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5 Bone-ified Brilliant Dog Cafes in London

If there’s one thing that makes me sad about visiting London, it’s leaving my fur-babies at home while I’m gone. Admittedly I’m a cat person – so London’s cat cafes are my favorite – but I know that there are more dog people out there, and didn’t want you to feel left out from the fun.

Turns out, in addition to cat cafes, London is home to several dog-gone fantastic dog cafes. At these spots, you can snuggle up with four-legged friends who are used to visitors and are happy to receive all the treats and pets you’ve been saving up while away from home visiting London.

Dog Cafes in London Hero

If the idea of visiting one of these dog cafes in London sounds perfect for your itinerary, read on. I’ve shared the five dog cafes you can find around London as well as where they are in the city and what unique experience you’ll have and never fur-get.

Cuppapug (Haggerston)

Dog Cafes in London - Pug

A dog cafe that stays true to its name, the Cuppapug is the ultimate place to grab a cup of joe and a serving of pug snuggles. With a few resident pugs that peruse the premises, you’ll quickly become acquainted with these snub-nosed beauties during your visit.

With an entry fee, this insta-worthy play palace for pugs supports The National Pug Protection Trust, which makes your puppy cafes in London experience a charitable outing. The cafe has limited space, with a maximum of 12 people at a time in the facility. So be sure to book beforehand to avoid disappointment.

Mr. and Mrs. Small (Marylebone)

While this doggy haven doesn’t have resident tail-wagging cuties to cuddle with, Mr. and Mrs. Small is the perfect place to take your paw-fect pet for various services. Your fur baby will feel like royalty, from a dedicated doggy daycare center to a pet grooming hub.

Visitors waiting for their dogs to finish a pampering pooch experience can sip and nibble through the cafe’s delicious menu. If you’re looking to lose a few puppy pounds after a filling lunch, a dog walk in London will be sure to do the trick.

Pawsitive Cafe (Notting Hill)

Dog Cafes in London - Dog & Coffee

With pastel palette decorations and a lively pet-loving atmosphere, Pawsitive Cafe is one of the best dog cafes in London if you seek a slice of solitude on a Sunday. This dog-friendly eatery dedicates its ethos to creating a safe space for pets and their human pals.

While visitors enjoy tasty treats from the cafe, tired pups can rest their heads in a designated cubby hole for dogs near you. The menu also offers a wide selection of bites for your hungry hound to eat.

Pop+Bark Events (Leadenhall)

If you feel like a unique experience from the ordinary puppy cafes in London, Pop+Bark is an excellent option with a variety of experiences to choose from. With dog breed-specific events, pet owners and pups can enjoy a joyous occasion with their own kind.

From dazzling dachshunds to charming corgi cafes, these events are the perfect opportunity to see a tapestry of colors and personalities, from pet owners to specific dog breeds. If you’re looking for a foamy surprise for your pawed companion, you can be on the lookout for the iconic “puppucino” bar, which is frequently featured in these events.

Verve London (Notting Hill)

Dog Cafes in London - Dog Cupcakes

A one-stop spot for all your pet needs, Verve London, is the ultimate dog cafe in London if you’re looking for a doggy haven. Whether it’s dental services or a dog daycare space, this pet boutique has it all.

A fancy find for dog owners and pets alike, you’ll be able to experience an opulent visit with items such as finely crafted cocktails to caviar.

All of these dog cafes are more about connecting with furry friends during your London trip; if you’re looking for pet-friendly accommodation after an afternoon of dog cafe hopping, I’ve got you covered! Here are a few pet-friendly Airbnbs to ensure a lovely getaway with your furry loved one.

Have any questions about these paw-sitively great dog cafes in London? Let me know in the comments below!

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Valerie fell in love with London on her first trip to the city way back in 2011. Since then, she spent a year living in London and visits as often as she can. Join her to explore my favorite city on earth and learn everything you need to discover the best London has to offer!

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