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The 11 Best Crystal Shops in London for Spiritual Souvenirs

They might not be for everyone, but for those of us who believe crystals have their own special vibration know that there are few souvenirs more meaningful than a specially chosen one from a memorable trip. I’ve brought home crystal souvenirs from places like Sedona and Mount Shasta, California, where the energies are known to be particularly powerful… but London is also a special place for me – and it might be for you too.

Maybe you’ve become inspired to bring home a crystal from London as a souvenir, too. In that case you might want to know about your options – what are the best crystal shops in London, where you can find great options for whatever spiritual souvenir you seek?

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Before jumping into my list of the best crystal shops in London, I thought it might be helpful to start with a few crystal suggestions in case you’re not sure what to pick:

  • If you want to bring home a crystal native to the U.K., that could include cairngorm, amethyst, garnet, tourmaline, agate, and jet.
  • If you’re looking to channel some adventurousness on your trip, crystals like golden aura quartz, golden healer Lemurian, malachite, or sunstone are all tied to that kind of energy.
  • If you want a crystal that’s tied to helping you keep stronger memories from your trip, look for clear or rose quartz, lapis, or black tourmaline.

You can always ask the proprietor at whatever London crystal shop you choose to visit, too! They’re experts in the crystals they sell and what they might be used for in bringing certain energies into your life. Ready to learn more about those crystal shops in London and choose one to visit on your trip?

Buddha on a Bicycle 

A spiritual sanctuary made to pick up a shiny object or two, Buddha on a Bicycle is a beautiful gift shop filled with fair trade objects, located in Covent Garden. 

Beyond the colossal range of crystals and Buddha statues, patrons of this hippie haven are sure to enjoy the ever-changing range of therapeutic and wellness-focused classes. This establishment is also a studio-for-hire space that allows a variety of holistic practitioners to join for a specific time period.

From the mystical ways of tarot card readers to serene meditation experts, you’ll have a tapestry of classes, workshops, and healing sessions to choose from.

Camden Crystals

Crystal Shops in London - Lavender Crystals

With its location in Camden Market, one of the best London markets, this crystal shop is a treasure to explore for sparkly and alternative healing gems. The shop is a family-owned business that prides itself on its customer service and hand-picked crystals and minerals.

Whether you’re looking for fossils or quality quartz formations, this top crystal shop in London will shine bright through its quirky finds. If you’re searching for specific stones for natural remedies for ailments, be sure to check their Camden Crystals website for guidance.

Crystal Forest 

Crystal Shops in London - Variety of Crystals

A small store in Spitalfields, Crystal Forest is a quaint alcove made to discover and find a newfound appreciation for the potential powerful prowess of crystal healing. With an extensive crystal collection and a dedicated group of alternative practitioners on the premises, you’ll experience an incredible array of spiritual guidance tools here.

While crystals might be their forte, this harmonic hideout has additional services to help your journey through life’s ups and downs, including energy healing and rune readings. If you’re looking for a weekend activity with a touch of holistic charm, you can find Crystal Forest practitioners at selected Tea Rooms in London.

Dalston Crystals

A tiny spot in North London to acquire ethically-sourced geological materials, Dalston Crystals has a wide variety of fairy-esque items to browse. This gift shop stocks everything you’ll need to up your crystal game, from fluorite pendants to citrine clusters.

The business also hosts events throughout the year for patrons to enjoy, which can be viewed on its Facebook page. While this store might be small in size compared to other Crystal shops in London, the establishment’s extensive inventory of pretty and polished gems will have you sold.

Energy To Seek 

Crystal Shops in London - Bracelets

A shop easily identifiable by its neon green exterior, Energy to Seek is a wonderful and vibrant jewelry store to enjoy the sparkly pleasures of life. A store packed with all kinds of naturally formed hardened minerals, you’ll need to carve out adequate time in your day to peruse through it all.

If you’re looking for other jewelry items, this establishment has a selection of wearable art to add to your accessories alcove. This includes materials such as pearls and even bone jewelry available for purchase.

I Got That Crystal Healing

Crystal Shops in London - Crystal Necklace

With an ethos centered around providing vegan and ethically-sourced products, I Got That Crystal Healing is the perfect place to shop and support conscious consumer habits. From aromatherapy products to handcrafted soy candles, you can buy a selection of items with presumed healing properties embedded in their seams.

If you’re a crystal-collecting novice, this establishment is the ultimate pick within the bounds of London crystal shops to help you get started. With a range of affordable crystals to pricier unique quartz pieces, you’ll have the opportunity to find a crystal-charged item that genuinely speaks to you.

London Fossils and Crystals

A business with a charming navy-painted exterior, London Fossils and Crystals is an excellent pick for patrons seeking an impressive crystal inventory to explore. This gem in the London crystal shops list is owned by a husband and wife that ensures a sacred space valuing the wonders of what nature can offer.

While crystal hunting might be your primary objective, the shop’s extensive stock of fossil formations can potentially transform you into a true geo lover. This store is a true Indiana Jones exploring experience, from reptile relics to ancient teeth from-long lost animals.


Crystal Shops in London - Hands holding crystals

From future telling appointments to baskets of crystals, all with a purple exterior, Mysteries London is an excellent spot to get lost in the intricacies of the unknown. This New Age store in the coveted Covent Garden has a fantastic repertoire of metaphysical items with a beautiful selection of crystals and rock formations.

With its psychic reading services located on the second floor, a visit to this quirky space is a top choice for patrons looking for answers. . I know it’s easy to get swept up in your fortunes, but don’t forget the crystal objects for spiritual healing.

Mystic Gates

Crystal Shops in London - Crystals and jewelry

While Mystic Gates is known for its crystal jewelry, this self-acclaimed “mineral kingdom” is a premium option for visitors looking to learn about the properties of these natural formations. With visual stimulation displays fit for a museum, you can purchase hand-picked and activated crystals at this establishment.

Whether you’re shopping for a holistic healing gift or a polished piece for yourself, you’ll be sure to find something that catches your eye in this chakra-strengthening space.


A spiritual gift shop that is sure to stimulate your third eye, Quena in London is a hidden gem in Camden Lock Market. It describes its range of stock as an “Aladdins Cave,” and they’re not far off the mark. This establishment is decorated with a bohemian aesthetic, with crafts and mineral products for sale from around the globe.

If you’re looking for unique crystals delivered straight to your doorstep, you can also shop and browse online on the Quena website.


Crystal Shops in London - Crystals in a bowl

A carefully crafted and curated collection of crystals in its midst, Soulstice is a wonderland for customers looking for geological marvels that’ll fit right into their homes. From pink amethyst stars to blue agate diffusers, this store is a wonderful place to purchase household statement pieces to liven up any room.

The Soulstice website also has a crystal collection available to buy for intentional purposes; this includes factors such as stress and cleansing.

The Astrology Shop 

Crystal Shops in London - Cards and Crystals

With a gorgeous clock face depicting the various zodiac star signs and symbols in its window, The Astrology Shop is a must for all horoscopes and metaphysical lovers. 

This star-sign-studded store has a treasure trove of cosmic items to buy, from whimsical wind chimes to personalized birth charts. As the store’s exterior resembles a magical facade like in Harry Potter world, you’ll be able to capture an insta-worthy picture that will surely make any muggle swoon with envy. 

The Hare And The Moon

This is a darling storefront that is sure to make any customer feel at home. The Hare And The Moon is an adorable place to shop for spiritual and holistic items. While this store offers a stunning selection of crystals, they truly shine by including a range of amenities to offer its patrons a healing experience.

From the meditation room to a variety of divination workshops, this spiritually conscious business has something for every kind of inner peace seeker.

Note: Every month, The Hare And The Moon host a full moon meditation circle. It aims to bring spiritual guidance and reflection centered around the specific full moon energy present.

Urban Buddha

Crystal Shops in London - Crystal Spires

With a periwinkle blue facade and an array of items specifically curated to enhance peace and well-being in individuals, the Urban Buddha is the place to be. 

There’s no need to be a practicing Buddhist to enjoy the serene splendors of this store in Fulham. It has shelves, baskets, and tables of crystals for customers to enjoy.

Apart from the crystalized mineral items on display, you’ll find singing bowls and the aromatic pleasures of incense on the premises available for purchase too.


A rocking rock shop ready to be your next favorite geologically-centered store, Venusrox London is a luxury store offering premium crystals, quartz, and minerals. With store stock often being of museum-grade quality, this establishment is an essential stop for crystal connoisseurs of all calibers.

Boasting a stunning showroom to present its fine inventory in style, shopping at Venusrox is more for patrons looking to purchase investment pieces. 

Other Crystal Shops in London

Crystal Shops in London - Crystals on a Geode

In case that’s not enough, there are even more crystal shops in London that you might want to check out:

  • AK Vibes – You’ll enjoy walking through this crystal shop in East Ham. You can find guidance on the right crystal fit for you by consulting its dedicated advisors.
  • Bella Mira Home – From polished crystals to curated cloth bags for your specific zodiac sign, this metaphysical store will have you feeling like a kid in a candy store.
  • Charlie’s Rock Shop – With a history dating back to 1989, this crystal shop is a must if you’re looking for reasonable prices and a wide selection of rocky products.
  • GreenLightLondon – A mix of a well-being-centered establishment and a charity shop, this holistic hotspot is great for customers looking for hand-picked crystals.
  • Mystic Mills Crystals – A store run by a Reiki practitioner, this establishment is a fantastic place for visitors looking to explore the powers of alternative therapies.
  • Spiritual Wellbeing – Whether you’re looking for raw crystals or zodiac stones, this oasis for enhancing the art of being is a great place to pick up some gleaming minerals.

Honestly, whatever crystals you’re hoping to buy during your London trip, I’m sure there’s a crystal shop in London that sells what you need. Have any questions about these crystal shops in London or which crystals to bring home as a souvenir? Let me know in the comments!

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Valerie fell in love with London on her first trip to the city way back in 2011. Since then, she spent a year living in London and visits as often as she can (you can find her recent trip recaps here!). She launched LOMM in 2021 to help other travelers fall in love with her favorite city on earth.


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