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15 Great Places to Celebrate American Thanksgiving in London (2023)

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Maybe you booked your tickets to London in November and didn’t realize it was going to be Thanksgiving – or maybe you saw a screamin’ flight deal and wondered whether it was worth it to miss the holiday in the U.S. to save on a trip to the best city on earth.

Whatever the reason, it turns out that Thanksgiving (late November) is a great time to visit London! Sure, the late autumn/early winter weather isn’t as nice as the summertime, but there are also way fewer crowds – especially of fellow American travelers. There are still plenty of interesting things to do around this time of year (even if it rains). There are seasonal activities, giving you a teaser of the holiday cheer: the ice rink at the Natural History Museum is already open, Oxford Street’s light display is already on, and you can stroll through Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland with a mug of mulled wine.

Thanksgiving in Christmas Hero

Oh, and you don’t have to miss Thanksgiving entirely – as you’ll see in this post, there are a number of places that celebrate Thanksgiving in London with special menus featuring all your favorite dishes: roast turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie included! (There are also some others that have creative fusion options, like an Indian interpretation, Creole cuisine, and New York-style cheesecake.)

If you’re sold on visiting London around Thanksgiving but have zero intentions of missing out on one of the best days of eating all year long, read on to discover all the best places offering special menus to mark Thanksgiving in London.

Note: This list is updated for Thanksgiving 2023. If you see an error or notice a restaurant is no longer offering its menu, please let me know in the comments!

This post was originally published in November 2021, and was updated for this year in October 2023.

1. Brasserie Max at Covent Garden Hotel

Thanksgiving in London - Firmdale Hotels
Photo Courtesy of Firmdale Hotels
  • Date & Time: November 23rd
  • Price: £65 for food; drinks at an additional cost

Brasserie Max’s sumptuous rooms are a nice option to celebrate Thanksgiving in London if chic dinner parties are your thing. Right in the heart of Seven Dials, the buzzy brasserie has conjured up a typical Thanksgiving menu featuring roast bronze turkey, buttered collard greens, roast potatoes, Macaroni cheese, baked cheesecake with cranberries and orange, and pumpkin pie. 

Note: I haven’t been able to confirm if they’re offering Thanksgiving yet in 2023, but it has been offered for the past few years so I’d expect it to be announced in the next few weeks.

2. Charlie’s at Brown’s

  • Date & Time: November 23rd
  • Price: £95 for three courses; drinks additional

I’m pretty sure Charlie’s at Brown’s (not to be confused with the iconic American cartoon character) offered a Thanksgiving menu at some point in the past few years but they certainly didn’t in 2022 and are thus a new (or at least returning) member of this list for celebrating Thanksgiving 2023 in London.

While not quite an a la carte menu, if you choose to dine at Charlie’s on Thanksgiving, you will have a choice of three options for three courses: starters will be clam and sweetcorn chowder, delica squash soup, or Waldorf salad; mains will be roast turkey with accompaniments, braised halibut, or potato gnocchi; and dessert options will be pecan pie, pumpkin pie tart, or a cheese platter. While not strictly traditional, it does sound tasty!

3. Christopher’s Grill

Thanksgiving in London - Christopher's
Photo Courtesy of Christopher’s Grill
  • Date & Time: November 23rd until midnight
  • Price:  £80 with add-on sides for £8 each

Christopher’s has earned a solid title as one of London’s best American restaurants, and it’s just the place to experience a proper American Thanksgiving feast. Chef Francis Agyepong has devised a fancy three-course menu with plenty of options for each course. To give you an idea, you can order smoked duck tacos for starters, Missouri-rubbed lamb rump for entrée, and warm chocolate fudge brownie for dessert. 

4. Collins Room at The Berkeley

Thanksgiving in London - Collins Room at The Berkeley
  • Date & Time: November 23rd from 6-10pm
  • Price: £100 for food; £80 for an add-on wine pairing or £120 for fine wine

Executive Chef Shaun Watling at The Collins Room has sourced the finest British produce to concoct the best American classics this November. If you book a table here, your London Thanksgiving dinner will look like this: first, a luxurious dish of poached lobster arrives at your table; then, you’ll indulge in a plate of traditional Norfolk roast turkey with all the trimmings and finish up with an exquisite pumpkin or pecan pie.

5. Darby’s

Thanksgiving in London-Darby's
Photo Courtesy of Darby’s
  • Date & Time: November 23rd from 6-10pm
  • Price: £75 for the full menu; drinks at an additional cost

An Irish-American restaurant, Darby’s menu is exceptional throughout the year. No wonder Londoners book a table whenever they need to make the right impression. Their atmosphere evokes that of Washington DC’s elegant yet unpretentious restaurants. There’s no better place to celebrate your Thanksgiving dinner in London if you want that home-away-from-home vibe. 

The kitchen team has prepared a delectable three-course menu this year, including truffle mac & cheese, roast turkey with cranberry sauce and gravy, and a mouthwatering pumpkin pie with toasted pecan and bourbon ice cream. Oh, and they’re ending with s’mores – an unusual addition but obviously delicious!

6. Duck & Waffle

Thanksgiving In London - Duck and Waffle
Photo Courtesy of Duck and Waffle
  • Date & Time: November 23rd as lunch (12-5pm) or dinner (5-10pm)
  • Price: £55 for lunch or £90 for dinner; wine pairing for £45 extra

Perched on the 40th floor, Duck & Waffle is the place to go if you want to celebrate Thanksgiving with a view. This November, the highest restaurant in London is taking a break from its traditional British cuisine to bring the American flavors.

Those who book a table in the trendy restaurant can expect a succulent green bean casserole, whole-roasted turkey, Bourbon pecan pie, and other delicious side dishes. Seriously, this menu makes my mouth water and think of my favorite dishes at home for the holidays.

7. No. Fifty Cheyne 

Thanksgiving in London 2023 - No. Fifty Cheyne
  • Date & Time: November 23rd
  • Price: 2 courses for £48 or 3 courses for £58; champagne for £15 per flute

No. Fifty Cheyne l is inviting everyone to celebrate a Thanksgiving feast in one of their stunning private dining rooms. Head Chef, Iain Smith has concocted a delicious Christmas menu, which he’s launching on November 24th. Yes, just on time for Thanksgiving. The celebration will be a decadent affair, featuring the finest festive favorites and special seasonal produce.

Unlike in years past, the restaurant has released its Thanksgiving menu quite early this year, and it looks fantastic: you’ll start with truffled butternut squash and chestnut soup, followed by roast turkey and many accompaniments, and end with pecan and condensed milk tart.

8. Oblix at The Shard

  • Date & Time: exclusively on November 23rd and available alongside the main menu as available November 24th-26th
  • Price: £97 for dinner; drinks additional

Did someone say Thanksgiving with a view? The Oblix has one of the best London skyline views. Heck, it’s perched on the Shard’s 32nd floor, so of course it does. 

This fancy restaurant concocts decadent dishes year-round, and luckily for my compatriots and me, they partake in the American holiday as well. For this year’s Thanksgiving, they’re offering a special a la carte menu that includes beef carpaccio, roast turkey (of course), green beans with pancetta and ricotta, and your choice from the Oblix dessert platter.

9. Pappy’s Texas BBQ 

  • Date & Time: November 23rd; pre-order by November 6th
  • Price: £55-£70

Not everyone fancies going out to celebrate Thanksgiving. Instead, they prefer hosting a family Thanksgiving in the comfort of their houses. Pappy’s Texas BBQ caters to those who decide to stay home (or in their hotels) with their “Thanksgiving Meal kit” for two diners, and which can be scaled up for however many guests you’ll be dining with.

It’s sort of a choose-your-own-adventure kind of Thanksgiving as their menu offers almost all of the American classics, from smoked turkey crowns to pumpkin pie. They also have meal kits, so you don’t have to worry about calculating how much food you need or forgetting one dish.

10. Riding House Restaurants

Thanksgiving in London 2023 - Riding House
  • Date & Time: November 23rd or lunch on November 24th (Fitzrovia only)
  • Price: £55 per person, drinks additional

Over the years, Riding House has grown both in locations – they have spots in Bloomsbury, Fitzrovia, and Victoria – and in popularity for their Thanksgiving menu. Wisely, all three locations offer the same menu, making it easy for you to choose the one closest to wherever you’re staying or will be on Thanksgiving evening come dinnertime.

Speaking of that menu, in 2023 it will include roast turkey with cornbread stuffing, maple-buttered sweet potatoes, and truffled mac and cheese. As I’ve eaten at their Victoria outpost during my August 2023 trip, I can vouch that their food is awesome and also quite reasonably priced among your options on this list.

11. Smith & Wollensky

Thanksgiving in London - Smith & Wollensky
Photo Courtesy of Smith and Wollensky
  • Date & Time: November 23rd
  • Price: £85 for food; drinks additional 

American steakhouse Smith & Wollensky will be hosting a Thanksgiving feast and wants you to join. The stunning ArtDeco rooms become filled with warm American hospitality. You will be able to enjoy gigantic portions of bronze turkey with cranberry sauce, stuffing, whipped potatoes, and a wide variety of side dishes and desserts to choose from. While I’m usually a traditional pumpkin pie gal, their Oreo cheesecake is pretty darn tempting…

12. The Cadogan Arms

Thanksgiving in London 2023 - The Cadogan Arms
  • Date & Time: November 23rd
  • Price: £80 for a prix fixe three-course menu; drinks additional

If you’re looking for a posh pub experience that happens to overlap with your trip to London ’round Thanksgiving time, The Cadogan Arms is a great choice – the atmosphere will be homey (away from home) and their menu is simple but covers the essentials.

You’ll start with a prawn cocktail (which used to be a common starter for the British interpretation of Thanksgiving even if it’s less common this year), followed by roast turkey served with candied yams, green beans casserole, biscuits, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, and gravy, and ending with bourbon and pecan pie.

13. The Game Bird at The Stafford London

Thanksgiving in London - The stafford
Photo Courtesy of The Game Bird
  • Date & Time: November 23rd
  • Price: £70 for the set menu; drinks additional 

Michelin-starred chef Lisa Goodwin-Allen and Executive Chef Jozef Rogulski have put together an exceptional three-course Thanksgiving menu for this year at The Game Bird, the luxurious dining room inside The Stafford London. 

The menu is a fabulous combination of British and American fare. Fully loaded butternut squash velouté, maple-glazed roast turkey (with traditional accompaniments), and a decadent chocolate pecan pie with mocha ice cream are the gastronomic surprises you’ll find here. 

14. The Milestone Hotel & Residences

Thanksgiving in London Milestone Hotel
Photo Courtesy of Milestone Hotel
  • Date & Time: November 22nd-23rd 
  • Price: £130 per adult; £65 per child (under 12 years old)

Right in the heart of Kensington, The Milestone Hotel & Residences is a wonderful venue to celebrate Thanksgiving in London. They’ll welcome diners in their lavish lounge with garden views. 

Executive Chef Daniel Putz will celebrate the American tradition in the best Victorian style. Last year, the menu featured the likes of sweetcorn chowder, roasted pumpkin gnocchi, traditional Norfolk bronze turkey, and caramelized apple tart; this year’s is giving an error when I check their website, but hopefully they’ll get it fixed soon.

15. The Oyster Shed

  • Date & Time: November 23rd from 7pm-11pm
  • Price: from £54

The Oyster Shed is a new addition to my list for 2023; I haven’t heard of them offering a Thanksgiving menu in the past but it seems they’re quite popular and it’s possible that this year’s seating is completely sold out.

In the event you are able to secure a reservation, you’re in for a treat: they’re well inspired by us Americans across the pond, and the menu features stuffed and roast turkey with sides like green bean casserole and mac and cheese. For dessert, there will be both pumpkin and pecan pies to choose from. As an American, I do love how Brits embrace our traditions and represent them well when it comes to food.

Other London Restaurants that May Offer Thanksgiving This Year

Thanksgiving in London - Fifty Cheyne
Photo Courtesy of Fifty Cheyne

In addition to all of the restaurants above, there are a number of other restaurants that I heard have done Thanksgiving menus in the past or will be offering one this year – but I haven’t been able to personally verify if they’re offering a Thanksgiving menu this year. I wanted to include them anyway and recommend checking them in case they announce any last-minute plans.

As I said, I’m not sure if you’ll find a Thanksgiving menu on offer, but just in case the previous 15 restaurants weren’t quite right, you now have a complete list of everywhere known for offering a great Thanksgiving in London.

Have any questions about these restaurants, menus, or ways to celebrate Thanksgiving in London? Let me know in the comments!

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