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Visiting London in July: What to Pack, Weather, Events & Things to Do (2023)

As the heart of summer, July is one of the best times to visit London. There are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy that lovely dry, warm weather and long, sunny days. In fact, July is one of the most popular (and unfortunately most expensive) times to visit London throughout the year – but don’t let that stop you! Visiting London in July means you’re in for a real treat.

I spent one July in London during my time living in London – in fact, I spent more of it than I intended after losing my passport! I have fond memories of hot days and warm nights, little concern for umbrellas or rain boots, and soaking up the sun. In fact, I was in London when Prince George was born, a truly unique London experience – though you can find similarly unique happenings whenever you plan to visit too.

London in July Hero

Below you’ll find a guide to visiting London in July and everything you need to know. From exactly how long you can expect daylight each day to weather tips and what to pack, I cover all the important details – as well as a list of activities and experiences you can only have during July in London.

This post was originally published in April 2022, and was updated most recently in April 2023.

July Sunrise & Sunset Times in London 

Sunset in London - City View from the Thames

As I’ve written on other occasions, knowing what time the sun sets and rises in London is useful to help you plan your day and see how many activities you can fit. Here’s a simple chart with the sunrise and sunset times in London in July:

Sunrise4:47 am5:00 am5:21 am
Sunset9:20 pm9:11 pm8:21 pm
Daylight Hours~16.5 hours~16.25 hours~15.5 hours

If catching a London sunrise or sunset is something you’d like to experience, you can check out my guides. They have all the information you need, from vantage points to sunrise and sunset times throughout the year.

Travel-wise, July is a fantastic time to visit London. The month has the longest days of the year, giving you plenty of daylight to explore the city and beyond. 

London July Weather & Temperature

London doesn’t exactly stand out for its sublime weather. Quite the opposite. However, July breaks the rule, experiencing warm weather and high temperatures. The “high temperature” statement may be subject to interpretation, but you’ll definitely get to wear shorts and tank tops. 

While you’ll be in the height of summer, the London temperature in July rarely is unbearably high. You can expect temperatures ranging from 70°-73°F (21°-23°C). The best part weather-wise is that July is also the driest month, so you won’t be using your umbrella as often. 

What to Pack for London in July

First Trip to London Hero

Knowing what to pack for London in July is another piece of info that will help you plan your trip accordingly. It can be difficult to know what to bring when you only have so much room in your suitcase! As a general rule, my advice is to stick to the summer basics and pack a few extra layers to wear on breezy nights.  

  • Bring an umbrella. July is the driest month of the year, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need an umbrella. In fact, no matter what time you set foot in London, you’ll always get a few rainy days.
  • Pack 1-2 pairs of shorts or light dresses to explore the city comfortably.
  • Bring your favorite pair of pants or jeans. It’s a wise decision to bring more formal clothing in case you need to dress up.  
  • Pack a couple of T-shirts or tank tops, depending on the forecast. 
  • You should also pack a fancy outfit. Some London venues have a formal dress code. 
  • Bring a hoodie or a light jacket; it will be your companion against those chilly London nights.
  • Also, bring a scarf in case you need an extra layer! 
  • Pack a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes on those sunny London days. 

9 Great Events in London in July 2023 

London in the Summer- Notting Hill Carnival

You know what clothes to bring, what weather to expect, and how long the days will be. Now it’s time to learn about all the things to do in London in July.

Pride London (July 1)

Join the city’s LGBT+ community to celebrate the Pride in London Festival. The Pride in London Festival comes back in 2023, celebrating its sixth anniversary. The street-party event hosts numerous artistic performances in Trafalgar Square and the West End, culminating with the Pride in London Parade in central London. 

Wimbledon (July 3-16)

Don your best outfit and attend Wimbledon, one of the four annual Grand Slam tennis tournaments in the world. The tournament is one of the most prestigious events in the tennis world – Kate and William are regulars at the famed tournament. You can enjoy watching world-class players on the beautiful grass courts while also taking in the festive atmosphere.

Oh, and don’t forget to munch on the delicious strawberries and cream, which has become a classic for anyone attending the event.

Hampton Court Palace Show (July 4-9)

Tulips & Daffodils in London Hampton Court Palace

Anthophiles will have the time of their lives at the Hampton Court Palace Show. Held on the grounds of Hampton Court Palace, the Garden Festival is the world’s largest flower show. For five days, this event reunites all the big names from the gardening and landscape industry, who share the tricks of the trade to help you develop your green thumb. 

BBC Proms (July 14 – Sep 9)

Delight yourself with good music at the BBC Proms. This eight-week-long classical music festival was first launched in 1895, and today, it is one of the most important cultural events in the world of classical music. During the festival, the BBC Symphony Orchestra, along with several other renowned orchestras and ensembles from around the world, performs a series of concerts – at very affordable prices. As if that wasn’t enough, all the concerts are held in the mythical Royal Albert Hall. 

The ASICS 10k London Run (July 19)

Many tourists go to England hoping to experience a soccer match (or should I say football?) Unfortunately, the Premier League season finishes in May, but you can still catch a glimpse of London’s buzzing running scene with the ASICS 10k London Run (sponsored by the running shoe company).

Find a spot in Westminster and cheer for all the runners dashing through Central London. The race starts at Piccadilly, finishes down Whitehall, and resembles more a festival than a marathon. There are live bands, DJs, and lots of entertainment venues around! 

The Chap Olympiad (TBC)

The Chap Olympiad has been running for sixteen years and celebrates sporting ineptitude. Yes, you read right. The Chap Olympiad celebrates the ineptitude of British sportsmen and women.   

The event is highly bizarre and eccentric. To exemplify the concept, let me tell you about the Tea Pursuit, a test involving a chappete and chap aboard bicycles, one bearing a cup and saucer, the other a teapot. The teapot-bearing chap must fill the teacup of their teammate without spilling a drop aboard a bicycle.  Tell me you’re not dying to attend! 

Doggett’s Coat & Badge Race (July 19)

London in July - Andrea Vail
Photo Courtesy of Andrea Vail via Flickr

Held since 1715, Doggett’s Coat & Badge Race is the world’s oldest boat race. In this sporting event, six young apprentices who work on the Thames row on the river upstream. The race starts in London Bridge and finishes in Chelsea. Whoever wins gets the coveted prize of the iconic red coat and silver badge.  

Royal Day Out (Begins July 14)

Don’t miss the opportunity to get full disclosure of the (new) King’s Home, Buckingham Palace. A Royal Day Out ticket offers discount admission to all three venues at Buckingham Palace: the State Rooms, The Queen’s Gallery, and the Royal Mews. The experience lasts approximately four and a half hours, beginning at The Queen’s Gallery, followed by the Royal Mews, and then the State Rooms.

Swan Upping (July 17 – 21)

It’s time for some pomp and circumstance.  The Swan Upping is a ceremony dating back to the 12th Century. It takes place annually on the River Thames and is essentially the annual census of the swan population on a particular stretch of the river. 

While Swan Upping still stands as one of the Royal traditions, it has a crucial place in wildlife conservation practices today. To perform the ceremony, a flotilla of traditional Thames rowing skiffs round-up swans, catch them, ring them, and then release them back on the river. 

So far, the dates for 2022 haven’t been announced yet, but the event almost always takes place in July each year.

10 Other Things to Do in London in July

London in the summer -open air cinema

I don’t have to tell you that you’ll never be short of things to do in London. In addition to the events above, I’ve compiled a quick list of other fun activities for London in July. 

  1. Make the most of the weather and attend a concert or festival. Here are three London festivals taking place in July:  Wireless Festival – two locations in July, British Summer Time, Folk by the Oak, and the Underbelly Festival – usually in July.
  2. Enjoy London’s stunning parks by having a picnic in one of them! I have a complete guide to London parks you can check out and find the one that suits you better.
  3. Catch a movie in one of London’s outdoor cinemas. Come summer, many of the city’s rooftops and parks turn into pop-up screening rooms. The Barbican’s Outdoor Cinema and  Lewisham’s Beckenham Place Park host screening sessions throughout the summer. 
  4. Dress up and sip a fancy cocktail on one of London’s rooftops.
  5. Glide along the River Thames on a cruise. There are tons of alternatives, from specialty cruises to adrenaline-filled speedboats.
  6. You can’t leave London without soaking in the views of its iconic skyline. The city has diverse vantage points, from rooftops to hills on Royal Parks.
  7. Stroll down Southbank while taking in the sun and views of Westminster.
  8. Catch a play at Regent’s Park Open Air Theater. They’ll be playing 101 Dalmatians throughout July.  
  9. Sunbathe at a London beach. July is the height of summer, and the beach is the place everyone wants to be. You can stay in London or visit a seaside town. 
  10. Go paddleboarding on the Thames, which is one of the best ways to relax on a long summer morning and get some activity in during your visit.

Have any other questions about visiting London in July? Let me know in the comments, or join my London Travel Tips Facebook community!

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Valerie fell in love with London on her first trip to the city way back in 2011. Since then, she spent a year living in London and visits as often as she can (you can find her recent trip recaps here!). She launched LOMM in 2021 to help other travelers fall in love with her favorite city on earth.

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