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London Bridge Experience Review: Can You Learn History Through Horror?

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London is famous for many things, not least its splendid collection of bridges that join each side of the River Thames. London Bridge is particularly well known, probably due to the name! Easily and often confused with the iconic Tower Bridge, London Bridge is much more understated – but not from a historical perspective. London Bridge dates back to the Roman times, and was the first permanent bridge to span the Thames.

London Bridge offers way more than just notoriety though. It is (I suppose quite obviously home to The London Bridge Experience, which can be found directly beneath the iconic bridge. It is a fabulous, rather quirky London attraction that is very different from anything else in the city.

London Bridge Experience Review Hero

If you’re curious about London history and want to learn it in a very memorable way, read on for my full London Bridge Experience review, which I hope will help you decide if it should be on your London itinerary. 

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Basics of the London Bridge Experience

Before jumping into my experience, I thought it would help to cover a few basics of visiting. This will help you get a sense of whether the London Bridge Experience will work in your London itinerary at all.

Location, Tickets & More

The London Bridge Experience takes place beneath London Bridge itself, opposite London Bridge Station. Being in the center of London the transport links are plentiful, from trains and tubes to taxis and buses. 

The London Bridge Experience is open every day except Christmas Day, from 11am to 6pm. 

Prices start from £18 and are best bought online, in advance. Children from 5 – 15 must be accompanied by an adult. 

Food Options & Facilities

There are no food and drink facilities inside the experience. There is an ice cream kiosk at the entrance that serves snacks and refreshments. Due to its superb central location, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants within a very short walk of the attraction so grabbing a bite before or after your visit is easy; sometimes, you can get a discount at the Bermondsey Bierkeller in a package with your ticket – especially if you book with the London Pass!

There are no toilets within the attraction either, although there are facilities that can be used by visitors at the ice cream kiosk near the entrance. 

My “London Bridge Experience” Experience

Now that I’ve covered the basics, let’s dig into the nitty gritty details of my London Bridge Experience review.

The first thing to bear in mind with this award-winning attraction is that it’s in the scary/horror category –  it isn’t suitable for the faint of heart! If you are of a nervous disposition or you don’t enjoy this sort of atmosphere, it would be better to find something else to fill your itinerary with; there are plenty of other London attractions you can enjoy!

If you are into jump-scares, the concept is excellent, if not a little gruesome. 2000 years of London’s history is crammed into a live-action experience where visitors are invited to walk through a recreation of times gone by. You can expect all your senses to experience the journey as talented actors immerse you in London’s grim past.

It was made clear to our group at the start that children and pregnant ladies were to enter with discretion, as the purpose of the whole thing was to shock and scare.  It is worth noting that if you or anyone in your party are not enjoying it you can ask to leave at any time. I got to the attraction 15 minutes before my allotted time, and I was pleased to have the opportunity to use the kiosk facilities before the tour started!

Once in the Experience, I progressed through rowdy groups of Romans, and violent Vikings and then found myself in Victorian streets being accosted by a pint-sized pickpocket! Shocking executions take place as you walk past (not real ones obviously!) and then all of a sudden I found myself running for our lives from The Great Fire!

For those who enjoy drama, theatrics, and a helping of gore this is actually an educational way to learn about London over the centuries; the staff was excellent and attentive and the actors are very enthusiastic! Although, it’s safe to say some might prefer to watch a documentary…

If your child is a thrill-seeker, loves an adventure, isn’t easily afraid, or enjoys the spooky side of history, then this is the place for them to learn London history first-hand, so to speak. The London Bridge Experience highlight for me would be the intelligently created anticipation-building presentation movie, the Victorian Steam Room. 

So, all told, is the London Bridge Experience worth it? 

If you enjoy quirky, horror-based attractions, and have even the smallest interest in London’s diverse history, then yes you will probably enjoy this and find it reasonable value for money assuming you bought your tickets online, for a fair price. You may feel, if you bought tickets at the more expensive price on the day of your visit, that it was quite a lot to pay for a tour which is only about 50 minutes long.

If you or anyone in our group are easily frightened, afraid of the dark, don’t enjoy loud noises, or suffer from any heart or anxiety-related complaints then perhaps the London Bridge Experience is best avoided. I probably wouldn’t suggest that you take a special trip to visit this experience, but if you are in the vicinity and enjoy similar things then you should definitely head on over.

Have any other questions after reading my London Bridge Experience review and how to fit it into your London itinerary? Let me know in the comments below!

Don’t Forget! As part of the London Pass, you can receive free admission to the London Bridge Experience (valued at £33pp in 2024!). Click here to read my London Pass review and click here to buy your own London Pass and save during your London trip.

Thanks to the London Bridge Experience for the official photos in this post.

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