How to Spend a Few Hours in West London

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If, like me, you try to make the most of every minute you have to spend in London, then having a planned itinerary can be really helpful. If you find yourself with only a few hours in London then it is still an opportunity to visit some iconic attractions. 

No matter what brings you to London or how long you have to visit, I want this site to help you. For that reason, I’ve started work on a series of posts about how to spend a few hours in London, and this post focuses specifically on how to spend a few hours in West London. This is the heart of modern London, home to its most famous attractions, iconic landmarks, and (some of) the most historic areas.

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If you are one of those travelers who will be in London for just a few hours, this post can help. Below you’ll find tips on how to plan your time generally, a map of where I suggest visiting in West London, and more detail on each stop to help you pack as much in as reasonably possible without exhausting yourself.

My only other advice before getting started? Don’t be surprised if you fall in love: London is an amazing city and a few hours is just not nearly enough. While you certainly shouldn’t skip London if you only have a few hours, you might find yourself wanting to plan a return trip. As someone who always feels that way, you’re in excellent company. Okay, now let’s dive in!

Tips if You Only Have a Few Hours in London

To start, I wanted to share some general advice for making the most of a few hours in London – in any part of the city. Here’s what I suggest before planning your time or setting out:

  • Choose one part of London – this post focuses on West London, but I’ll have guides for North, East, South, and Central London soon and will add the links here.
  • Pick a start and end point – they could be the same spot, or different ones, depending on where you want to go.
  • Skip public transit and explore a smaller area on foot; London’s transit system is great but can be time-consuming if you only have a short time to visit the city.
  • If you need to store your luggage, there are handy luggage storage services all over London.

Based on that, let’s dive into the specifics of what I recommend for exploring West London specifically.

Route for a Few Hours in West London

To start, I thought it would be helpful to start with a map of the places I recommend, and a route I suggest – you can replicate this map for yourself or use your own mapping app to work it out for yourself before setting out.

Few Hours in West London - Map
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Broadly speaking, this is just my suggestion for how to spend a few hours in West London; there are other parts of West London you might want to explore more, or other attractions you might want to see. I hope this at least gives you a starting framework to make the most of your time… no matter how long you have, London is a great place to spend time!

Start with Brunch at Vardo

Photo courtesy of Caravan and Co

Let’s start our day with brunch at the iconic restaurant, Vardo. The restaurant is found within a state-of-the-art, glass/stone pavilion, in the heart of Duke of York Square, West London. This fascinating property boasts 360-degree wall-to-floor windows that provide a unique indoor-outdoor dining experience. Vardo is open for all meals, every day but is particularly well known for being a great spot for brunch.

Some of the favorite items on the menu include the inspired Miso Aubergine dish which is served with seasoned rice, pickled daikon, charred edamame, sesame carrots, ginger wasabi sauce, and shichimi. Or perhaps you will go for the Grilled Mackerel Fillet which comes with chermoula mayonnaise, shaved fennel, and dill.

Take a Short Stroll to the Saatchi Gallery

Photo courtesy of Saatchi Gallery via Instagram

The Saatchi Gallery is less than 200m from your brunch spot. The Saatchi Gallery is a registered arts charity that provides a unique platform for upcoming artists.

Over the past few years exhibitions held at the gallery have predominantly presented works by largely unseen young artists, or by international artists whose work has been rarely or never exhibited in the UK. Many of the one million art lovers who visit the gallery each year do so to study the extensive and innovative street art exhibitions. Once you have enjoyed all the art displays you can also browse the cute gift shop which is packed with art-focused souvenirs.  

Hail a Black Cab & Head to Harrods

Tea-riffic Afternoon Tea Bus Tours in London - Harrods Exterior

Just a three-minute drive away from the Saatchi Gallery, you will find the exclusive shopping area of Knightsbridge and more specifically Harrods. The easiest way to get there is by hailing a black cab instead of walking, especially if you’re short on time.

Harrods may be a department store, but it is also a world-famous tourist attraction in its own right, and attracts over 15 million shoppers every year! The building itself is stunning, and once you have entered its famous doors you will find yourself surrounded by some of the most luxurious brands and goods in the world.

Harrods spans over seven stories and is a day out in itself! Be sure not to shop until you drop though, as our time in West London is not over yet…

Admire London from Battersea Power Station

Photo courtesy of Battersea Power Station

To continue your afternoon in West London hop back in another black cab and head back over Chelsea Bridge to the newly renovated Battersea Power Station.

Here you can ignite your adventurous side and step inside Lift 109. This adrenaline-fuelled attraction will whisk you off on a thrilling ride. The journey takes 109 meters, to the top of the Power Station’s north-west chimney, where you are greeted with breathtaking, 360-degree views of London’s skyline.

Enjoy a Delicious Italian Dinner at Noci  

Photo courtesy of Noci

You can either choose to walk the 5 minutes to Noci for dinner or grab a taxi; the restaurant is located inside Turbine Hall B of the iconic Grade II listed Power Station.

Noci is a highly accredited authentic Italian restaurant where you can enjoy fresh, silken pasta, Sicilian street-food-inspired snacks, and cocktails on tap. It is the perfect place to unwind after your super busy few hours in West London.

The menu includes some mouth-watering offerings such as Porcini & Shimeji mushroom tagliatelle which is served with baby balsamic onions & mascarpone, and a chicken liver crostini, served with sweet caper dressing.

Optional: Explore Richmond Park

If you have time during your trip to West London it is highly recommended that you fit in a visit to Richmond Park. Located close to Ham and Wimbledon, this iconic park is a beautiful place to enjoy some greenery and tranquil surroundings.

Richmond Park was originally created as a deer park by King Charles I. Today it serves as an influential nature reserve and is home to a variety of wildlife. The park is a lovely place to enjoy a picnic. There are snack bars and toilet facilities in the park too. 

Have any other questions about how I recommend spending a few hours in West London? Let me know in the comments below!

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