Sunday roast is not one of them! I have scoured the city of London and found the best vegan Sunday roast in London that even your meat-eating friends will want to join in on!

From plant-based eateries in London to pubs with a vegan option, you will not miss out on this fun London tradition with this long list!

This post was originally published in March 2022 and was updated most recently in March 2024.

Bull & Gate (NW5)

Vegan Sunday Roast London - Bull and Gate
Photo Courtesy of Bull and Gate

The Bull and Gate is a pub with numerous virtues: stunning décor, mouthwatering dishes,  electrifying cocktails, delicious vegan alternatives, and hefty portions. Perhaps that’s why it consistently earns a spot in any kind of London pub list, including this one. 

The Victorian pub spoils vegan diners with two fine roasts; a classic mushroom Wellington sided with beetroot and rainbow chard, or a squash and chestnut filo parcel for those with a less traditional palate. Both dishes are exquisite, but the crown jewel is the vegan Yorkshire puddings that accompany them. They are one of the fluffiest Yorkshire puddings I’ve ever seen in a dish of vegan Sunday roast in London. 

Cafe Van Gogh (SW9)

Vegan or not, travelers can’t miss the opportunity to sample a London vegan Sunday roast at Cafe Van Gogh. Sitting next to a church on Brixton Road, Cafe Van Gogh can easily go unnoticed by hungry passersby. You better not be one of them. This charming restaurant serves 100% vegan cuisine and is a delight for eyes and taste buds alike. Every Sunday, they rustle up a rich mushroom, nut Wellington, or a jerk-seasoned plantain sided with mash, veggies, and succulent red onion gravy. 

It’s worth mentioning that the cafe’s delicious vegan fare isn’t its only virtue. The venue is a not-for-profit social enterprise and works with Toucan Employment, a learning disability employment charity. 

Karamel (N22)

Vegan Sunday Roast in London - karamel
Photo courtesy of @karameln22 on Instagram

Karamel has a big name in the city’s vegan scene for two reasons. One, it serves a delicious animal-free Sunday roast in London. Two, their portions are ginormous. So much so that it’s worth fasting for a day and then eating their entire roast. 

Come Sunday, the chef unleashes his culinary creativity and conjures up a delicious vegan roast, comprising smoky tofu, chestnut, and almond wellington as main items and red cabbage, parsnips, peas, and mashed swede as sides. Oh, and oodles of crispy roast potatoes with lashings of gravy. Beware, these are hefty portions we’re talking about, more than enough to keep you full until dinner time. 

Manna (NW3)

Vegan Sunday Roast - Manna

Manna arguably serves the most famous vegan Sunday roast in London. The quirky eatery was a vegan cuisine precursor. In 1966, way before plant-based restaurants flourished in every nook of London, Manna was a haven for vegetarians. Nothing seems to have changed for the restaurant. They’ve been vegan for almost a decade now, and welcome hordes of vegan Londoners looking for their vegan Sunday roast.

They have a rotating menu, which means you can find their spicy nut roast or their decadent butternut squash and flaky filo pie. If you’re still unsure about Manna, reviewers claim that their Sunday roast is so good that it has converted many carnivores to the vegan side. 

The Arnos Arms (N11)

Vegan Sunday Roast London - The Arnos Arms
Photo Courtesy of The Arnos via Facebook

The Arnos Arms has beer and spirit lovers as regular customers – not difficult to understand once you see their excellent selection of craft beers and cocktails.  The clientele mixes up a bit on Sundays as they welcome other loyal customers, vegetarians, and vegans. 

Again, it is not hard to see why. They serve up a vegan Sunday roast in London that is a culinary masterpiece: Moroccan nut roast served up with seasonal vegetables, tons of perfectly crisped potatoes, gravy, and Yorkshire pudding. If this doesn’t win a place in your vegan heart, I don’t know what will. 

The Belle Vue (SW4)

Vegan Sunday Roasts in London - The Belle Vue

Banging roast dinner, good atmosphere, and great tunes!, reads one of the reviews about The Belle Vue, This quirky pub in the middle of Clapham also joined the plant-based scene and serves a delicious Sunday Roast with fresh veggies.

They offer a beetroot and butternut squash Wellington served with roast potatoes, maple glazed carrots and parsnips, broccoli, a fluffy Yorkshire pudding, and delicious homemade jus.

The Canonbury Tavern

The Canonbury Tavern is a bright, lively, and stylish spot. The food is simply amazing! It has a versatile menu with a great selection of wines, and well-crafted shared plates.

The Sunday menu sticks to the same quality. The chef has prepared a vegetarian Sunday roast complete with Heritage squash, wild mushroom, curly kale, and a feta cheese Wellington.

The Duke’s Head (SW15)

The Duke’s Head is one of the most beloved pubs in Putney. It’s a lovely place to spend a Sunday afternoon, with a little beer garden out the back overlooking the river.

But, back to the food department, this pub doesn’t have many vegetarian or vegan options. However, they do prepare a vegan Sunday roast. They are currently offering a wild mushroom, artichoke, and cauliflower Wellington with all the other roast accoutrements. The portion seems hefty, so I don’t think you’ll need to order anything else!

The Lighterman (N1)

The Lighterman is a contemporary pub with modern and Nordic interiors right in the heart of King’s Cross. Their menu boasts an impressive offer of British staples, including Sunday roasts. Their vegan version of the traditional dish is a buttery Harrier butternut squash, nut roast Wellington accompanied with scrumptious glazed carrot and parsnip batons. All their produce comes from local farms, ensuring the menu remains seasonal and sustainable. 

After a fulfilling roast, profit from the restaurant’s wonderful location. The Lighterman sits on the canal side of King’s Cross, a perfect area to enjoy a much-needed post-meal walk. 

The Mall Tavern (W8)

Vegan Sunday Roast London - Mall Tavern
Photo Courtesy of Mall Tavern via Instagram

The Mall Tavern is a pub that screams British. Its green facade, golden lettering on top, and warm interiors; everything creates that characteristic Victorian charm. Like any London pub, The Mall Tavern is a haven for beer enthusiasts, but they also serve up a delicious vegan Sunday. The veganized dish comes with pearl barley and hazelnut roast plus roasted carrots, parsnips, and gravy – it wouldn’t be a Sunday roast without them! 

The Victorian gastropub is highly popular, especially on weekends. If you can’t book a table, I suggest you walk in and try your luck nevertheless. 

The Old Queen’s Head (N1)

If you’re staying near or in Islington, it won’t take long before locals tell you that The Old Queen’s Head is a must-visit. Its superb interior design and incredible atmosphere have made the Victorian pub an icon in North East London. Londoners religiously visit the venue to enjoy cheeky drinks on a Friday night. 

Vegans who go for their Sunday roast won’t be disappointed. The chef prepares a mushroom Wellington with roast potatoes, glazed carrots and parsnips, curly kale and shallots, Yorkshire pudding, and, of course, tons of gravy.

The Oval Tavern (CR0)

The Oval Tavern is a perfect pub to spend your Sunday. As if the fantastic beer wasn’t enough (they have an extensive selection of well-kept draught real ale) this excellent venue has friendly staff, hearty, tasty, home-cooked food and it regularly books in top-notch musical acts. 

What else can you ask for from a tavern? Oh, yes, they serve a finger-licking vegan roast: a combination of Mediterranean nut, pepper, and aubergine loaf. If that alone convinces you, wait until you hear it comes with garlic-roasted potatoes and fluffy Swede mash. 

The Owl And Pussycat (E2)

For being in Shoreditch, The Owl and Pussycat is unconventionally classic. With lots of character, this old-style pub has a fantastic kitchen. They serve up a fantastic Sunday roast weekend after weekend. 

Their roast recipe is quite unique: a mix of Beetroot, fennel, and nuts roast. The British staple comes with all the trimmings you can imagine; rapeseed oil roast potatoes, maple roasted carrots, spring greens and rainbow chard, parsnips, Yorkshire pudding, and gravy.  Admit it; your Sunday just got better.

The Phene (SW3)

Vegan Sunday Roast London - The Phene
Photo Courtesy of The Phene

The Phene is a Chelsea institution when it comes to boozers. Dating back to 1853, the historic pub knows how to treat its customers. Today, the pub is a popular meeting point for elegant British in their twenties and foreigners who want a taste of London’s pub scene. 

The chef has curated a fantastic menu, including the British Sunday meal. Their vegan roast is otherworldly– perhaps because the pub’s owner has two vegan daughters. Order it, and a server will come to your table with a mushroom and cashew nut roast en croute soaked in rich vegan gravy. Don’t miss the chance to sample a few of their premium beers or French wine.

The Spread Eagle (E9)

If you happen to be roaming around Hackney on your Sunday, please, make a stop by The Spread Eagle. It’s London’s first fully vegan pub! They make all sorts of British pub classics but with a vegan twist.

Their Sunday Roast is absolutely delicious. Since their menu is seasonal, you can always find new recipes. If you visit now, you will be delighted with a beet wellington, walnut, and cashew nut roast, and a pot roast celeriac and potato crackling. They serve everything with potatoes, roasted carrots, seasonal greens, a Yorkshire pudding, and gravy too. You better be wearing comfy pants!

The Spaniards Inn (NW3)

If you’re after a fancier pub, The Spaniards Inn won’t let you down. This old pub in Hampstead is simply stunning. Servers have a wonderful sense of humor; service is prompt and attentive, without being intrusive….the perfect balance. The atmosphere in the inn is ‘buzzing’ with a lovely mixture of laughter and conversation.

But, back to our main interest, the Sunday roast comes with Nut Roast (root vegetable roast made with almonds and walnuts), vegetarian gravy, and, of course, the unmissable Yorkshire puddings, ruffled roasted potatoes, and roasted root vegetables.

The Star of Bethnal Green (E2)

The Star of Bethnal Green is a great place to have a drink and put the world to rights. But most Londoners also know that it’s a foodie’s paradise.

Their menu is short, but every single dish is just delicious. Don’t be scared away by the juicy sirloin on their website. Their menu also has delicious options for the vegans out there. This laid-back pub serves mouthwatering Seed Roas every Sunday. It comes with maple carrots, roast potatoes, parsnips, greens, Yorkshire pudding, broccoli mornay, and red wine gravy.

The Talbot (N1)

Vegan Sunday Roast in London-london
Photo Courtesy of The Talbot

The Talbot is a proper British pub in Dalston, where Turkish eateries colonize most streets. The infamous pub is one of the few places in the neighborhood that knows how to do a Sunday roast right. Consequently, it explodes with hungry locals every Sunday at noon. 

Their menu is ever-changing and caters to carnivores and vegans. If you’re lucky enough, they’ll be serving their delicious vegan chickpea and mixed beans sausages and tofu and almond loaf. The “meat” comes with first-class veggies; the classic roasties, honey-glazed carrots, salted-maple roasted parsnips, and braised red cabbage.

The Windsor Castle (W8)

Vegan Sunday Roast London - Windsor Castle
Photo Courtesy of Windsor Castle Pub

Despite sitting between Notting Hill, Holland Park, and Kensington, The Windsor Castle is a discreet Victorian pub. It is the perfect place to spend a long, relaxing afternoon. The oak-paneled interiors, the medieval tavern seats, and the open brick fireplace create a fantastic atmosphere to indulge in a Sunday roast. 

Their menu boasts a varied selection of vegan dishes, and their vegan take on the British staple comprises a nut roast with all the trimmings. The Windsor Castle is also a fantastic place to have a drink or a beer. So don’t forget to order a pint of real ale to accompany your sumptuous meal.

The Black Heart/LD’s Kitchen (NW1)

People say you should save the best for last – and that’s exactly what I’ve done. LD’s Kitchen at The Black Heart in Camden has easily the best Sunday Roast in London; just read the reviews online if you don’t believe me. 

The roast boasts a great selection of veggies and the meat alternatives – right now they’re serving roast mocken’ breast – are simply delicious. You’ll find a welcome change from the usual nut roasts offered elsewhere. Everything is delightfully flavorful and perfectly cooked. The gravy is the cherry on top of the cake. Incredible beer selection as well

Have any questions about these London vegan Sunday roast options? Let me know in the comments!

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