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The 15 Best London Ornaments for Trimming Your Tree This Year

‘Tis the season! It’s time for festive decorations, holiday parties at the pub, and trimming your tree – should that be the holiday you celebrate. If you’re anything like me, you have a collection of ornaments from a lifetime of travel and adventure… but do you have any London ornaments to hang on the boughs of your Christmas tree?

In this post, I’ll detail some of the loveliest, cutest, and most charming London Christmas out there. I’ve scoured the internet to find each one, and as you’ll see, it’s hard to choose which one to add to your tree this year. (Personally, I decided to splurge and got the six-ornament box from London Pop!)

Read on to discover the best London ornaments, from iconic double-decker buses to good ol’ Big Ben.

1. Loaded Double Decker London Bus

Once you start looking for London ornaments, you’ll realize several themes in the market. One of them is London’s iconic means of transport.

This glitzy Loaded Double-Decker London Bus ornament will add that much-needed spark to your Christmas tree.  It also has other London icons on top, including Big Ben, the call booths, and the iconic London Underground logo.

The double-decker bus features cute details all over, including a Union Jack on both sides and glitter on the edges.


2. Festive Felted London Bus 

If you love felting goodies, you’ll go crazy with this cute Festive Felted London Bus.

Made from needle felting techniques, this felt pendant takes a step back from more traditional ornaments and adds a quirkier vibe to your Christmas tree. It has lovely hand-stitched detailing. The seller makes plenty of ornaments, and you can choose a few to create a set.

Among the options, you’ll find the Union Jack, a Coldstream Guard, and Big Ben. Another perk is that these ornaments are biodegradable. 

3. Personalised London Ceramic Ornament

This London Ceramic Ornament is as delicate as it comes. Made of ceramic, the ornament features London icons, with the double-decker bus as the centerpiece and Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and London Eye acting as the background.

The printing is of excellent quality, with the images looking sharp and the colors bright. 

It’s a perfect ornament if you’re looking for a present or for a tiny memento to commemorate your London trip, as you can personalize it with a year or phrase. Just make sure it’s no longer than 28 characters.

4. London Wood-Carved Christmas Ornament

Crafted from wood, this London Christmas ornament is perfect if you’re looking for something that is artisanal. It’s very eye-catching, with bright and bold colors popping out. 

The lovely ornament condenses London’s iconic landmarks in 3.75 inches. It features Big Ben,  the London Eye, the Tower Bridge with a double-decker bus crossing it, with the River Thames below!

The wood-carving looks extremely intricate, with the seller managing to replicate all the landmark’s details. You can also choose to personalize it on the back with a laser-engraved message.

Best London Ornaments - Hanging London Scene Decoration
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5. Personalised Wood-Carved Big Ben Ornament

If you’re looking for subtle London ornaments, this Big Ben Ornament is the way to go.

Made out of birch plywood, the ornament features the iconic Big Ben clock tower. The design is super intricate and delicate, and you can choose to personalize it with a tiny message on the bottom for an extra touch.

The ornament comes with a cute ribbon to hang on the tree, and you can choose from different colors. It comes in lovely gift packaging, making it a suitable option as a gift.

6. London Landmarks Bauble Ornament

Ah, time for a classic. Ceramic Christmas baubles are an essential ornament for your Christmas tree. Luckily, I’ve found this London Landmarks Bauble Ornament on Etsy to add a bit of London flair to your Christmas this year. 

This ceramic London bauble is gorgeous, and it will instantly awaken memories from your days in the cosmopolitan city. Made of fine bone china, this London bauble features all the iconic London landmarks: Tower Bridge, Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey as well as the museums.

The design is completely handmade by the seller, who has brilliantly captured the essence of London with each drawing.

7. London Scene Dome Bauble

This London Scene Dome Bauble is arguably one of the cutest London ornaments on the list. 

The ornament resembles a snow globe, and it is the perfect addition to your London-themed Christmas tree. It features a double-decker bus, a London tree (maybe it’s the giant Norwegian spruce in Trafalgar Square), and the iconic Big Ben. The ornament has a flat base, so you can choose to display it in a different corner of the house once the holiday season is over. 

8. London Skyline Bauble Ornament

If ceramic baubles are your thing, check out Victoria Egg’s London baubles on Etsy.

She has designed a lovely London Skyline Bauble Ornament featuring red and black fine-line drawings of London’s landmarks. Some of the cute drawings featured in the bauble are a double-decker bus, Coldstream Guard (the ones with the really tall hats at Buckingham Palace), and Big Ben.

She has also designed this lovely London Bus Bauble in the same style. As the name suggests, the ceramic bauble features a cute drawing of London’s iconic double-decker buses. 

9. London Glass Ornament Trio

Sometimes, just one London ornament on our Christmas tree isn’t enough. Check out this charming trio of London Christmas ornaments

The set includes a gold Big Ben, a red and black palace guard, and a red post-box-shaped to hang on your Christmas Tree. Made from glass and aluminum, each ornament comes with exquisite details and sparkling glitter on some parts to enliven your Christmas tree. 

These London ornaments also make a wonderful gift for someone who loves London or England.

10. Glass London Phone Booth Ornament

I’m not exaggerating when I say this Glass London Phone Booth Ornament is a tiny work of art. The seller employs traditional drafting techniques from the 1800s, and it shows. They use glass and wood to carve this gorgeous ornament. 

First, they mouth-blow the molten glass into finely carved molds to shape the ornament. Then, they paint and glitter the tiny details.  The result is this unique London Christmas ornament that you might want to display all year. 

11. London Black Cab with Tree Glass Ornament

Inspired by London’siconic black cabs, LaviniasTeaParty has crafted this lovely London Black Cab ornament. It’s perfect for remembering your night rides to pubs or chic restaurants in London. 

The London cab features intricate designs and glittery details in the windows, wheels, and headlights. There are also a few gift boxes and a Christmas tree on top. To add a touch of color, the ornament comes with a Christmas “candy cane” cord to hang on your tree. 

12. Beaded Buckingham Palace Ornament

This Beaded Buckingham Palace Ornament is absolutely gorgeous! The sellers use a highly skilled embroidery technique passed from generations that uses gold wires and jewels to create the design.

Each Buckingham Palace Ornament is unique and will lend a touch of magic London to your tree. Everything about this ornament is beautiful, but the gold detailing is particularly stunning. The packaging is equally gorgeous. It comes inside a delicate gold pouch with flowery details. 

13. Santa on the Tube Glass Ornament

Not all London landmarks are visible to the naked eye. Some are cultural, like the unmistakable British sense of humor. This Santa on the Tube glass ornament features a Santa on top of London’s tube.

While the design is gorgeous and glitzy, the graffiti-like inscription on the bottom reading “Santa don’t miss my stop” is what stands out the most. It will bring back memories of the British and their beloved sarcasm and irony. 

14. London Bus with Tree Glass Ornament

Inspired by another traditional means of transport, this ornament features a London double-decker bus with a tree on top.

Crafted from glass, this novelty bauble will make your tree look fully festive. The bus features red and silver and glitter detailing, whereas the tree comes in bold green and has lovely snow flocking details.

This ornament would make a lovely addition to any Christmas tree; you can also combine it with other transport novelty baubles from this list and create your own London transport theme set.

15. The Christmas Decor Set from London Pop Box

London Pop has curated the loveliest Christmas decor set, featuring a selection of six different London Christmas decorations. Each of the charming decorations in the set represents an iconic landmark from the cosmopolitan city.

The ornaments are from high-end brands, such as Sass & Belle and Gisela Graham London. Each box is unique and is a limited edition. You can find Union Jack ceramic baubles, different versions of Big Ben ornaments, the Queen’s Crown, and a lovely bauble with multiple black cabs.

Best London Ornaments - London trio
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Whether you pick one of these London ornaments or decide to splurge on all of them, your tree will be extra festive – and represent your love for London this year. Have any questions about these ornaments, notice a broken link, or anything else? Let me know in the comments!

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