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13 Lovely London Coffee Table Books to Bring the City Home

The charm of London doesn’t end when you board your flight home; it lingers, becoming a memory waiting to be revisited. Among the myriad ways to relive the magic of this storied city, London coffee table books stand out as captivating mementos.

These visually arresting compilations offer more than just snapshots; they weave together a tapestry of culture, history, and urban allure right at your fingertips. As they grace your living space, these books not only become conversation starters, but also tangible reminders of your London journey.

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Immersed in their pages, you can traverse the Thames, amble through Hyde Park, or gaze upon the grandeur of Big Ben, all from the comfort of your couch. As souvenirs go, a London coffee table book isn’t just an item you bring home – it’s an experience, forever encapsulated. If you’re looking for the perfect London coffee table book, here are some of the best ones out there.

Buildings That Made London by David Long

London Coffee Table Books - Buildings that Made London

This beautiful book from the Blue Peter Book of the Year Author, David Long, is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the mind. Stunning, intricate, and sometimes quirky illustrations accompany the informative text which brings to life the fascinating heritage of the most famous “buildings that made London“.

This is a superb choice of text for those new to London, people who are visiting soon and want to learn about the rich architecture that the city boasts, or simply anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of the area in an enjoyable, uncomplicated way.

Humans of London by Cathy Teesdale

London Coffee Table Books - Humans of London

So often books are published that celebrate the buildings, architecture, and history of a city. But Humans of London by Cathy Teesdale is a book that introduces the reader to the people who make London the wonderful place it is.

Stunning, vivid photographs capture each individual and then the accompanying text tells each person’s story. Inspiring, moving, and sometimes humorous tales of diversity, growth, and survival keep the reader captivated. Many have found the book gives them a new outlook on life in the city and a fresh ability to really see people.

London: Portrait of a City by Reuel Golden

London Coffee Table Books - Portrait of a City

London: Portrait of a City by Reuel Golden is considered by many to be the perfect coffee table book about London.

It is packed with stunning pictures of the city throughout the decades, celebrating its evolution and its everlasting steadfast character. The pages are filled with compelling photographs showcasing the city’s landscape and architecture and the unique spirit of the Londoners themselves.

Entertaining quotes and anecdotes accompany the portraits resulting in the ideal casual pick-up, put-down book that looks effortlessly stylish lounging on your coffee table.

London, Block by Block by Cierra Block

London Coffee Table Books - London Block by Block

London, Block by Block is a cute, well-organized, and easy-to-use travelers guide to England’s capital city – but it also serves as a great coffee table book. It is beautifully illustrated with colorful drawings and maps showcasing the best things to do in London.

Accompanying each map is a fun thought or question, relevant to that area which then leads onto some helpful, thoughtful information about the region, clearly written by someone who is passionate about London and knows all its best-kept travel-friendly secrets.

London in Bloom by Georgianna Lane

London Coffee Table Books - London in Bloom

You don’t need to have a particular interest in horticulture to enjoy browsing through this breathtaking collection of floral-inspired pictures that have been put together by renowned photographer, Georgianna Lane.

Each page explores and celebrates in full color the different parks, gardens, and flower markets that London has to offer. London in Bloom more than deserves its place in this best London coffee table books collection. Its unique and irresistible view of England’s capital is both romantic and inspiring.

London Then and Now by Vaughan Grylls

London Coffee Table Books - London Then & Now

As the name suggests London Then and Now is an excellent book that offers a fascinating insight into the historical development of various parts of London.

On the left page, the reader is treated to an archive photo of a certain place or landmark, whilst on the right-hand page is a direct comparison from the very same spot today, with the photo taken at the exact same angle.

There is something definitively satisfying about comparing photos and really being able to study the effect that time and evolution can have on a place.

London Underground By Design by Mark Ovenden

London Coffee Table Books - London Underground By Design

The world-renowned underground transport network in London is the topic of this critically acclaimed book, London Underground By Design. The content has been thoroughly researched by the author who is obviously passionate about the evolution of all things engineering.

If you have ever traveled to London there is a strong chance that you will have experienced the adventure of the London Underground, so learning about its history via rich photography and beautifully written text is a real treat.

London Villages by Zena Alkayat

London Coffee Table Books - London Villages

As its name suggests, London Villages is a delightful book that introduces the reader to all the charming hidden villages scattered across London – it might seem like one big city, but it’s not!

Offering an almost intimate guide to some of the quaintest hidden gems that England’s capital has to offer it gives travelers to the region the option to experience the city in a very different way to conventional sightseeing. The book features “must-visit” independent eateries, cafes, and boutique shops, and is beautifully illustrated throughout.

Maps of London and Beyond by Adam Dant

London Coffee Table Books - Maps of London

As London coffee table books go this spectacular collection of Maps of London and Beyond by Adam Dant would be guaranteed to impress any guests who happen upon it, especially those with a detailed mind.

Intricately detailed maps depict a diverse collection of landmarks and regions of London and the surrounding areas. His cartographic artwork includes maps depicting shipwrecks under the river Thames and gentleman’s clubs in the West End. Certainly not your traditional collection of maps!

prettycitylondon: Discovering London’s Beautiful Places by Siobhan Ferguson

London Coffee Table Books - prettycitylondon

Inspired by a successful Instagram account of the same name, this charming book should be in everyone’s collection of London coffee table books!

The author gives a fascinating insight into all the hidden and less appreciated parts of the city, that only someone who really knows London intimately could possibly have such an in-depth knowledge of.

Charming bakeries, cute cafes, and bookstores that time forgot all make the pages of prettycitylondon, and there are also some super helpful tips about planning your trip to this splendid city.

Streets of London by MENDO

London Coffee Table Books - Streets of London

The whole concept of a coffee table book is that it is something you, or indeed your guests, pick up and put down as you please, to enjoy a snippet of fascinating text or a thought-provoking photo.

Streets of London by MENDO is the perfect candidate for the job, being large, with glossy pages and lavish illustrations. It displays a selection of portraits of England’s capital taken by over 40 different photographers and the result is a contemporary photography collection that truly showcases all the diversity that characterizes London.

The London Book: Highlights of a Fascinating City by Monaco Books

London Coffee Table Books - The London Book

As its title – The London Book: Highlights of a Fascinating City – suggests, this book is a sumptuous collection of interesting information and historical timelines in relation to the great city of London.

Many people who have purchased the book initially did so to educate themselves on the city before visiting but were so impressed by the luxury of the item that it took pride of place on their coffee table and thus deservedly made our list of Best London coffee table books!

Unseen London by Peter Dazeley & Mark Daly

London Coffee Table Books - Unseen London

What makes Unseen London different from other books that showcase photos of London’s most iconic landmarks is that this book is filled with pictures of the hidden interiors of these prominent buildings.

The reader gets to witness the very heart of the city’s infrastructure and learn a little about each one from the snippet of text that accompanies them.

You get to see some of the most famous buildings in the world, but in an entirely unique way from how you have seen them before which is both fascinating and thought-provoking.

Have a question about these London coffee table books, or have you read another good one I should add to the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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