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14 Delicious Cocktail Classes in London to Mix Up Some Fun

Love drinking? Love learning new things? How about mixing the two together – pun intended – in a mixology class! London is known for having incredible cocktail bars, and some of them have begun to open up for intrepid cocktail fans to try their hand at making a few of the house specialties – or at least standard cocktails – themselves.

If this sounds like fun to you, then you need to sign up for at least one of the many cocktail classes in London during your visit. There are schools specifically dedicated to these classes, and well-reputed cocktail bars that hold special events for classes.

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No matter which you choose, you’ll have a unique memory from your time in London – assuming you don’t drink too many of the cocktails you mix, that is!

Below I’ve pulled together a baker’s dozen of the best cocktail classes in London, available in 2023. I recommend choosing one that sounds interesting and then checking availability for your specific London trip dates. If that one doesn’t work, you’ll still have plenty of backup options available in the rest of this list. Cheers!

This post was originally published in April 2022, and was updated most recently in April 2023

The London Cocktail Club Masterclass

Londoners who have frequented The London Cocktail Club know that their cocktails are phenomenal in both taste and presentation. The underground bar offers numerous packages, including a masterclass, for drinkers who want to learn what happens behind the scenes of their favorite cocktails. 

The masterclass starts with a tasty welcome drink to get you in the cocktail mood. Then, a top-notch bartender will share all the tips and tricks you need to concoct the perfect cocktail.  Finally, it’s time to get down to business. You’ll put all the knowledge to mix, muddle, and shake three cocktails, which, of course, you get to enjoy later. 

Bevis Marks Masterclass from The Alchemist

Bevis Marks Masterclass is one of the most amazing cocktail classes in London for an introduction to molecular mixology. The masterclass is taught by mixologists from their Bevis Marks team covering all the steps you must follow to create a flavorful, texturally complex, and balanced cocktail. 

The class lasts approximately 60-90 minutes and focuses on learning how to make some of the Alchemist favorites drinks. You can choose between two packages. Package one includes a color-changing cocktail upon arrival and a step-by-step cocktail-making class. Package two is the same but includes exquisite nibbles and shared platters. 

Bootlegger Breakout at Cahoots

Making cocktails and solving puzzles may not seem like a wise combination. Until you try Cahoots’s cocktail-making class in London. The bar offers “Bootlegger Breakout,” an immersive experience that blends escape room-style puzzles and cocktail-making. 

The concept is fantastic: you’re a new worker at a speakeasy bar in the 1940s and have to learn the tricks of the trade. You’ll discover allies, uncover recipes, and unlock the ingredients needed to get the production line up and running. Don’t worry; this all happens before you get to make and drink the cocktails. The guided cocktail masterclass includes concocting two cocktails from the range they sell within their bar. 

Cocktail Classes at GOAT

GOAT provides both virtual and in-person cocktail classes in London.  Classes take up to one and a half hours, and you can choose the theme alcohol-wise – which means selecting a spirit you fancy and learning to make recipes with it. 

With the At Home package, a professional bartender will come to your office, garden, or anywhere and teach you and your friends how to build fancy cocktails. This alternative allows up to thirty participants. 

If you can’t get a whole group in the same room, you can choose the Virtual masterclass. You will need to source the ingredients and equipment, or you can order a GOAT BOX with the ingredients. The virtual class allows up to 6 households (4 participants per household).

Cocktail Making Classes at TT Liquor

Travelers staying in Hackney are a stone’s throw from one of the best cocktail masterclasses in London. TT Liquor is a casual venue combining a street-level liquor store and an underground bar with cocktail-making classes. Run by the in-house mixologists, their classes dive deeply into the art of cocktail making – you will definitely take some interesting hints and tips away with you. The class focuses on crafting a selection of five seasonal cocktails. 

Aside from the class, the layout of the venue is astounding. The room features numerous custom-built cocktail bars fully stocked with all the ingredients and equipment. It gives a realistic feel to the whole experience. Another great advantage of booking a class with TT Liquor is that there are non-alcoholic options for each cocktail if non-drinkers wish to attend the class. 

Cocktail Masterclass at All Bar One

All Bar One is all over London, so you know they know how to make cocktails to keep up with the crowds. Take your mixology skills to the next level in All Bar One’s cocktail masterclasses. The bar has two packages for anyone interested in making delicious concoctions: the Cocktail Masterclass, starting from £30, and the Cocktail Masterclass & Bellinis, at £35 per person. 

In the Cocktail Masterclass, you choose your favorite three drinks from the bar’s selection and learn all the mix, muddle and mash it takes to make them. Then, keep the party going all night by enjoying a selection of the bar’s freshly-made canapés. In the Cocktail Masterclass & Bellinis, you also make three cocktails each, plus your choice of Bellini on arrival (white peach, mango, strawberry, or raspberry).

Cocktail Masterclass by Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini is one of London’s go-to venues for fine drinks. The mixologist behind the bar’s heavenly cocktails know a thing or two about cocktail making and are sharing all their secrets. The cocktail-making package welcomes guests with a Bellini cocktail on arrival. Then, get hands-on behind the bar with your bartender and make (and drink) two fabulous cocktails. 

Martini lovers can sign up for the Espresso Martini Masterclass. Of course, you’ll enjoy a  Classic Espresso Martini on arrival to inspire yourself, and then make your own Mocha and Salted Caramel Espresso Martinis. You’ll leave knowing how to shake and strain like a pro no matter what you choose. 

Cocktail Masterclasses at Opium

Opium is famous among Londoners for its scrumptious Dim Sum, but the bar’s talents go well beyond Chinese delicacies. Their cocktails are heaven in a glass. Their concoctions are quite unusual, including mixings and Eastern flavors such as goji berry, osmanthus, yuzu pearls, genmaicha, and persimmon. 

The bar hosts weekly masterclasses for daring drinkers who want to take a few steps into the art of cocktail making. The Classic Cocktail Masterclass takes you on a journey through the history of bartending, spirits, and cocktails. It includes a few opportunities to make some cocktails.

Their Cocktail and Dim Sum Masterclass is a jam-packed 1.5-hour session on the history of bartending, spirits, and cocktails. You and your guests will also make and shake some cocktails with the bartenders throughout the session. Bonus: You will also receive some Dim Sum platters – my favorite! 

Cocktail Masterclass from Revolution Bars

Cocktail classes in London - Revolution - bars
Photo Courtesy of Revolution

Take a train to Flavor Town with Revolution Bars’ cocktail classes in London. Their 90-minute cocktail experience welcomes you with a drink to warm you up. Then, a well-versed expert teaches you the main techniques, from muddling and mixing to shaking and stirring to crafting dazzling concoctions. 

You’ll also learn to master the basics, like the Mojito and the Cosmopolitan. Not everything is about theory. The sessions also throw in fun games, flavor shots, and free giveaways to make the experience more engaging and interactive. 

Cocktail Masterclass at Cattivo Bar

Famous for their Bottomless Brunch, Cattivo bar also offers a Cocktail Masterclass. You’ll warm up with a Prosecco as the bartender walks you through the fundamentals of making cocktails. Put your new knowledge to the test and craft some heavenly concoctions of your own, using Cattivo’s fresh ingredients, quality liquor, and fun garnishes. 

They also provide gorgeous glassware that will make those cocktails even more Instagrammable. Then, spice things up with a cocktail competition to see who makes the best cocktail of the day. Finally, enjoy a glass of their homemade Limoncello.

Gin Masterclass at Serata Hall

Gin lovers will have found heaven on earth at Serata Hall. The trendy bar in Brighton offers unbeatable masterclasses surrounding Britain’s favorite spirit. The Gin Blending Masterclasses takes you through the history and flavors, followed by a tasting of different tonics and botanicals you’ll use to craft your own small batch of gin to take home. 

They also offer Gin Tasting Flights, where you sample five of their handmade small-batch gins. The bartender will also give you a tasting sheet to make notes on each. After tasting the gins, your bartender will give you tonics and ice so you can taste each gin served as a gin & tonic.

Spirit Masterclasses at Harvey Nichols

Cocktail Classes in London - Harvey Nichols copy
Photo Courtesy of Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols hosts a decadent cocktail master class that extends throughout the morning every Saturday and Sunday. The experience starts with an exquisite breakfast of pastries, fruit salad, cucumber sandwich, Greek yogurt with honey granola, smoked salmon, and cream cheese on a dill bagel. Right next to your plate to get you in the mood. 

Around 10 am (getting started early!), an expert will use three cocktails as models to explain all the how-tos of mixing drinks. With all this theory, you’ll be ready to craft your own tasty concoctions and, of course, taste them. It doesn’t end here. Find your table and enjoy a  well-earned lunch paired with a glass of wine.

Molecular Cocktail Making at ABQ

Cocktail making classes in london - ABQ London
Photo Courtesy of ABQ London

ABQ has masterfully represented the words “molecular” and “speakeasy” in their Molecular Cocktail Making class. Forget about conventional bars in fancy venues. ABQ’s masterclass takes place in an RV – yes, just like the one from Breaking Bad.

The experience feels authentic as you get a hazmat suit (those yellow plasticky jumpsuits Walter wears), laboratory glassware, and gas masks. The class lasts almost two hours, and you get to “cook” two molecular cocktails but enjoy three (there’s a welcome drink!)

Cocktail Masterclass at Basement Sate

Basement Sate is an absolute gem of a cocktail bar in Soho. Think speakeasy vibes and gorgeous cocktails in a basement with low-lit settings. Luckily, you can learn (or at least try) in their two-hour Cocktail Masterclass how to make the delicious cocktails they offer on their menu.  The class is guided by a magnificent bartender with an encyclopedic knowledge about all things cocktails and who’ll teach you a few tricks of the trade. 

Which one of these London cocktail classes tickles your fancy? I’m personally partial to the Masterclass at Opium and the molecular mayhem of ABQ (since it has a fun angle and I always love themed bars!). Have any questions about these cocktail classes in London? Let me know in the comments, or join my London Travel Tips Facebook community!

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