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9 Perfect London Hotels with Birthday Packages

Well, here we are: I’ve just taken another lap around the sun. Are you approaching a birthday too – or is someone you love? If so, you might consider celebrating in London. It’s one of my favorite cities and a great place to mark the milestone of reaching a new year of age. I’ve been fortunate to celebrate several of my birthdays in London so far – and have plans for future ones too! (My 40th birthday is gonna be a real cracking time!)

London Hotels with Birthday Packages

In addition to great restaurants, bars, and other cultural experiences, there are some fantastic London hotels with birthday packages to make your arrival and stay in London extra special. Whether you’re treating yourself or surprising someone you care about, there’s nothing quite like checking into your room to find balloons, cake or chocolates, champagne, or all of the above!

Below you’ll find some of the best London hotels that offer birthday packages; this is not something every hotel offers, though you can always inquire if you decide to stay somewhere else. No matter where you stay in London, it’s sure to make this special occasion even more memorable. Oh, and Happy Birthday!

1. Blue Orchid Hotels

If you’d like to celebrate your special day with your special someone, Blue Orchid Hotels is one of the top London hotels with birthday packages for two. The celebration package includes a variety of luxury experiences at the Tower Suites, one of the chain’s best-located outposts. As soon as you step into your suite, sweeping views of the River Thames and Tower of London sprawl before your eyes. There also be a bubbly glass of complimentary House Champagne waiting for you.  

The package also includes a decadent three-course dinner for two at Venetian-inspired Cento Alla Torre restaurant. Next morning, a staff member will be knocking on your door to bring you a delicious room service breakfast. You’ll be able to treasure your memories at the hotel forever, thanks to the rooftop photoshoot with London’s spectacular skyline backdrop. 

Rooms at Tower Suites by Blue Orchid start from $191 per night; book on Booking.com or Hotels.com. The birthday add-on package is £299 (~$380) for two people.

2. California Hotel

London Hotels with Birthday Package - The california hotel
Photo Courtesy of The California Hotel via Facebook

Located adjacent to the iconic St. Pancras train station, California Hotel offers delightful packages to celebrate your special day in style. The hotel’s “A Birthday Celebration” package includes all the items you need to spend a birthday you’ll never forget. 

It includes an indulgent homemade birthday cake, plus a delectable choice of food and drink options. Upon arrival, you’ll also enjoy a bottle of the hotel’s finest Prosecco. If you’ve booked the Birthday package as a surprise, the hotel also includes a personalized birthday card and two balloons for that extra touch!

Rooms at the California Hotel start from $145/night; book on Booking.com or Hotels.com. Their Birthday Celebration package is £129 (~$165).

3. Holmes Hotel London

The Holmes Hotel London has crafted the ideal package that combines a birthday celebration with a romantic getaway. Their “Case for Celebration” comes with all the ingredients you need to make an unforgettable birthday. 

The celebration starts as soon as you open the hotel room door. A staff member will lead you and your partner to the hotel’s Superior Double rooms, where they’ll have a bottle of chilled Champagne plus a beautiful bouquet and box of chocolates ready for you to enjoy. The next morning, you and your special someone can order a delicious breakfast to seal the experience. 

Rooms at the Holmes Hotel London start from $334 per night; book on Booking.com or Hotels.com. Their Case for Celebration package starts from £196 (~$250).

4. K West Hotel & Spa

If you’re wondering where to celebrate your birthday in London without crushing your wallet, K West Hotel & Spa offers the “Birthday Bundle,” a specially-crafted yet affordable package to treat the birthday boy or girl on their special day. 

The lovely package includes a chilled bottle of Prosecco on arrival, a box of chocolates, and cute silver Birthday balloons all over the room. If you want to upgrade your experience, the hotel is home to the K Spa, an award-winning spa offering a range of luxurious treatments that might be the best complement to the birthday package. 

Rooms at the K West Hotel & Spa start from $142 per night; book on Booking.com or Hotels.com. The Birthday Bundle costs an additional £69 (~$88).

5. Marriott London Park Lane

If you’re looking for London hotels with birthday packages to help you celebrate your special day big time, the Marriott London Park Lane is your best bet. The luxurious Marriott offers the “Celebration Package,” which includes everything you need to throw an unforgettable party with your family and friends, with Events Experts and gorgeous event spaces. 

I like the “Celebration Package” specifically because you can customize it. The package allows up to 30 people and has three options depending on the services included: All The Stops, Extra Special, or Classic. You can customize it using the hotel’s Wish List to add your touch. 

Rooms at the Marriott London Park Lane start from $499 per night; book on Booking.com or Hotels.com. The Celebration Package starts from £89 (~$115).

6. ME London

London Hotels with Birthday Packages - Celebrations at ME London
Photo Courtesy of Celebrations at ME London

ME London offers bespoke experience packages to surprise your loved one on their birthday. The highlight of the Me Hotel experience packages is that guests can personalize the experience to their liking, thanks to the Aura Guest Experience Team. 

Guests can choose from two experiences: the “Celebration Experience” and the “Luxury Celebration Experience.” The “Celebration Experience” includes a mirror message of your choice, party balloons, confetti balloons, a half-bottle of Baron de Marck Champagne Hotel, and a decent box of chocolates. 

The “Luxury Celebration Experience” is pretty similar; the only thing that changes is the quality of the items. It also comes with a mirror message of your choice, balloons and confetti, a bottle of Billecart Salmon Brut Champagne, and an Exuberantly Fruity Chocolate H-box.

Rooms at ME London start from $297 per night; book on Booking.com or Hotels.com. The Celebration Experience is £60 (~$75) and the Luxury Celebration Experience is £150 (~$190).

7. South Place Hotel

The South Place Hotel definitely has the best packages for parties wanting to celebrate a birthday romantically. You can choose among three alternatives: the Romantic Turndown, the Romantic Turndown & More, and the Ultimate Luxury. 

The Romantic Turndown allows you to spoil the birthday boy or girl with rose petals during the hotel’s evening turn-down service. The Romantic Turndown & More includes the rose petals and enhances the experience with a chilled bottle of house sparkling wine. Finally, the Ultimate Luxury package features a hand-written birthday card, a pastry item by the hotel’s award dining team, and a one-hour spa treatment per person in the treatment room. 

Rooms at South Place Hotel start from $246 per night; book on Booking.com or Hotels.com. Celebration packages at South Place Hotel range from £35-£250 ($45-$320).

8. The Langham

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better way to toast another year than at The Langham.  Located in the heart of London, the five-star hotel offers a wonderful package to spoil yourself with a luxurious stay that includes a mouthwatering Honey cake and a room filled with a bunch of pink balloons. 

The cream of the crop is that the hotel allows you to choose a room type and grants complimentary access to Chuan Spa wellness facilities to start your new year as relaxed as possible. A lavish underground spa, the Chuan Spa offers signature massages and numerous treatments to revitalize guests, like facials and full-body scrubs. 

If you’d like to splurge a bit more, you can sip a couple of drinks at the hotel’s award-winning bar, Artesian, and then snag a table at the stylish Roux at the Landau to indulge in delicious French cuisine. 

Rooms at The Langham start from $578 per night; book on Booking.com or Hotels.com. The price for the Birthday Surprise at The Langham varies based on room class.

9. W London

London Hotels with Birthday Parties - W London
Photo Courtesy of W London

Another member of the Marriott hotel chain, the W London, is one of the top venues for where to celebrate your birthday in London – especially if you want to throw a big party with lots of friends and family members. 

The hotel opens the doors of The Perception bar and lounge to celebrate special events. It is a wonderful venue on the first floor featuring multiple rooms with modern decoration. First, you have W Lounge, a multi-functional room with floor-to-ceiling windows and moving lights. You can also book Playback, a semi-private booth equipped with turntables, and a collection of vinyl records where the hotel lets you and your friends be the DJ for the night!

For a classic English pub vibe, book the On the Rocks room, with a circular bar and comfortable lounge seating. If you want to dance the night away, celebrate your birthday in the DJ Booth. Inspired by the British punk era, the rooms have spherical light sculptures, lounge seating, and black leather and metallic studs.  

Finally, birthday girls or boys can also celebrate in the Color Me Bad room, an edgy area with neon Union-Jack artwork lights and skin-colored leather sofas, or Pillow Talk room, with a comfortable oval day bed and flying light bulbs hanging from the ceiling.

Rooms at the W London start from $450 per night; book on Booking.com or Hotels.com. Visit the W London site to inquire for pricing.

No matter which of these hotels you choose, you’ll be sure to have a great birthday in London – I’ve celebrated several in my favorite city and hope to celebrate many more in years to come! Have any questions about these London hotels that offer birthday packages? Let me know in the comments!

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