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10 Lovely Lavender Fields in London for Your Summer Trip

Is there anything more relaxing than lavender? Especially on a hot summer day, as it sways in the gentle breeze and the aroma wafts on the wind. Just imagine taking a deep breath, knowing you’ve found a moment of peacefulness in one of the best places on earth: London.

While you might not imagine the bustling metropolis of London to have any green spaces, London is actually astonishingly verdant – London actually fits into the UN’s definition of a forest, with over 8.4 million trees! There are also some beautiful gardens too, and lavender fields in London that you can visit during the summer when they bloom.

Lavender Fields in London Hero

If you’re keen to find that calm during your London trip, mark these London lavender fields on your map and plan them into your itinerary. While lavender blooms in England between June to September, most fields harvest by late July, so this is a perfect activity for your summer London trip.

Lavender Fields in London

Lavender fields in london - lavendar

Ok, I’m not going to lie. You won’t find sprawling lavender fields in London. However, the city has three stunning places that cultivate the purple flower and are equally photogenic as the out-of-town counterparts.

Kew Gardens Lavender Fields

Lavender fields in london - kew gardens

Is there anything (botanically speaking) that Kew Gardens doesn’t have? The city’s stunning botanical garden is one of the places where you can see (and smell) lavender in London. 

Instead of spawning fields of lavender, the green has used the fragrant purple friends to decorate and enliven different displays. You can find lavender blooms dotted around Kew’s Queen’s Gardens, the Mediterranean Garden, and Duke’s Garden. The Great Broad Walk Borders also have lavender sprinkled here and there. 

Visitors must book a time slot in advance before arriving at Kew to help the garden stagger the entry flow, avoid queues and reduce contact.

Vauxhall Park Lavender London

Vauxhall Park is the only park with lavender fields in London. A hidden gem in the city, Vauxhall Park opened its lavender field in 2004. 

At first, bees and butterflies were the main visitors enjoying the bright purple flowers. That was until Londoners began to visit every summer to enjoy a colorful and aromatic day out. The park now hosts an annual community harvest open to all to help collect the flowers, which are used to produce lavender oil and sold at South Lambeth Market.

Kennington Park

Lavender Fields in London - Kennington Park

Lambeth’s beloved park, Kennington Park, has been planting beds of lavender for generations. 

While there aren’t any fields, Kennington Park has planted generous patches of two different lavender species resulting in a pop of color. The blue, purple, and indigo buds brim beneath olive trees in the garden’s Mediterranean beds and around the sundial at its center. 

Make sure you walk through the park’s winding paths and admire the historic trees. Some are a hundred years old!

Lavender Fields near London

Those willing to drive out of London will find some of England’s loveliest lavender fields. If you have extra time in your itinerary, check out the following lavender farms!

Mayfield Lavender Farm London

Lavender fields in london - Mayfield Lavender Farm London

If I had to define what a picture-perfect place is, I think the Mayfield Lavender Farm is a pretty good example. 

Let me paint you a picture: lavender-coated hills as far as the eye can see; little lavender buds are gently swaying with the wind. All of a sudden, one of London’s iconic red phone boxes appears in the heart of the farm. It’s no wonder Mayfield Lavender Farm has become one of the most Instagrammable lavender fields near London. 

The 25-acre farm also has a cute café where visitors can enjoy a slice of sumptuous carrot cake while overlooking the purple sea. Sign up for one of the farm’s tractor rides to seal an unforgettable experience!

Hitchin Lavender

Lavender farms in london - Hitchin Lavender

Hitchin Lavender is another of the newest additions to London lavender fields. This family-owned and run farm introduced the indigo flowers back in 2000. Today, it has a not-so-modest display of purple flowers with 25 miles of lavender rows. 

One of the perks of this farm is that the owners allow visitors to pick flowers in the field and take them home during the flowering season – they give you a cute bag to pack them. Once you’ve filled that bag, the farm has a lovely café housed in a 17th-century barn that serves lunches, cakes, and drinks. 

Castle Farm

Castle Farm is home to the UK’s largest lavender farm, a true purple paradise. This farm governs 1,100 acres, of which 95 grow lavender flowers. Castle Farm has a long trajectory, having been in the same family for over a century. They’ve grown to become an empire. So much so that they opened their store, The Hop Shop, which has been running since 1985. 

The farm merits a complete day to enjoy all it offers. Visitors can see wheat fields, apple orchids, pumpkins, and even a herd of grass-fed cattle. 

Hartley Park Farm

Lavender fields in London - Hartley Park Farm

Nestled in the heart of the Hampshire countryside, Hartley Park Farm has planted seven varieties of lavender in its fields. 

The fields themselves are not very extensive but big enough to fill your senses and heart to the fullest. Besides the lavender fields, Hartley Park Farm also grows patches of bright wildflowers and cute poppies, which create a magnificent kaleidoscopic view. 

The farm also runs an on-site shop. It has a wide variety of handmade lavender delights you can bring and enjoy back home.

Cotswold Lavender Farm

Perched in the outskirts of Snowshill, Cotswold Lavender Farm draws visitors from far and wide to admire the sprawling sea of lavenders they own and grow. Cotswold Lavender Farm is family-run and started growing lavenders only 24 years ago. 

Rumor has it that Cotswold Lavender Farm has the lushest lavender fields in town. The secret? The farm sits on limestone soil, where lavender happens to thrive. Consequently, visitors can find over 40 different varieties of lavender, 140 miles of rows, and 500,000 plants. 

Finchingfield Lavender & Camping

Lavender fields in london - lavender field

Finchingfield Lavender & Camping is a micro lavender farm in Essex. They have one of the youngest lavender fields on the list, planting their first lavender crops in 2018. Don’t let their newbie status fool you. Finchingfield has 1.5 acres filled with purple plants. Plus, the farm has 9 acres of wildflower meadows. The venue has a campsite and glamping tents for anyone who dreams of sleeping next to the lavender fields and waking up to their sweet scent. 

Lordington Lavender

Located in the South Downs, Lordington Lavender is home to four acres of Maillette lavender and 12 red-listed species of birds, including skylarks and barn owls. What makes this farm special is how well it evokes the English countryside vibe—the smell of lavender, the buzzing of bees, the thrill of birds. Everything seems taken out of a Jane Austen novel. 

The only real downside of Lordington Lavender is that the farm opens for just one week a year.

Have any questions about these lavender fields in London and the Greater London region? Let me know in the comments!

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