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The 20 Best Things to Do in London in June 2024

Like most destinations in the northern hemisphere, June is one of the best times to visit London. Long hours of daylight and warm weather make even the stodgiest-feeling Londoners crack a smile and soak up the sun – in fact, it kind of kills some pub conversations when the weather is so nice that there’s nothing to complain about!

If you’re planning a trip to London in June, you’re in for a real treat. In addition to nice weather and plenty of daylight hours to see the sights, some of London’s best events happening in the month of June.

London in June Hero

While living in London, I had the pleasure of spending an entire June in London (in part aided by the fact I lost my passport and couldn’t travel elsewhere – oops!). It was a month of sunshine, Pimm’s at the pub, and good memories made with friends. Hopefully, your June visit to London will be equally memorable.

Read on to discover all the details of visiting London in June as well as special events and other things to do during your trip.

This post was originally published in March 2022, and was updated most recently in March 2024.

History and Mystery at The Magic Circle (June 3)

Looking for something truly unique to do during your London trip? The History and Magic at The Magic Circle fits the bill! This monthly event (usually on the first Monday at 11am) allows you to enter an otherwise members-only space for practicians of magic… yes you read that correctly!

Tickets are £23 per person, and include a close-up magic show, a tour of our museum, and a parlour magic show. If you’re curious about how magicians make the magic happen and the history of this art in London, mark it on your itinerary.

Chestertons Polo in the Park (June 7-9)

London in June - Polo

Held at Hurlingham Park in Fulham, Chestertons Polo in the Park is a glorious event to have a taste of London’s summer calendar. The grounds are full of people having a whale of a time. British ladies and gentlemen dressed to the nine, hospitality suites along the field, stalls selling delicious nibbles and drinks…

Oh, and let’s not forget the stars of the show: the Polo players and their horses! The sport is beautiful to watch, and the commentators create an electric atmosphere, full of expectations and adrenaline. 

Wandsworth Arts Fringe (June 7-23)

Wandsworth Arts Fringe has been part of London’s cultural scene for only 12 years. However, it quickly became one of the summer staples. The event is all about inclusion and bringing people closer to diverse forms of art.

You’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of cultural events of myriad genres, from experimental performances to cutting-edge theatre. Moreover, the festival has no selection process, so you can find emerging artists and companies from all walks of life.

Naked Bike Ride (June 8)

London is a diverse city, and its diversity manifests through clothes (or lack of them). While some prefer to dress up in their fanciest clothes, others prefer to strip them off. 

The London Naked Bike Ride takes place on June 8th and starts in the afternoon at five different spots: Tower Hill, Regents Park, Croydon, Hyde Park, Victoria Park, Deptford, Clapham Junction, and Kew Bridge. Under the motto “go as bare as you dare,” thousands of nude cyclists pedal together around the city in the name of body positivity and cyclist rights. 

(I hope you’ll appreciate, I didn’t add any photos of this event because, well, you can probably picture what they would look like, and I try to run a family-friendly London blog here!)

London Open Gardens (June 8-9)

One unusual part of London’s residential areas is the private gardens and parks; I’m always surprised that these areas exist because typically, green spaces are public in the U.S. where I live, especially when they appear to be independent of residences or businesses around.

In any case, London Open Gardens weekend is the way to go beyond the locked gates – literally. This two-day event gives you the chance to explore otherwise private places of peace across the city; in years past, this has included private squares and the Prime Minister’s Downing Street garden.

This year’s list of participating gardens has not yet been released, so mark this event on your calendar and check the website closer to your visit.

MLB London Series: Mets vs Phillies (June 8-9)

Love American sports and want to enjoy them during your trip, even though you’re far from home? Snag tickets to the MLB “London Series,” where the New York Mets will meet the Philadelphia Phillies at London Stadium for two games (Saturday and Sunday).

Tickets are a reasonable £39 for adults and £19.50 for children; this is on par with ticket prices for those games back in the States, and the atmosphere will be a lot of fun because neither team will have the home advantage.

The King’s Birthday Parade/Trooping the Colour (June 15)

London Bucket List - Changing of the Guard

June is an excellent month for travelers who love all things royal. Not only are most Royal Residences open to the public, but you can also attend The King’s Birthday Parade. If this doesn’t sound familiar, that’s because until last year, the Queen’s Birthday Parade was celebrated on June 2nd or thereabouts.

Also known as Trooping the Colour, the parade has taken place in London for over two centuries, and Britain has organized it to honor the sovereign’s official birthday. The ceremony is a fantastic military parade where 1,400 soldiers, 200 horses, and 400 musicians come together and put on an impressive display of pageantry. 

Taste of London (June 14-18)

“To travel is to eat,” some might say. If you recognize yourself in this phrase, book your tickets for a Taste of London, one of the world’s greatest food festivals. Each summer, London’s top restauranteurs and chefs organize the ultimate alfresco feast in Regent’s Park.

Besides offering the hottest selection of dishes from their menus, chefs hold live cooking demonstrations and impart the most varied masterclasses for foodies wanting to upgrade their culinary skills. 

Father’s Day (June 16)

While there aren’t specific events for Father’s Day, I thought it was worth mentioning here since you might have forgotten that it’s happening during your June London trip.

Visit London has a huge list of ideas for how you might celebrate Father’s Day with your pops while visiting London, but at least be sure to call your dad, even if you do nothing else!

West End Live (June 22-23)

Things to Do in London in June - West End Live

Many people visit London to enjoy a night or two at the theatre – but it’s pretty easy to blow your budget by going to the shows, even if you’re a big fan of musicals and on-stage dramas. If you happen to be visiting London toward the end of June, you’re in luck: West End Live is a great way to appreciate the theatre and learn about shows you might not otherwise want to (shell out to) see.

This two-day event takes over Trafalgar Square, where cast and crews from some of the West End’s best shows put on live performances in the open air. The 2024 schedule of participating acts hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it should be announced in May, so bookmark this event if you’re keen to attend.

London Pride (June 29)

Last but certainly not least on the calendar of confirmed events in June, London Pride is an essential event for LGBT+ travelers or allies – it’s also just worth being aware of even if you don’t plan to attend, as it’s a huge event that does disrupt the city (in a great way, in my opinion!).

Not much has been confirmed for the 2024 London Pride at this point – beyond the date – but you should check the schedule to see when and where the parade is confirmed, and where other events (like the awesome Pride’s Got Talent competition) will occur. This might only be a one-day event officially, but there’s so much going on, you can definitely celebrate and support the community however you want.

Camden Crawl (TBD)

Camden Crawl is a two-day multi-arts urban festival where well-consolidated artists and upcoming talents perform. Unlike other London festivals, Camden Crawl grew popular by mere chance. Five friends in the recording industry who didn’t know much about putting on a gig organized a few events that attracted a lot more attendants than they expected.

Since its beginnings, the festival has stood out for giving exposure to relatively unknown musicians. The festival’s lineup and schedule for 2024 haven’t come out yet, and there’s no information about ticket prices.

8 Other Things to Do in London in June

In case you still have a free hole in your itinerary, here are a few other activities you can do in London during June.

  1. Soak up the sun while walking down the Southbank.
  2. Grab a pint in one of London’s beer gardens. 
  3. Go for a picnic in one of London’s parks
  4. Rent a boat to get a different view of the city. GoBoat offers boat rentals in Paddington, Kingston-upon-Thames, Thames Ditton, and Canary Wharf starting from £95 for 1 hour (Reservations essential); read my review of GoBoat Paddington during one of my recent trips.
  5. Go to a London-area beach for a sunbathing session – yes, there are nice beaches near London!
  6. Enjoy cocktails with a view on one of London’s stunning rooftops like the Radio Rooftop or Aviary Rooftop. 
  7. Catch a Shakespeare play at the Globe. The summer schedule hasn’t been released yet, but you can check to see What’s On for your travel dates. 
  8. Enjoy classic plays in Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre, a beautiful little theatre hidden away between the trees and flower beds in Regent’s Park.

Have any questions about these things to do in London in June, or have you heard of other good events? Let me know in the comments below!

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Valerie fell in love with London on her first trip to the city way back in 2011. Since then, she spent a year living in London and visits as often as she can (you can find her recent trip recaps here!). She launched LOMM in 2021 to help other travelers fall in love with her favorite city on earth.

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