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7 Fantastic Things to Do in Farringdon

Nestled amidst the bustling heart of London, Farringdon is a gem of a neighborhood that beckons with a unique charm that’s both modern and steeped in history. As you wander through its characterful streets, you’ll quickly realize that Farringdon is a microcosm of London itself – offering a tapestry of stories, cultures, and delightful curiosities at every turn.

Whether you’re a fervent history buff, an adventurous foodie, or a traveler seeking authentic local experiences, there’s a treasure trove of things to do in Farringdon; in this post, I’ll cover the top attractions in Farringdon to help you plan your time Its eclectic eateries, timeless architecture, and vibrant ambiance create a captivating blend that keeps both locals and tourists enthralled.

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So, pop on your walking shoes, maybe grab a brolly (because, well, it’s London!), and dive into the myriad wonders that Farringdon has in store. After all, exploring this neighborhood is as quintessentially British as sipping on Earl Grey on a foggy, London morning.

1. Visit Postman’s Park

Postman’s Park is a tranquil oasis in the heart of London and one of the best things to do in Farringdon.

Despite being so central – it’s just behind St. Paul’s Cathedral – you can’t hear any traffic from within the park! Instead, you’re surrounded by the sounds of nature: the buzzing of bees and the trickling of water. Postman’s Park is not only beautiful, it’s also a meaningful place, with memorials for Good Samaritans who died saving others.

It’s a great spot for a coffee or a picnic when the weather is good!

2. Admire St Bartholomew the Great

Photo courtesy of It’s No Game via Flickr

St. Bartholomew the Great is London’s oldest church. 

London is no stranger to historical places, but at 900 years old (in 2023), St. Bartholomew is not to be sniffed at! Although not as famous as Notre Dame in Paris, you may have seen this church even if you’ve not heard of it before. It was a filming site for Four Weddings and a Funeral, Shakespeare in Love, Spooks and many other shows!

For those who enjoy music, you may wish to visit on a Sunday, as the church has its own professional choir. There is even a Damien Hirst statue – and no admission charge too!

Note: St. Bart’s the Great is not to be confused with St. Bartholomew the Lesser, another church that is situated in a hospital.

3. Browse the Stalls at Smithfield Market 

Things to Do in Farringdon - Smithfield Market

Smithfield Market is one of the most famous institutions in the Farringdon area. Not just a wholesale meat market, it is housed in three historic listed buildings and has played an important part in British history. William Wallace (immortalized in the movie, Braveheart), for example, was dragged to his death from the Tower of London to Smithfield Market.

Note that it is one of the best things to do in Farringdon but the Market does not open on the weekend!

Sadly, you won’t have long to enjoy this famous market – Smithfield Market might be moving to Dagenham soon, bringing almost 800 years of history to a close! (source 1, source 2)

4. Explore Barts Pathology Museum 

Photo courtesy of Andrea Vail via Flickr

Located in St. Bartholomew Hospital, Barts Pathology Museum has over 4000 medical specimens on display, with another 1800 either in storage or being used in teaching. No wonder it was named by CNN as one of the world’s ten weirdest medical museums! (The Hospital also has its own museum, which is different from Barts Pathology.)

5. Spot the Golden Boy of Pye Corner 

Photo courtesy of It’s No Game via Flickr

Once known as “The Fat Boy,” this 17th-century monument was built to mark the spot at which the Great Fire of London stopped, in 1666. You can find the chubby golden boy in his birthday suit on the corner of Giltspur Street and Cock Lane, but he’s not very big, so you’ll have to look hard! (Quick clue: there is also a small inscription below him.) 

Back in the day, this was a rather insalubrious corner of London, being one of the few places in London where brothels were legal. The Fortune of War pub, which is where the fire ceased, stood on the spot before being demolished in 1910. (Its backroom used to house body-snatched corpses waiting to be collected by the surgeons from St. Bartholomew’s!)

6. Visit the Museum of the Order of Saint John

Photo courtesy of Museum of the Order of Saint John

Saint John is an interesting ancient religious military order that goes back almost 1000 years. From caring for pilgrims to working with an international charity, St John Ambulance, the order has always been deeply involved with caring for the sick.

The order actually started in Jerusalem, but I’ll let you visit the Museum of the Order of Saint John to find out how it eventually moved to its current home in London! Part of the museum is free whilst the crypt and upstairs are ticketed. The ticket includes a guided tour – you will have to pre-book but, as one of the top Farringdon things to do, is well worth it.

There is also a beautiful garden outside to sit and catch your breath after a long day!

7. Eat You Way through Leather Lane 

Photo courtesy of Mastermelt Group via Flickr

Leather Lane is a street in between Halton Gardens and Chancery Lane which houses a weekday market. A market has been held on-site since the 17th century, making Leather Lane Market one of London’s most established street markets and one of the most popular Farringdon attractions.

Unlike Borough Market and Smithfield Market, which are dedicated food markets, you can find anything from apparel to food at Leather Lane. It is not quite as posh as Borough or Exmouth Market – but also feels much less touristy! You’ll find a lot of office workers enjoying the variety of street food here. (It has everything from Korean to Middle Eastern; I recommend the falafel wraps!)

(If you love the idea of visiting London markets, I have an entire guide to the best ones!)

If you have any questions about this Farringdon area guide or the top things to do in Farringdon, let me know in the comments!

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