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The 9 Best Cafes & Coffee Shops in London Bridge

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London may not be called the “city that never sleeps” but there are certainly more than enough things to do to keep you up for days if you want to pack a lot in during your trip. But if you do spend a few late nights out, you might be dragging the next day. Luckily, London is home to some great cafes and coffee shops, too.

As part of my series exploring the London Bridge area, I wanted to put together those spots where you can get a good caffeine fix. Below you’ll find a list of the best cafes and coffee shops in London Bridge, ranked to help you choose.

Whether you’re craving a flat white, Cappuccino, or Americano – or just a simple drip – these are the spots to go.

Coffee Shops/Cafes in London Bridge, Ranked

Best Coffee Shops in London Bridge Hero

Rather than rank these cafes and coffee shops in the London Bridge area based on my own opinion, I’ve designed my own formula that takes into account three factors:

  • public rating scores
  • the restaurant’s popularity (total reviews)
  • the restaurant’s popularity compared to others (% of total reviews)

In the end, each restaurant receives a score out of 5 – but a restaurant can score higher than five based on how popular it is. I break ties using the total number of reviews. In general, the higher the score, the better! Here is my ranked list of the best cafes and best coffee shops near London Bridge:

1Monmouth Coffee Company5.1
2The Colombian Coffee Company5.0
3Flow Coffee (Borough)4.9
4The Steaming Pitcher4.9
5Chapter 724.7
6Petit Bleu4.7
7Crol and Co London Bridge4.7
8The Gentlemen Baristas London Bridge4.6
9Science Gallery Café4.5

Ready to read about each of these and why they ranked in the order they did?

1. Monmouth Coffee Company

Photo courtesy of Monmouth Coffee Company

Founded in 1978, Monmouth Coffee Company is a premium coffee roaster, retailer, and wholesaler in London. Monmouth is one of the best cafes near London Bridge, situated just a five-minute walk away. Its location beside the popular Borough Market makes it a can’t-miss — but be warned, the queues are quite lengthy. 

This no-frills coffee shop is known for its unique and tasty coffee that’s sourced from small farms and estates across the world. These small-batch coffee beans are packed with richness and flavor, and Monmouth turns them into the perfect brew just for you. 

Next time you visit the Borough Market or stay at one of the hotels near London Bridge, you know where to grab a tasty cup of coffee to keep you warm.

2. The Colombian Coffee Company

Photo courtesy of The Colombian Coffee Company

The Colombian Coffee Company is a team of coffee artisans who love sharing the art of Colombian coffee-making and drinking. It is one of the best coffee shops near London Bridge, bringing an authentic coffee roasting, brewing, and drinking experience from South America.

The cafe focuses on sourcing single-origin coffee beans, brewing them naturally (without an espresso machine), and then serving them with sweetened panela. The Colombian Coffee Company also has eco-conscious ways of sourcing ingredients for lattes, cappuccinos, and cold brews, so you can drink consciously.

3. Flow Coffee (Borough)

Photo courtesy of Bex Walton via Flickr

Flow Coffee is an excellent spot to satisfy a caffeine craving at one of the best cafes near London Bridge. The coffee shop has an excellent range of brews — the flat white is a local favorite. The staff is also super friendly, making it a pleasurable experience all around.

The coffee shop also serves a handful of fresh pastries and rolls. The only drawback is that Flow Coffee doesn’t have a lot of seats, so you’ll probably have to take your food and coffee to go. 

4. The Steaming Pitcher

Photo courtesy of The Steaming Pitcher

The Steaming Pitcher is a charming coffee shop at The Hop Exchange – a restored Victorian building hosting exhibitions and events. It’s just a minute from the Borough Market and offers a cozy atmosphere, as it has limited chairs for seating. 

If you’re looking for a tasty range of specialty coffee, toasties on sourdough, and sweet cakes, the Steaming Pitcher is sure to be one of the best cafes near London Bridge for you.

5. Chapter 72

Best Coffee Shops - Chapter 72 Exterior

Photo courtesy of Bex Walton via Flickr

Crowned the best local coffee shop award in 2018, Chapter 72 is well-known for its impressive and innovative array of craft caffeinated drinks and cocktails. The quaint cafe sits in the heart of Bermondsey Street – one of London’s trendiest areas. 

The owners of Chapter 72, Rod and Ellie, are a husband and wife duo passionate about creating a fun atmosphere with delicious specialty coffee and cocktails. The cafe hosts espresso martini master classes where you can learn the history of the espresso martini – and how to make one.

Tip: If it’s your first trip to London, I’d recommend you try Chapter 72’s “Jamaican Me Crazy” coffee cocktail – it combines coffee, passion fruits, and mangos. It’s worth a try!

6. Petit Bleu

Petit Bleu is one of the best coffee shops near London Bridge, with warm, cozy interiors and comfortable seating that make you feel at home. The cafe’s enclosed outdoor garden adds greenery and vibrant flowers to this homely appeal. So Petit Bleu is a fantastic place to enjoy a lovely lunch and energy-inducing coffee.

This cute coffee shop serves a delicious menu with sandwiches, wraps, salads, and hot meals like lasagna, chicken fajita, and bolognese. 

7. Crol and Co London Bridge

Best Coffee Shops - Crol and Co Exterior

Photo courtesy of Duncan cumming via Flickr

Crol and Co is a fabulous coffee shop in London that boasts itself as serving the best coffee, pastries, and cakes. Its chic street-side cafe facade makes it a great place to enjoy lunch while people-watching. 

Crol and Co have a couple of locations in London. The one on Newcomen Street is about an eight-minute walk from London Bridge. The second location is on 77 Dunton Road in Bermondsey.

8. The Gentlemen Baristas London Bridge

Best Coffee Shops - The Gentlemen Baristas Exterior

Photo courtesy of The Gentlemen Baristas

Another great coffee shop just a skip from Borough Market is the classy Gentlemen Baristas. This cafe boasts a traditional emerald-green facade that welcomes your arrival, and its friendly staff and great breakfast specials will convince you to stay in a heartbeat.

Inside, you’ll also find an extensive range of caffeinated beverages named after bowler hats, top hats, and more. Just know that the Gentlemen Baristas near London Bridge is tiny, so you may only be able to get a takeaway.

9. Science Gallery Café

Best Coffee Shops - Science Gallery Exterior

Photo courtesy of Science Gallery Café

Located six minutes from London Bridge and opposite The Shard, Science Gallery Café is a lovely coffee shop in King’s College London Guy’s Campus. The cafe boasts views of a Georgian courtyard and an open-kitchen concept, serving shared plates, sandwiches, and great coffee.

The cafe is a great spot to work on your PC, as there are large desks with charging stations. Answer emails, read notes, or correspond on projects with colleagues or college mates while enjoying a fresh brew of coffee with pastries, bread, and cakes.

While all of these cafes and coffee shops near London Bridge are great, I think the order of these ones shows off the best right at the top. Have any questions about the best coffee shops or cafes near London Bridge, or do you have a favorite to recommend? Let me know in the comments below.

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