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9 Nifty London Tours at Night to See the City After Dark

Ah, London – the city that never sleeps, where the curtain of nightfall unveils a whole new world of excitement and things to do. There’s no better time to truly experience the vibrant pulse of the metropolis than by embarking on a nocturnal expedition – a night tour, that is!

There are a number of London tours at night that offer a playful escapade through the city’s shimmering streets, exposing a side of the capital that basks in the enchanting glow of moonlight. Whether you’re a night owl seeking to uncover hidden gems or a twilight enthusiast yearning to experience the city’s iconic landmarks in a new light, these tours are sure to dazzle and delight.

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From the eerie whispers of history in the ghostly corners of the city to the luminous display of modern artistry, London’s nighttime tours unveil a realm of wonder and discovery that lies just beneath the surface. So, join me, fellow night owls, as we embark on a whimsical, wonderful, and weird journey through the city that truly comes alive when the sun goes down.

London by Night Open-Top Bus Tour

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Are you ready for an evening of sparkling sights and dazzling lights that only London night tours offer? Then hop aboard the London by Night Sightseeing Open-Top Bus Tour. With its rich history and awe-inspiring architecture, the city is beautiful during the day, but seeing it at night is a new level of intrigue and wonder.

The open-top bus glides past some of the most iconic landmarks in London, such as the majestic St. Paul’s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, the world-famous London Eye, and many more. At around £27 ($34) per person, this tour is absolutely worth it for the epic sights you’ll lay your eyes on.

London by Night Bus Tour

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The London by Night Bus Tour is a great option if you want the full sightseeing experience but have limited time in the city. This 90-minute tour will take you past London’s most famous spots in one go. The open-top deck provides a fresh breeze, and unbeatable views, and allows you to immerse yourself in the buzz of London at night.

With top attractions like St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Shard, Tower Bridge, and more all lit up, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for that perfect Instagram shot. Plus, with free Wi-Fi on board, you can post those stunning pics straight away.

London by Night Taxi Tour

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Hop in a classic black cab and experience the city’s nightlife on the London by Night Taxi Tour. With room for up to five people, it’s the perfect activity for a romantic night out or an intimate gathering with friends.

As you tour the city’s most iconic buildings, you’ll also have the chance to stop on London Bridge, where you can take in the glittering lights of the River Thames at night. The tour includes stopping for classic fish and chips or a pint in a charming old London pub

After all, what’s a London tour without some hearty pub grub?

Central London Bar Crawl & Nightlife Tour

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You’re in for a wild ride on the Central London Bar Crawl and Nightlife Tour, one of the best London tours at night if you want to paint the town red. You’ll have the chance to meet fellow party-goers as you soak up the city’s vibrant and rowdy nightlife.

On this bar crawl through London’s vibrant West End, you will have VIP entry into five of the best bars and clubs in Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, and Soho. So prepare to dance the night away, and remember to stock up on aspirin for the following day!

Comedy Horror Ghost Tour on a Bus

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Get ready for a spine-tingling, laugh-out-loud experience on the Comedy Horror Ghost Tour on a bus. Led by an entertaining conductor, this unique tour takes you on a journey through London’s dark side.

With on-board actors and spooky technical trickery, this tour is not for the faint-hearted. You’ll learn about the creepy secrets lurking in London’s closets, from unmarked burial grounds to the city’s haunted places

Don’t worry, though — the Ghost Bus Tour is not all screams and frights. With the conductor’s witty humor, you’ll be laughing just as much as you’re screaming.

Ghost Walk & River Thames Boat Ride

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For a night of thrills and chills in London, join the Ghost Walk and River Thames Boat Ride. You’ll start off in style on a luxurious boat with drinks in hand, taking in the breathtaking skyline.

The real adventure begins when you step off the boat. You’ll explore the eerie side of the city and discover 50 Berkeley Square, London’s most haunted house. From there, you’ll end the night at the Tower of London, a former prison complex with a dark past. 

The tour is informative and entertaining, and with plenty of stops for photos, you’re sure to capture some spooky memories.

Thames Evening Bike Tour with Beer Tasting

Saddle up and join the River Thames Evening Bike Tour with Beer Tasting for a unique adventure through London’s riverside at night. You’ll cycle past famous landmarks, including the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, and the Globe Theater. (This is also one of my top beer & bike tours in London, if you love that style of tour!)

Don’t worry about getting tired from pedaling; a stop at a pub for beer tasting is on the agenda. You can quench your thirst and bask in the pub’s charming ambiance, all while re-energizing for the rest of your ride. This unique experience is the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, offering a chance to see the city from a new perspective.

Evening Cruise on the River Thames

Are you looking for a sophisticated way to unwind after a long day of sightseeing or simply looking for a fun night out with friends? Book an evening Cruise on the River Thames — it’s London tours at night done right!

Your night will start with a glass of bubbly and delicious canapés in hand as you set sail. As you take in the stunning views of the city, you’ll be serenaded by the soulful sounds of a live performer playing chill-out tunes. It’s the perfect way to take in the city while enjoying a drink, live music, and great company.

Jack the Ripper Evening/Night Tours

One of the top London tours at night taps into one of the darkest chapters in London’s history: the era when Jack the Ripper stalked the streets, taking the lives of innocent women.

There are lots of Jack the Ripper tours in London, but I recommend choosing one that centers its narrative on the victims rather than the enigmatic villain that is too easily glorified. I have an entire list of the tours I recommend, including two victim-centric tours and how to plan a trip to include a full picture of this period in Victorian London.

Looking for other London tours at night, or have questions about these ones? Let me know in the comments below!

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