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How to Celebrate Oktoberfest in London (2023)

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As the autumn season comes on, there are a few things that come to mind: cozy sweaters, Pumpkin Spice Lattes (hate them if you want, I still love them!), flickering candles, and… giant steins of ice-cold beer accompanied with loud Germany brass band music.

I’m talking about Oktoberfest, of course! While most people know that Munich is the epicenter of all things Oktoberfest, there are similar celebrations across Europe and even in all 50 U.S. states. Of course, you can celebrate Oktoberfest in London, too!

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Below you’ll find a guide to celebrating Oktoberfest in London, from the “official” event to other parties celebrating Bavarian culture and beer. As you’ll see, London celebrates Oktoberfest for a good long while each year, and if you’re visiting between mid-September and early November, you’ll be in the prime window to raise a stein with Londoners at various Oktoberfest parties across the city.

This post was originally published in August 2022, and was updated most recently in August 2023.

Does London Celebrate Oktoberfest?

Short answer: yes! London definitely celebrates Oktoberfest. While everyone (rightly) associates Oktoberfest with the Germans, British people love beer too. So if there’s a festival that revolves around it, you can bet that party-loving Londoners are going to take part in it – wearing, dirndls, lederhosen, and everything!

There are numerous ways of celebrating Oktoberfest in London. People can attend the official London Oktoberfest similar to the one in Germany, one of the pop-up Oktoberfest events, or simply head to the city pubs, which also join the celebration thematically.

Official London Oktoberfest Details

Photos courtesy of London Oktoberfest

The official Oktoberfest in London takes place in Central London from late October to early November. The three-week event can be booked on four different dates:

  • September 21-23
  • October 19-21
  • October 26-28
  • November 2-4

Venues vary by weekend, so be sure to check the dates and map out each one to understand where you’ll need to be if you want to attend during your London trip.

London Oktoberfest Ticket Options

There are five different ticket packages to choose from. The good news is that the packages booked together will be seated at the same table regardless of their price. 

  • General Admission: Includes admission and a seat at the event. Seating is unreserved (back part of the tent) and will be on a first come first served basis. Costs: £5-£15
  • Student Tickets: Includes admission and your first beer (1.5 pint of Bavarian Festbeer). Costs: £10
  • Bavarian Tickets: Includes admission and a guaranteed seat in the middle part of the tent. Moreover, 1 Mass (1.5 Pint) of Bavarian FestBeer, a Bahlsen snack, and bratwurst in bread. Costs: £25-£32
  • Oktoberfest Package: Includes admission, and a guaranteed reserved seat in the Oktoberfest area (front part of the tent, and table service). This ticket also includes two Mass (1.5 pint) of Bavarian FestBeer and an Underberg shot as well as a Welcome Brezel snack and a German bratwurst with Bavarian potato salad. Costs: £45-£50
  • VIP Package: Includes a reserved seat in the VIP area (in front of the band with table service), 1 glass of German sparkling wine, two Mass (1.5 pint) Bavarian FestBeer, and 1 Underberg shot, plus a Welcome Bavarian snack plate, and German Schnitzel with Bavarian potato salad. Costs: £60-£65.
  • Corporate tickets: Includes priority entrance and a reserved seat in front of the stage, 1 glass of Sparkling Wine, 3 Steins (2 Pints each) of German Festbeer and 1 Underberg (German digestive), plus a Welcome Brezel, Main course of German Schnitzel w /special German potato salad, and Austrian apple pie dessert. Costs: £100-£105.

London Oktoberfest Opening Times

Below you’ll find the London Oktoberfest opening hours for each session, and the dates of that session:

Day/Session (Dates)Opening Time
Thursdays (9/21, 10/19, 10/26, 11/2)5pm-11pm
Fridays (9/22, 10/20, 10/27, 11/3)5pm-11pm
Saturday Afternoons (9/23, 10/21, 10/28, 11/4)11am-4:30pm
Saturday Evenings (9/23, 10/21, 10/28, 11/4)5:30pm-11pm

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to book a session at the official London Oktoberfest if you’re visiting London during late September or early November.

8 Other London Oktoberfest Events

In case you can’t snag a ticket for the official celebration, here are another eight Oktoberfest events in London you can attend.

Between the Bridges Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest in London - Between the Bridges
Photo courtesy of Between the Bridges

Located right next to the London Eye, Between The Bridges is a popular riverside venue in the city to grab a beer and catch live music. In 2023, they will again be hosting one of their popular Oktoberfest parties; they’ll have the event September 22nd to 23rd and September 20th to 30th.

There will be local bands playing, stalls selling Teutonic food, a brass band, massive singalongs, and, of course, plenty of beer. Tickets start at £15.68 per person and include a two-pint stein of beer.

Bierschenke Oktoberfest


Bierschenke is one of London’s authentic Muni beer halls and has been throwing authentic Oktoberfest parties for over 12 years. 

Their Oktoberfest starts on September 20th with the traditional Fassanstich ceremony and ends on November 4th. They serve an excellent selection of German beers and traditional German food. Be prepared to show your dance moves. There’s background Oompah music and it is not uncommon to see attendants dancing. Best of all, entry is free!

Camden Oktoberfest

Photos courtesy of Camden Oktoberfest

Camden Oktoberfest takes space at the Electric Ballroom, one of Camden’s leading music venues. The event returns for its 8th year with five Saturday events in October 2023.

This year, they’re hosting daytime sessions from 2pm to 9pm on Saturdays 30th September, 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th October. They’ll be serving some of the finest Bavarian brews supplied by Spaten and Löwenbräu & Becks. Traditional German sausages will also be offered, including German Bratwurst, grilled Black Forest sausage, and Currywurst. 

Tickets start at £20 and don’t include drinks. You can reserve a whole beer table for up to eight people in the main hall for £280 (£35 per person) which includes 2 pints of beer for each person (a good deal!). VIP Booths are also on offer on the private balcony for up to eight people and also include two beers per person for £400.

London Bierfest

Photos courtesy of The London Bierfest

The London Bierfest is another well-established party celebrating Oktoberfest in London. Hosted at Old Billingsgate Market, over 2,500 people attend the Bierfest each day. 

The festival offers two packages for visitors: Standard Tables and Premium Tables. Prices are per person for both a standard and premium table, with a minimum booking of 10 required. Standard tables cost £169, whereas premium tables cost £189; while this might sound steep, it includes unlimited steins of beer, wine, and soft drinks, and a German feast of dishes.

In 2023, the London Bierfest will take place on October 10th-20th; the Thursday event runs from 6-11pm, and the Friday event from 1pm-6pm.

London Craft Beer Cruise

Oktoberfest in London - London Craft Beer Cruise
Photo courtesy of the London Craft Beer Cruise

As the name suggests, the London Craft Beer Cruise organizes cruises where you see London by boat and drink great beers. They haven’t announced yet their dates for the Oktoberfest special in 2023, but last year it was on October 1st and 8th. 

There are two services each day, one at 12:30pm and another at 3:30pm. Tickets start at £44 per person. The tickets include souvenir glassware and your first 5 beers onboard after which you can buy as many more as you like at £2.50 each. They also serve cider, craft cocktails, and soft drinks.

Munich Cricket Club

Photos courtesy of Munich Cricket Club

Munich Cricket Club is a Bavarian Bierkeller (beer cellar), so it only makes sense for them to throw their own Oktoberfest party! The club’s celebrations run over six weeks, from September 16th to October 31st.

They have three venues in the city: one in Victoria, another in Canary Wharf, and another in Tower Hill.  Throughout the festival period, there will be live music, steins, games, and lots of dancing on the tables. Prices aren’t published on the internet, but you can reach out via their website if you’re curious to attend this particular celebration of Oktoberfest in London.

The Big Triple London Craft Oktoberfest

Photos courtesy of German Kraft

Get ready for German Kraft’s Oktoberfest celebrations in 2023! German Kraft, as its name suggests, is dedicated to the creation of authentic German beer in London, so it’s arguably the best for beer snobs or those who want to get the closest possible flavor to what you’d find in Munich.

There’s no info yet about the dates and venues for the 2023 edition. however, here’s what they did last year. They have two locations, one in Elephant & Castle (a beer garden) and another in Mayfair (the “crypt”); you were able to celebrate in E&C both September 23rd-25th and October 7th-9th; Mayfair was only open October 7th-9th.

They served German-style beers from at least 10 different local craft breweries, all available in 1-liter steins, the perfect portion for Oktoberfest celebrations.

The Fullham Oktoberfest

Photos courtesy of The Fulham Oktoberfest

The Fulham Oktoberfest is already a classic event each year. In 2023, they’re transforming Neverland London into a Bier Hall to celebrate the biggest Bavarian festival. Think checkered tablecloths, platters of meat, steins of beer, and loads of live music.

The Fulham Oktoberfest runs from midday until 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays from September 29th to October 7th; tickets are available for solo celebrants (£10 per person), or you can book a group table for up to 30 people.

There you have it – many ways to celebrate Oktoberfest in London this year, from the official party to plenty of unofficial but still awesome parties across the city throughout September and October (and even into November!). Do you have any questions about celebrating Oktoberfest in London? Let me know in the comments!

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