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9 Delightful Spots for Daffodils in London (2024)

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Spring has sprung… or it nearly has! If you’re reading this, you’re probably in the earliest days of spring, and wondering about all the wonderful blossoms and blooms you can see around London. Because whether you’re aware or not, London is actually considered a forest, according to the U.N. definition (fact!). That means there are tons of green spaces all over town – or they’re at least green in the spring and summer anyway.

In many of these places, you’ll find daffodils in London – one of the first bulbs to bloom every March. Daffodils are one of London’s best spring flowers, and you can find them all over the city. Personally, I feel like they wandered right out of Alice in Wonderland and always make me smile – especially after a gloomy London winter.

Daffodils in London Hero

Spring is my favorite season in London because, after a long grey and oft-rainy winter, the city transforms into a rainbow; in addition to daffodils in London that debut first, you can also see tulips, cherry blossoms, magnolias, wisteria, and many more flowers and plants in bloom.

In this post, you’ll learn some of the best places to see daffodils in London. Whether you’re seeking these spots for a photo shoot or just want to admire the signs of summer on its way, this list will give you all the spots worth seeking as spring arrives in London.

This post was originally published in January 2022 and was updated in January 2024 for the spring season.

Where to Find Daffodils Across London

Before jumping into the list though, I wanted to share a map so you could get a sense of just how many spots there are – and this certainly isn’t an exhaustive list.

Daffodils in London Map
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Unlike my posts about where to see magnolias and cherry blossoms in London – which were quite extensive – there are fewer spots for daffodils in London. That’s partly because of the types of flowers you’re seeing; cherries and magnolias are trees – so they’re planted all over London, especially in West London. Daffodils, on the other hand, require more structure and are usually found in flower beds of specific locales.

Okay, let’s dive into the list – get your camera ready, as these places will be in bloom before you know it!

Bunhill Fields Burial Ground

Tulips & Daffodils in London - Bunhill Fields Burial Ground Bex Walton
Photo Credit Bex Walton via Flickr

Located in Islington, Bunhill Fields is a Nonconformist historic burial ground dating to 1660. Inside, you can find the graves of intellectuals and clergymen like John Bunyan, Isaac Watts, Daniel Defoe, and William Blake.

The cemetery is a lovely oasis in the middle of the city, with over 130 trees planted in the graveyard. It’s also home to numerous spring flowers in London. During the spring, crocuses adorn the trees on the north lawn, while snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils, and hyacinths flood the grass surrounding the graves. 

Golders Hill Park

Tulips & Daffodils in London Golders Park Laura Nolte
Photo Credit Laura Nolte via Flickr

Golders Hill Park is definitely one for the senses. Located in North London, the park is an excellent place to visit if you love pretty flowers. The flower spectacle starts in February with crocuses. Come April, the real stars of the show appear. The park’s ornamental gardens house flower beds that become a riot of color, with daffodils, tulips, and other bulb flowers too.

Green Park

Green Park is an exception to the rule when it comes to royal parks and their fabulous gardens. It is the only royal park in London without flower beds. Rumor has it that King Charles II’s wife, Catherine, ordered to remove all flower beds from the park when she caught her husband picking flowers for his mistress. While it still doesn’t have formal gardens, Green Park is famous for being home to the most beautiful in London. Around one million gold, yellow, and cream daffodils blossom during spring. 

Holland Park

Tulips & Daffodils in London Holland Park Adrian Scottow
Photo Cred Adrian Scottow via Flickr

If you’ve been to London, you’ll know Holland Park’s real stars are the tulips. But, luckily for flower enthusiasts, the park offers a huge variety of lovely flowers across its landscape. While not many, you can also find a few daffodils spread across the park’s magnificent lawns, but you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled to find them!

Kensington Gardens 

With its never-ending beauty, nature, and history, the Kensington Gardens are probably one of the most beautiful spots in London. The lovely royal park rewards visitors with some of the most gorgeous daffodils in London.

Every year, lines of yellow daffodils bloom in all their glory, signaling spring is already in town. You can see loads of them near The Orangery and at The Sunken Garden, where rows of yellow daffodils and bright pink flowers bring a burst of color to the area. 

Kew Gardens

Tulips & Daffodils in London - Kew Gardens

Unsurprisingly, Kew Gardens is a top spot to see pretty daffodils in London. Located in southwest London, Kew Garden is a botanical garden with 500 acres of woodland. Much of that land is teeming with spring blooms, including magnolias, cherry blossoms (it has its own ‘Cherry Walk’), daffodils, and crocuses. If you have time, don’t miss the chance to explore their botanical collections. You won’t regret it. 

Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park in Westminster is world-famous for housing the Queen Mary’s Garden, London’s largest rose garden, with a collection of over 12,000 roses. Besides the 85 varieties of roses, Regent’s Park has lovely fields of daffodil bulbs. March throughout April, you can see huge drifts of daffodils near Avenue Gardens. You can also see snowdrops and bluebells in Queen Mary’s Garden.

Peckham Rye Park

Situated in Southwark, Peckham Rye Park houses one of the prettiest gardens in London. The Sexby Garden, designed by and named after Colonel JJ Sexby, is famous for its wisteria pergola. You can also spot seasonal blooms here, with daffodils, tulips, and crocuses in early spring and roses in summer.

Take your time to explore the park’s other gardens, the ‘Oval’ just inside the main entrance, the Japanese Garden, the American Garden, the Community Wildlife Garden, and the ornamental pond gardens. 

St James’s Park

Tulips & Daffodils in London St James Park

Wandering through St James’s Park in March and April is like being immersed in a spring dream. St James’s Park gets most of the one million daffodils the Royal Parks plant across the gardens. Daffodils aren’t the only blaze of color you can enjoy in the park; crocuses are also emerging. Without a doubt, St James’s Park looks its best during spring.

As you can tell, there are plenty of delightful spots to enjoy seeing daffodils in London. My favorite spots are those ones you’ll discover when you’re just looking for them – from the small park near your accommodation to the walkway you pass to see one of London’s iconic sights. These spring bulbs bloom all over London and bring on the spring with a jolt of color.

Have any questions about where to see daffodils in London? Let me know in the comments below.

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    i haven’t heard that story about why Green Park doesn’t have flower beds before. I was told that there are no flowers in Green Park because it was used as a burial ground for plague victims and the lack of flowers is a mark of respect for their memory. I like your explanation better!
    You learn something new every day!

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