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The 20 Best London Ornaments for Trimming Your Tree This Year

‘Tis the season! It’s time for festive decorations, holiday parties at the pub, and trimming your tree – should that be the holiday you celebrate. If you’re anything like me, you have a collection of ornaments from a lifetime of travel and adventure… but do you have any London ornaments to hang on the boughs of your Christmas tree?

In this post, I’ll detail some of the loveliest, cutest, and most charming London Christmas out there, all of which I found on Etsy. As you’ll see, it’s hard to choose which one to add to your tree this year. Last year, I decided to splurge and got the six-ornament box at the end of this list – but this year I have several favorites I plan to add to my holiday decor collection.

London Ornaments Hero

Speaking of, Etsy also has a holiday decor guide if you need extra inspiration beyond London:

Read on to discover the best London ornaments, from iconic double-decker buses to good ol’ Big Ben – and some that combine these iconic sights with many others!

This post was originally published in November 2021, and was updated in October 2022 in partnership with Etsy. Some links below are affiliate links, meaning I earn a commission when you purchase something after clicking. Thanks for supporting my site by shopping through these links!

1. London Attractions Banner

I always struggle with which ornament to start my list, since I know it’s got to be beautiful but will also probably sell out right away…

This year, I’ve chosen this beautiful London banner ornament, adorned with icons from London like the Gherkin, London Eye, red phone booth, and Big Ben. It’s blown glass and hand-finished, making it a true work of art for your tree – and features your (okay, my) favorite destination.

As of writing this post, there are only 4 of this ornament available, so don’t delay!


London Ornaments - Icon banner
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2. Festive Felted London Bus 

If you love felting goodies, you’ll go crazy with this cute Festive Felted London Bus.

Made from needle felting techniques, this felt pendant takes a step back from more traditional ornaments and adds a quirkier vibe to your Christmas tree. It has lovely hand-stitched detailing. The seller makes plenty of ornaments, and you can choose a few to create a set.

Among the options, you’ll find the Union Jack, a Coldstream Guard, and Big Ben. Another perk is that these ornaments are biodegradable. 

This creator has been hard at work and has lots of these ornaments available for Christmas 2022!

3. London Holidays Fabric Bauble

I was never really into baubles (aka ornament balls) when I was younger, but I find them utterly delightful now – and this one is a great option to add a pop of festive London to yours.

This one from Our Precious Designz uses London fabric and ribbon to create a simple yet pretty ornament; on it you’ll find snowy red buses, black cabs laden with gifts, and an iconic red London doorway with a wreath.

If you love this ornament, you’re in luck: as of publishing, there are 20 available for the coming holiday season. They may vary slightly from photos based on the fabric.

4. Personalised London Ceramic Ornament

This London Ceramic Ornament is as delicate as it comes. Made of ceramic, the ornament features London icons, with the double-decker bus as the centerpiece and Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and London Eye acting as the background.

The printing is of excellent quality, with the images looking sharp and the colors bright. 

It’s a perfect ornament if you’re looking for a present or for a tiny memento to commemorate your London trip, as you can personalize it with a year or phrase. Just make sure it’s no longer than 28 characters.

5. Tower of London Stitched Ornament

This is the first of three stitched ornaments on this year’s list, and I had to include it because London’s royal palaces seem so salient to me after my trip to London during the period of mourning following Queen’s death. My husband and I were fortunate to see the Crown Jewels on their last day of public display before the funeral.

In any case, this lovely ornament might remind you of a similar visit to one of London’s primary landmarks; it shows a lovely palace with the Union Jack flying atop, and will add a nice pop of royal purple to your decor.

There are currently 7 of this ornament available, so don’t delay if you like the look of it!

6. Personalised Wood-Carved Big Ben Ornament

If you’re looking for subtle London ornaments, this Big Ben Ornament is the way to go.

Made out of birch plywood, the ornament features the iconic Big Ben clock tower. The design is super intricate and delicate, and you can choose to personalize it with a tiny message on the bottom for an extra touch.

The ornament comes with a cute ribbon to hang on the tree, and you can choose from different colors. It comes in lovely gift packaging, making it a suitable option as a gift.

7. London Landmarks Bauble Ornament

Ah, time for a classic. Ceramic Christmas baubles are an essential ornament for your Christmas tree. Luckily, I’ve found this London Landmarks Bauble Ornament on Etsy to add a bit of London flair to your Christmas this year. 

This ceramic London bauble is gorgeous, and it will instantly awaken memories from your days in the cosmopolitan city. Made of fine bone china, this London bauble features all the iconic London landmarks: Tower Bridge, Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey as well as the museums.

The design is completely handmade by the seller, who has brilliantly captured the essence of London with each drawing.

8. London Scene Dome Bauble

This London Scene Dome Bauble is arguably one of the cutest London ornaments on the list. 

The ornament resembles a snow globe, and it is the perfect addition to your London-themed Christmas tree. It features a double-decker bus, a London tree (maybe it’s the giant Norwegian spruce in Trafalgar Square), and the iconic Big Ben.

The ornament has a flat base, so you can choose to display it in a different corner of the house once the holiday season is over. 

9. London Attractions Glass Ornament

If you’re looking for an ornament similar to the one I put as #1 on this list (perhaps it’s sold out!), here’s your next best option.

This funky-shaped ornament depicts London landmarks too, including Tower Bridge, the London Eye, Big Ben, a black cab, and a red phone booth. In the center, in case you weren’t sure about the place it’s meant to commemorate, it reads “London.”

One note: the back of the ornament is blank, making it necessary to face out in a single direction unlike other round/multi-sided ornaments on this list.

As of publishing, there are over 100 units of this ornament available on Etsy – so it’s a good option for everyone!

London Ornaments - Icons
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10. London Glass Ornament Trio

Sometimes, just one London ornament on our Christmas tree isn’t enough. Check out this charming trio of London Christmas ornaments

The set includes a gold Big Ben, a red and black palace guard, and a red post-box-shaped to hang on your Christmas Tree. Made from glass and aluminum, each ornament comes with exquisite details and sparkling glitter on some parts to enliven your Christmas tree. 

These London ornaments also make a wonderful gift for someone who loves London or England.

11. Hand-Painted Glass Bauble

There are a couple of ornaments I’m obsessed with on this list, and this is one of them – if you see it’s sold out, it might be because I’m the one who bought it!

In any case, this beautiful glass bauble is hand-painted from the inside with a motif of stunning London scenes: Tower Bridge with a bow, tea atop a red bus, and a Christmas tree behind a black cab, among others.

This really is a one-of-a-kind piece and worthy of any tree owned by a London lover.

As of publishing, there is ONE of these ornaments available. Snag it quick if you like it and see it’s still available!

12. London Black Cab with Tree Glass Ornament

Inspired by London’siconic black cabs, LaviniasTeaParty has crafted this lovely London Black Cab ornament. It’s perfect for remembering your night rides to pubs or chic restaurants in London. 

The London cab features intricate designs and glittery details in the windows, wheels, and headlights. There are also a few gift boxes and a Christmas tree on top. To add a touch of color, the ornament comes with a Christmas “candy cane” cord to hang on your tree. 

13. Suitcase Full of London Glass Ornament

Here’s another ornament I love – I wish my husband would let me just have an entire tree for London ornaments.

This two-sided ornament is packed with London iconography: crowns and flags and castles and more. All of these items sit atop a suitcase with London stickers on it… it’s basically every trip to London immortalized in an ornament!

This is another one-of-a-kind ornament, so if you want it, you’ll have to splurge and be the lucky one to hang it on your tree this year.

If you see this ornament available, go for it – there was only one in stock at the time of publishing.

14. Double Decker Bus Glass Ornament

Looking for simple, affordable London ornaments? Here’s your best bet: this red double-decker bus ornament is pure London, but comes in under the $10 price point (a refreshing change of pace as several ornaments on this list are $50+!).

I have one of these ornaments (which I got through the London Pop Box Christmas Decor Set, #20 on this list), but it’s nice to know you can snag just this ornament on its own.

At the time of writing, there are fewer than 10 in stock, so be sure to grab this one if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option.

15. London Guard Stitched Ornament

While the Queen’s Guard has always been an iconic part of the London experience, those men and women took on new importance this year as they participated in Her Majesty’s funerary processions across the city and throughout the country.

You can honor her memory and those who serve the crown with this pretty stitched ornament of a guard with a trumpet and royal standard. This one matches nicely with the Tower of London ornament I mentioned before (#5) so they could make a nice pair on your own tree or as a gift.

As of publishing, there are more than 10 of this ornament available, though that might not last long!

16. Glass Buckingham Palace Ornament

Last year, I had a lovely stitched Buckingham Palace ornament; that’s no longer available this year (and I found other nice stitched ornaments instead), but I did find this iconic glass cast ornament of the official residence of Her Majesty – and now His Majesty – in London. (Still feels strange to say!)

In any case, this beautiful Buckingham will sit gently on the boughs of your tree, adding a glimmer of royal golden shine to your holiday celebrations.

As of writing, there is only one of these ornaments available, so if you love the idea of a royally-themed tree, snag it up!

17. Phone Booth Stitched Ornament

Okay, here’s one more London ornament in the stitched style – these are very popular this year! I love this particular one because of the little bit of holly atop the red phone booth; it takes an otherwise iconic scene and makes it distinctly festive.

If you’re looking for a pop of color and shimmer on your tree and a special reminder of your 2022 trip to London, you can’t go wrong with this one!

Best of all, there are over 50 of these ornaments in stock as of publishing – so hopefully you can get one for your tree!

18. Afternoon Tea Fabric Bauble

Here’s another ornament in the same style as #3 on my list – though I admit I like this one a little less hence putting it so far down on the list. While it is certainly beautiful – and perhaps perfect if you want to have a memory of your first London tea on your tree – it’s less festive than many of the other ornaments I’ve included.

In any case, this is another nice bauble with iconic London designs on it, and affordable on the scale of some ornaments on this list.

As of writing, there are five of these ornaments available for the coming holiday season. Don’t delay if this one calls out to you!

19. St. Paul’s Cathedral Glass Ornament

I saved my absolute favorite single ornament to last: this one-of-a-kind glass ornament featuring St. Paul’s Cathedral is truly stunning (and it’s my favorite building in London, as you know!).

If you feel the same way about this architectural wonder, I won’t begrudge you snagging it to hang on your tree; I will be a bit jealous but hopefully will find another like it next year!

As of publishing this list in October, there is only one of these ornaments available. If I haven’t already bought it by the time you see this – you definitely should!

20. The London Pop Box Christmas Decor Set

The team behind the London Pop Box, Quaintly & Co, has curated the loveliest Christmas decor set, featuring a selection of six different London Christmas decorations. Each of the charming decorations in the set represents an iconic landmark from the cosmopolitan city.

The ornaments are from high-end brands, such as Sass & Belle and Gisela Graham London. Each box is unique and is a limited edition. You can find Union Jack ceramic baubles, different versions of Big Ben ornaments, the Queen’s Crown, and a lovely bauble with multiple black cabs.

London Ornaments - Decor Set
Buy from Quaintly & Co

Whether you pick one of these London ornaments or decide to splurge on all of them, your tree will be extra festive – and represent your love for London this year. Have any questions about these ornaments, notice a broken link, or anything else? Let me know in the comments!

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Valerie fell in love with London on her first trip to the city way back in 2011. Since then, she spent a year living in London and visits as often as she can (you can find her recent trip recaps here!). She launched LOMM in 2021 to help other travelers fall in love with her favorite city on earth.

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