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21 Great Dog Walks in London for Your Four-Legged Travel Pal

Traveling with a dog is both rewarding and challenging. While it’s great to have your four-legged bestie with you on your adventures, there are always rules and regulations about crossing international borders, finding accommodation, and ensuring your dog gets plenty of love, attention, and exercise just like they do at home.

Dog Walks in London Hero

If you’re visiting London with your pup and want to get out and explore the city together, you’re in luck. London has great parks and plenty of paths where your dog can stretch their four legs while you stretch your two. Many of these are London’s most well-known parks, where you can see the sights in addition to getting your steps in.

Below you’ll find a list of many dog walks in London, broken up by region (Central, North, South, East, and West). So no matter where you’re staying or planning to explore, you’ll probably be close to a great dog walk to try.

The Best Dog Walks in Central London

Central London’s heavily urbanized landscape might not be the most welcoming for dogs and their owners. However, the area has extensive green spaces where you can bring your pup to get his daily exercise. Here’s a list of the best dog walks in Central London. 

Green Park & St. James’s Park

St. James's Park in Autumn
  • Nearest Station:  Piccadilly Circus station 
  • On or off-leash: on-leash around the royal gardens, near the footpath around the perimeter of the lake, and Horse Guards Parade Ground

Two stunning Royal Parks, Green Park, and St. James’s Park connect at Queen’s Gardens. Green Park resembles a sprawling meadow where your four-legged friend can run freely, as the name hints. It is a very peaceful area, consisting almost entirely of mature trees rising out of turf – they call it Green Park for a reason. 

St. James’s Park is another royal park and oasis in the heart of London. Despite its manicured gardens and breathtaking flower beds, St. James’s Park welcomes furry visitors too, and it’s not uncommon to spot Londoners jogging next to their pets. 

As a heads up, you must keep your dogs on a leash in the Royal Gardens in front of Buckingham Palace, on the lake’s path, and the marching area of Horse-guards Parade.

Jubilee Greenway

  • Nearest Station: St James’s Park, Green Park, or Hyde Park Corner (Tube)
  • On or off-leash:  dogs are welcome and may be off-leash in some areas 

The Jubilee Greenway is a 37-mile walking and cycling route. The picturesque route has nine sections and travels through London’s iconic sights. The first section goes through central London, visiting sites such as Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, and Camden. That’s the thing about London. A simple walk with your dog can turn into a sightseeing tour. If you’d like a less crowded area, I suggest starting the trip in the third section, from Regent’s Canal to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Russell Square

Dog walks in London - Russell Square
  • Nearest Station: Russell Square
  • On or off-leash: not sure; the website doesn’t mention 

Located in the London Borough of Camden, Russell Square is central London’s second-largest square. It is a popular refuge for workers and students in the area to have lunch or unwind before going back to their activities. The square has winding pathways, a dog-friendly cafe, a fountain, and large green areas; it’s the perfect place for a walk with your furry friend hidden away from the hustle and bustle of London’s busy streets.

Dog Walks in North London

North London is famous for its lively night scene, but there’s more to it than trendy restaurants and nightclubs. You’ll also find immense, lush parks. Read below to find the best areas for dog walking in north London. 

Alexandra Palace and Park

Best Free Views in London Alexandra Park - Lars Ling
Photo Credit Lars Ling via Flickr
  • Nearest Station: Alexandra Palace (National Rail)
  • On or off-leash: on-leash around the boating lake

Affectionately dubbed “Ally Pally,” Alexandra Palace is famous for two reasons. One, it hosts impressive musical events. Two, it offers panoramic views of London’s skyline.  The building sits in the middle of 196 acres of grade ll-listed English Heritage parkland. 

Not a bad place for a dog walk, huh? Come with your furry friend and enjoy a relaxing stroll through the woodland and open grassland. Then head to the hilltop admire the views and the building’s architecture.  

Clissold Park

London Dog Walks - Clissold Park
  • Nearest Station:  Canonbury (London Overground) or Stoke Newington (London Overground)
  • On or off-leash: off-leash, except in the play area or sports facilities.

Clissold Park is a lovely neighborhood park, one of the most splendid dog walks. The park governs 55 acres and has tennis courts, bowling green, skateboard area, cafe, and two lakes home to ducks, geese, and swans. You can even find part of the New River running through the park. It can be busy at times, especially on the paths and around the lakes, but you and your four-legged friend will still find open green areas where you can relax.

Chiswick House and Gardens

London Dog Walk - Chiswick House and Gardens
  • Nearest Station:   Chiswick or Turnham Green District Line)
  • On or off-leash: off-leash except in the Italian Gardens and Café. 

Chiswick House and Gardens is a real hidden gem and paradise for dogs and dog owners. The park is a feast for the eyes, with grounds full of manicured gardens, waterfalls, sprawling green spaces, and lakes. It is no surprise its landscaping design served as inspiration for New York’s Central Park. 

When I say it’s a dream park for dogs, I mean it. Besides the open areas where your pup can run freely or chase a ball, the park even has a separate stretch of the lake for dogs to enjoy a swim or paddle! 

Finsbury Park

  • Nearest Station:  Manor House (Piccadilly Line)
  • On or off-leash: seems to be on-leash since COVID

Finsbury Park is another nice green space in North London to bring your furry companion. The park has quite a few wide paths, which are perfect for running and cycling, and there are some smaller paths too. There are also play areas with a couple of tennis and basketball courts. 

During the summer months, it’s common to see families having a picnic or couples enjoying a cup of coffee at the park’s café. The park has  115 acres of formal gardens, lakes, and tree-lined avenues.   

Hampstead Heath

London in Summer - Hampstead Heath
  • Nearest Station: Golders Green, Hampstead or Kentish Town (Northern Line) and Hampstead Heath or Gospel Oak (London Overground)
  • On or off-leash: off-leash

Hampstead Heath is a delight for anyone who likes the open air, and I could enumerate endless reasons why it is one of the best London dog walks. Unobstructed views of the London skyline, lush grasslands, rolling meadows, swimming ponds, and the list goes on. 

With 800 acres, Hampstead Heath is incredibly dog-friendly, and dog-owners come from all parts of London so their four-legged friends can enjoy the lush grounds. Needless to say, your dog will find lots of furry friends to play within Hampstead Heath.

Highgate Wood

Dog Walks London - Highgate Wood
  • Nearest Station: Highgate (Northern Line)
  • On or off-leash: off-leash

It’s hard to believe a place like Highgate Wood exists in a city as urbanized as London. The green space is not a park but a wood, and once your inside makes you feel like you’re not even in the city anymore. The 70 acres that make up the grounds were once part of the ancient Forest of Middlesex. It is a delectable place to visit year-round.

 In the fall, the woods look beautiful, with colorful autumn falling on the ground. Come spring, blooming bluebells cover the park entirely. You and your pup can walk down the winding paths or follow the straight roads that go up and down the wood. Without questioning, Highgate Wood is one of the top dog walks in London, especially if you and your furry companion love the outdoors.  

Regent’s Canal

  • Nearest Station: Camden Town
  • On or off-leash: both

Regent’s Canal isn’t one of the most famous London dog walks. The secret of its popularity is that it pleases dogs and humans alike. The journey will take you through some of London’s best neighborhoods and parks. 

Start in Camden, and follow the canal until you reach the first green areas. You can go up to Primrose Hill, another vantage point in the city, or head to Regent’s Park. Finish your stroll exploring the tranquil streets of Little Venice, a charming district of London where quirky cafés and pubs abound. While Regent’s Canal is a lovely walk, it can get busy during rush hour with bikes. 

Dog Walks in South London

If you live in South London, you just hit the jackpot. This area is brimming with parks to take your pup. Below I’ve listed the best spots for dog walking in south London.

Battersea Park

Dog walks in london - Battersea Park
Photo Credit: Herry Lawford via Flickr
  • Nearest Station: Battersea Park (National Rail)
  • On or off-leash: off-leash

Battersea Park has to be one of the most charming London dog walks. The stunning Victorian park governs 200 acres, where you’ll find a lake, riverside promenade, towering trees, and a designated ecological area. Battersea Park has a strong connection to dogs, home to The Brown Dog sculpture. Erected in 1906, the statue commemorates dogs used for vivisections during Edwardian England. 

There’s no doubt that the park is one of the most dog-friendly in London and even has a dog-friendly café, the Pear Tree Café. 

Crystal Palace Park

Dog Walks in London - Crystal Palace Park
  • Nearest Station: Crystal Palace Station or Penge West Station (London Overground)
  • On or off-leash: off-leash

If you need a park that will entertain both your dog and your kids, Crystal Palace Park is the place to go. The Victorian park spans over 200 acres. It has tons of attractions for little ones, with the full-size dinosaurs as the most popular. The park also has a children’s farm, a playground, and a maze. 

There’s definitely no room for boredom here! The good news is that the park allows pups, too. You’ll find numerous open areas and paths your four-legged friend will love to explore. 

King George’s Park

  • Nearest Station: Southfields (underground), Earlsfield or Wandsworth Town (London Overground)
  • On or off-leash: off-leash except in the perimeter that encloses playgrounds, tennis courts, lakes, bowling green, and children’s zoo

I know it will sound strange, but King George’s Park is a long park. Very long. It runs between Earlsfield and Wandsworth, and the many busy roads that intersect the park make it seem like you’re visiting different green spaces. It has the River Wandle along one side, various open areas for walking or playing sports, tennis courts, playgrounds, BMX track, a pond, and a fountain. 

If you enjoy nice, long walks, this park offers you and your pup the opportunity to wander for hours at a time along a beautiful scenic route that follows the river Wandle. 

Morden Hall Park

Dog Walks in London - Morden Hall Park
  • Nearest Station: The Phipps Bridge Tram Stop
  • On or off-leash: off-leash except in the Rose Garden, around buildings like Stableyard, Snuff Mill, Cafes, Garden Center, around the Adventure Play Area, on the Wetland Boardwalk, the Garden Center 

Morden Hall Park is a hidden little treasure. Even some locals don’t know it is a National Trust park. The grounds are absolutely stunning, offering 125 acres of beautiful parkland you and your four-legged friend can enjoy. There’s also a wide variety of landscapes: little lakes, wetlands, water streams, and a pond. The cherry on the cake is the Rose Garden. A beautiful place to explore, especially with your nose!

Peckham Rye Park & Common

Dog walks in London - Peckham Rye Park
  • Nearest Station:  East Dulwich or Nunhead (National Rail) or Honor Oak Park (Overground)
  • On or off-leash: off-leash

Peckham Rye Park & Common is an excellent green space where your pup can go wild. At 113 acres, the park has miles of recreational grasslands, ornamental and water gardens, a lake, and woodland. Your pup will adore the pathways, the gates and the ornamental gardens, and the wide green spaces in the Common that go on forever. 

Each September, the park hosts the Summer Fete and Dog Show each September if you and your furry companion want a fun day out!

Richmond Park

Best Parks in London - Richmond Park
  • Nearest Station: Richmond (National Rail and District Line)
  • On or off-leash: off-leash, except in the Isabella Plantation

The biggest park in London, Richmond Park, has a sprawling 2,500 acres to explore. Richmond Park is appealing to dog owners in every sense imaginable. You’ll find ample green spaces, woodlands and ponds, and the Isabella Plantation, a woodland garden set within a Victorian plantation dating back to the 1830s.

 The park is also home to many precious wildlife, including roaming deers whom your dog may encounter. I suggest you check the park’s website to know which areas present restrictions and the months when you should avoid visiting due to deer rutting and birthing. 

Wimbledon Common

Dog Walks in London - Wimbledon Common
  • Nearest Station: Wimbledon Park
  • On or off-leash: off-leash

Wimbledon Common is another treasure for dog owners. It is one of the best dog walks near London as it offers plenty of wood and heathland to walk through and a couple of lakes where dogs can have a good swim. 

Much of the Common is a carefully managed forest that feels like the countryside’s heart, though there are also two golf courses intersecting them. Many locals love to walk their dogs from the Windmill car park down to the lake to enjoy the ever-changing landscape. 

Dog Walks in West London

West London is one of the most affluent and beautiful areas of the city, with world-class museums, galleries, and stores popping on every corner. Keep reading to find the two best spots for dog walking in west London.

Hyde Park

London in the Summer - Hyde Park
  • Nearest Station: Queensway, Lancaster Gate, Marble Arch (Central Line) and Knightsbridge, Hyde Park Corner (Piccadilly Line)
  • On or off-leash: off-leash

Hyde Park is London’s most famous green space, which automatically translates into being London’s busiest park. Still, it has room for all the humans and pups that come to stretch their legs. 

The park sits right in the middle of central London. It has many famous landmarks spread around its grounds, including the Serpentine Lake, Speakers’ Corner, and the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain. As a royal park, there are certain areas where dogs can’t access or should do on a leash, like the Rose Garden. 

Thames Path

  • Nearest Station: Putney Bridge or Barnes Bridge (overground)
  • On or off-leash: on and off-leash. Pay attention to signposts. 

Stretching over 184 miles, the Thames Path is a national trail that follows the Thames from its source in the Cotswolds, all the way through the heart of London to the Thames Barrier in Greenwich. You’ll enjoy scenic views of moored boats and historical landmarks no matter where you start the journey. Unlike most spots on the list, the Thames Path is rather quiet, and you’ll find plenty of areas where it’s only you and your furry friend. 

Dog Walks in East London

Last but not least, I have listed the best spots for dog walking in east London. Unlike other areas, you won’t find as many alternatives, but I assure you these parks won’t disappoint you or your pup!

Greenwich Park

Dog Walks in London - Greenwich
  • Nearest Station: Cutty Sark (DLR)
  • On or off-leash: off-leash except in The Rose Garden

Greenwich Park needs no introduction. Home to the Royal Observatory, National Maritime Museum, and the Meridian Line, the park draws visitors from far and wide. Besides the historic buildings, you’ll also find vast grasslands and fragrant gardens that make up much of the park’s landscape. 

Dogs can roam around the park freely, and there are very few areas where owners should put them on a leash. If you’re up for a challenge, walk up the hill and enjoy some of the best views of London.

Victoria Park

Dog Walks in London - Victoria Park
  • Nearest Station: Bethnal Green or London Fields (overground)
  • On or off-leash: off-leash

London’s oldest public park, Victoria Park, is a delightful place to bring your pup. You and your dog can explore plenty of routes in Victoria Park. You can take a stroll down picturesque West Boating Lake while looking at people meandering in boats and pedalos. 

If you want to get your pup moving, you can go up North, where you’ll find plenty of open space for your dog to run or play with other dogs. There’s also a dog-friendly cafe nearby called Ozone if you’d like a cup of coffee and a bowl of water before returning home.

Have any questions about where to take your dog for a walk in London? Let me know in the comments, or join the conversation in my London Travel Tips Facebook community!

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