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22 Great London Black Cab Tours for an Iconic Experience (2023)

Whether it’s the regal Buckingham Palace, the timeless Big Ben, or the scenic vistas of the River Thames, the English capital promises an unforgettable experience at every turn. And what better way to discover London’s myriad charms than by touring this magnificent city in the comfort of an iconic black cab?

Black cab tours offer a uniquely British way to explore London. These authentic and licensed cabs, driven by knowledgeable and passionate drivers, take you on a journey through the city’s rich tapestry of history, architecture, and culture. They steer through bustling streets and narrow alleyways that larger tour buses can’t reach, providing an intimate look at the city’s hidden gems as well as its grand landmarks.

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Whether you’re a history buff, a lover of art, or simply seeking a different perspective on the city, the best London black cab tours cater to every curious traveler’s whim. So, buckle up for an immersive and unique city tour experience!

London Full-Day Tour by Black Cab

There is so much to see in London, from Big Ben to the Tower of London, but that can often be tough as you might not have the optimal route. Luckily, this full-day black cab tour will take you past all of London’s top attractions, such as Trafalgar Square and Westminster Abbey. 

What’s more, your black cab driver is probably the best tour guide in London. They have taken the world’s most challenging taxi test and have London Blue Badge and City of Westminster Guide certifications.

Lastly, you’ll end with a pub lunch (at an additional cost), which is an authentic way to experience the daily life of a Londoner.  

Monuments & Back Streets Guided Tour in Black Taxi

Looking for a fantastic way to experience London? On this brilliant guided tour, you’ll see iconic London monuments, such as Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament. 

Now, you might be thinking, that sounds like all the black cab tours of London. However, this is far from it, as you’ll visit hidden gems, like some of London’s most haunted places, a medieval tower, and a dead house.

It’s a terrific way to learn all about London’s history, as your driver knows all about the city. Simply put, it’s also one of the best ways to experience the Big Smoke through a local’s eyes.   

London’s Hidden Treasures by Black Taxi Cab

A sad aspect of sightseeing is you usually don’t get to see the more unique parts of a city. However, this hidden treasures tour may be the exception. You’ll still see London’s main landmarks, like St. Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge. 

What’s more, you’ll have an opportunity to go to the city’s oldest church, London’s smallest house, a Roman bath, and other unusual offerings. On top of that, the tour offers pick-ups and drop-offs to your hotel, complimentary water, and live commentary full of fascinating facts I guarantee you’ve never heard. 

Panoramic Views of London by Black Cab

One might think: London black cab tours and views, how do they go hand in hand? The simple answer is this London black tab tour. Sure, you’ll still be driving on the same roads, but your guide has access to some of London’s best free views.

Okay, so they’re not really free, but you’ll forget all about that once you snap a few photos of the city. Don’t worry, that’s not it, as you’ll get to explore subterranean tunnels under the Thames, cross the Thames by cable car, and walk along a Roman street. 

You’ll experience all that and more in what might be the most jam-packed four-hour tour. Who knows? You might even want to become a Londoner after this.

Secret Places Tour in a Black Cab

Next on our list is the fantastic four-hour secret places tour that will take all over London to some of its quirkiest spots. These include Henry VIII’s cow shed, the world’s tallest telephone box, and a 500-year-old banqueting hall.  

Your guide will also entrance you with stories of murders, history, and mystery. That said, it’s also family-friendly if you’ve got kids. That brings me to another advantage of this tour: it’s completely tailored to your wishes. 

So, if you want to make the tour shorter to visit one of London’s markets or just see landmarks, your guide will happily adapt it for you.

Panoramic Tour by Black Taxi 

Sit back and relax on this four-hour black cab tour as you pass iconic spots like Downing Street and Westminster Abbey. This tour starts in Kensington, where you’ll get all the history of the V&A and Natural History museums. 

Next, you’ll pass the iconic Royal Albert Hall, as well as Harrods, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and Trafalgar Square. It’s definitely a great option if you’re only spending one day in London (my advice, one day isn’t enough). 

What’s truly special about this tour is halfway through it, you’ll have a chance to take a walk through St. James’s Park, one of London’s best parks.

London by Night Taxi Tour

If you think the city is fabulous in the daytime, you’ll be amazed by London at night. The only issue is most London black cab tours operate during the day, so you might be wondering, “How can I experience the city at night?”

This exceptional taxi tour is the answer to that question as you venture around a dramatically-illuminated London, where you’ll see Big Ben, the London Eye, and the Tower of London. That’s not all, as you can stop off for fish and chips, a must-try London food, or for a pint in one of London’s best pubs

Bard, Beatles, Bond & Baker Street

London has had some famous personalities live in it, from Sherlock Holmes to William Shakespeare. You’ll cover all that and more on this London icons tour, which is three hours long and full of fun. 

You’ll see iconic spots, like the Globe Theatre, where Shakespeare’s plays take place, as well as 221b Baker Street, aka Detective Holmes’ house. To up the ante, you’ll also see the home of Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond. 

Next, travel back in time to the Swinging City and see where the Beatles lived and worked. All in all, you’ll be sure to level up your love for London, and as a bonus: no sore feet. 

Themed London Black Cab Tours

Have the above tours not piqued your interest? Never fear, as I’ve got some of the best themed black cab tours of London, from Doctor Who to Harry Potter.

The Beatles

Beatlemania is still alive and well in London! If you love the lads from Liverpool, there are options to explore some of their most important sights in London:

  • Beatles Magical Tour: Go on a Magical Mystery Tour of London by following the footsteps of the Fab Four. This includes where they lived, the Abbey Road crossing, and the house where Paul and John wrote their biggest hits. 
  • Beatles Tour of London: On this three-hour tour, you’ll see over 30 Beatles-related sites, such as album cover sites, the famous rooftop concert location, and Abbey Road Studios, all while listening to their classic songs.
  • Private Beatles Taxi Tour: Visit iconic spots in the Beatles’ lives, from the steps where Paul got married to the house of Brian Epstein, “the fifth Beatle,” who was monumental for their success. 

Doctor Who

This enchanting Doctor Who tour will transport you through London – although sadly through a black cab and not a tardis. That said, you’ll still love this tour as you’ll head to iconic filming spots in the city, such as where the Daleks invaded London. It includes hotel pick-ups and drop-offs, complimentary water, a trivia quiz, and loads of fun facts.

George Michael

Photo courtesy of Get Your Guide

Learn all about this iconic British singer, from where George grew up to the pub where he and Andrew Ridgeley came up with the name Wham! This delightful black cab tour is perfect for 80s music lovers, as it’s limited to five people per tour, so even if you Carelessly Whisper, your guide will still hear you.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter fights for the top fandom in the U.K., and there are lots of great HP sites across the city. Here are London black cab tours that will take you to them:

  • Harry Potter Film Locations Tour: Dart through London, visiting iconic film locations from the movies – though sadly not on a broom. Okay, not really, sadly, as you’ll feel a lot less sick! This tour is perfect for muggles looking to see Platform 9 and ¾, the Knight Bus bridge, and the Leaky Cauldron entrance. 
  • Ultimate Harry Potter Full-Day Tour: Become enchanted by London through your private guide and not through a spell, as this tour combines London sightseeing with iconic Harry Potter spots. This makes it ideal for young movie fans and their not-so-enthused parents.
  • Full-Day Sightseeing and Harry Potter Tour: Enjoy a day full of exploring London, from Buckingham Palace to the London Eye. Dabble in the wizarding world’s Ministry of Magic and the Kings Cross Station, where Harry disappears – although, don’t try running through the wall.

James Bond

Become 007 and pretend your black cab is an Aston Martin, darting through London’s streets on this James Bond locations Tour. You’ll see filming locations for iconic Bond movies, such as For Your Eyes Only and Skyfall, as well as the real MI5 and MI6 offices. 

Moreover, see the bar where the “a dry martini, shaken not stirred” was first uttered, a Bentley showroom, and Ian Fleming’s home.

Rock ‘n Roll

Experience London Calling your name on this exciting Rock ‘n Roll tour as you explore the world of the city’s most famous bands, such as The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, and The Kinks. You’ll see Freddie Mercury’s former home, a suite Jimi Hendrix occupied before his sudden death, and Tin Pan Alley.

Royal London

Treat yourself to a upper class tour of the city and its most royal sights – while you can’t have the King’s carriage, a black cab can take you around:

  • Royal London Taxi Tour: For lovers of all things royalty and monarchy, this tour sure delivers, taking you to numerous palaces and iconic spots – in only four hours. It also includes stories of scandals and revolutions, so you won’t be bored.
  • Royal London Private Full-Day Tour: Transport yourself to a world of elegance and regency on this fantastic tour. It will take you back 1,000 years to the beginnings of the British Monarchy, as well as where royals shop, marry, get buried, and some scandalous royal spots. 

Sherlock Holmes

London’s most famous detective may be fictional, but the places he solved imaginary cases certainly are not. Here are tours that will help you see them:

  • Sherlock Holmes Tour by Black Cab: If you’ve watched the TV series, Sherlock, you’ll find this tour elementary in all the key spots of the show. This includes 221B Baker Street and several areas where he solved crimes – so pretend you’re accompanying him on a hansom cab on the hunt for clues.
  • Private 3-Hour Sherlock Locations Tour: Get ready, as the game is afoot for this incredible Sherlock location tour of London. Just like in the show, you’ll be in a black cab taxi, darting from Speedy’s Café to solving Moriarty’s riddles before disaster hits. Okay, so you won’t actually need to do any sleuthing, although you will see the sites of Sherlock’s fake death and other pivotal spots.

Have any questions about London’s black cab tours or which one to book? Let me know in the comments!

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Valerie fell in love with London on her first trip to the city way back in 2011. Since then, she spent a year living in London and visits as often as she can. Join her to explore my favorite city on earth and learn everything you need to discover the best London has to offer!

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