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13 Child-Friendly Pubs in London for a Family Cheers

There’s nothing quite like arriving in London, heading straight to the pub, and enjoying that first sip of a pint in the quintessential British drinking establishment… But what do you do if you have kids? Does becoming a parent mean the end of all fun adult beverage enjoyment in London? Of course not!

First of all, there are – of course – lots of great places to drink in London, from rooftop bars to cocktail classes. Second, there are some great child-friendly pubs in London where you can enjoy a pint while your underage family members enjoy playtime or a menu catered to their specific tastes and age-appropriate drinking options.

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Below you’ll find a list of some of the best family-friendly pubs in London that are also great for adults. The last thing I want to recommend is a place that’s kid-friendly but anti-adult, so don’t worry about that here – each place I include on this list has fantastic food, pours a perfect pint, and makes an enjoyable experience for the whole family. Everyone, raise a glass – or sippy cup – and cheers!

1. The Abbeville (Clapham)

Photos courtesy of The Abbeville (both) and Johnny Stephens Photography (R)

Located in Clapham, The Abbeville is one of the best child-friendly pubs in London. The pub has conditioned the space to ensure adults and their little ones have a wonderful time. It features high chairs, baby changing facilities, coloring books, and crayons. There’s also a creative kids’ menu, with healthy and delicious food in child-size portions. 

The Abbeville is also dog-friendly and provides doggie biscuits and water for furry friends.

As a heads up, the pub welcomes children until 8pm. 

2. The Anglers (Teddington)

Photos courtesy of The Angler

The Anglers is famous for being one of London’s best riverside pubs, thanks to its privileged location by the Thames. It also happens to be one of the top child-friendly London pubs. 

When it comes to making kids feel at home, this pub garden features an excellent play area, baby changing facilities, board games, and a child-friendly menu. As for the adults, it offers a large selection of drinks and beverages, plus a delicious menu with varied culinary options. The only downside to this pub is that, due to its popularity, it can get crowded and loud fast with rowdy kids. So it may not be the best choice if you’re coming with a baby.

3. The Bolingbroke (Battersea)

Photos courtesy of Ben Carpenter and The Boling Broke

The Bolingbroke in Battersea is one of the kid-friendly pubs in London you should try on your next visit. Everything, from the food to the entertainment offered, is tailored to suit the needs of little ones. 

Their gastronomic offering includes a special children’s menu, featuring larger and smaller plates, depending on your child’s appetite. To ensure you can enjoy a pleasant talk, the pub provides toys and coloring crayons to keep children entertained. They even have fresh cupcakes for them to decorate with chocolate buttons and marshmallows. 

Keep in mind that The Bolingbroke welcomes families with children until 8 pm.

4. Drayton Court (Ealing)

Photos courtesy of Drayton Court

One of Ealing’s oldest pubs, Drayton Court welcomes every member of the family: parents, children, and four-legged friends. 

The pub features a large garden and playground outdoors to entertain younger visitors. It also offers a children’s menu, with a large selection of main and side dishes. The adult’s menu includes a collection of sharer plates, so you may want to check them out too if your little one doesn’t have enough appetite for a whole dish. 

5. The Duke of Kent (Ealing)

Photos courtesy of The Duke of Kent

As child-friendly London pubs go, The Duke of Kent has increased in popularity in recent years. Its biggest is the large green area outside, where children can run around and make new friends. The pub also has a kids’ play area. 

Gastronomically, it provides a dedicated kids menu and a mouth-watering menu for adults. The only downside is that one, it gets packed and noisy quickly; two, the prices are quite high (£6-7 for a poured pint).

6. The Eagle (Hammersmith)

Photos courtesy of The Eagle

Nestled in the heart of Hammersmith, The Eagle doesn’t have as many child-friendly facilities as other London pubs. Nonetheless, its laid-back atmosphere draws families from all over the city. 

So what makes this one of the top child-friendly pubs in London? Well, it has a huge beer garden with beanbags where kids can run around, and a kids’ menu that is affordable as it is delicious. Since the child-friendly attractions are mainly outdoors, The Eagle might be a perfect alternative for sunny summer days in London.

7. The Florence (Herne Hill)

Photo courtesy of The Florence via Facebook

Like many other family-friendly London pubs, The Florence features a giant beer garden with a children’s play area. The pub’s menu also includes child-friendly alternatives which children can indulge in after all that running. 

What I love about this pub is that it has contemplated activities for the rainy days (you’re in London, after all). It has a fun selection of activity sheets you can give your little one to complete while you chat with your friend. 

The Florence welcomes kiddos people until 7 pm. 

8. The Island (Kensal Rise)

Photos courtesy of The Island

Set in the quiet back streets of Kensal Rise, The Island is a go-to spot for local families; the pub is open for underage visitors until 8 pm. It has a large chalkboard with crayons where children can unleash their creative side and a lovely outdoor space for when it’s sunny outside. 

The children’s menu is presented on a separate sheet of paper and comes with fun activities so kids can complete them while choosing their meal. It also provides high chairs for toddlers

9. Mommi (Clapham)

Photos courtesy of MOMMI

Mommi is undeniably one of the best child-friendly pubs in London. Every Sunday, the pub offers the Kids Table. The service includes, besides a delicious and child-friendly menu, a team of supervisors who keep your little ones entertained with crafts and fun games. So, all you have to worry about is what cocktail you want to accompany your meal. 

This service is for dining guests only and is offered from 1 to 5 pm. Also, it is only available for children aged 3 to 10. (Your tweens and teens will need to order from the adult’s menu.)

10. People’s Park Tavern (Victoria Park)

Photos courtesy of People’s Park Tavern via Facebook

A gem of the East End, People’s Park Tavern is one of the top kid-friendly London pubs. The pub features one of the biggest beer gardens in the city. It has a mixture of open spaces, picnic tables, huts, and an outside bar. Parents like to highlight the soft astro-turf that covers the garden, and the resident kitty that is occasionally open to pets from gentle smaller hands.

The main downside of this pub is that, given its closeness to Victoria Park, snagging a table here can be hard. No matter the season and weather, the place is always packed with joggers, families, and locals who want to enjoy a pint.

11. The Rising Sun (Twickenham)

Photos courtesy of The Rising Sun

The Rising Sun has won the hearts of Twickenham families for its excellent children’s menu. While it offers the classic nuggets ‘n’ chips fare, the menu includes options for more discerning young palates, like chicken and avocado salad, macaroni cheese, cheeseburger, dough-balls, and Margherita pizza. 

The pub also boasts a sunny beer garden and a relaxed atmosphere. Keep in mind that, besides the beer garden, there aren’t really any other children-friendly facilities in this pub.

12. The Rosendale (Dulwich)

Photos courtesy of The Rosendale

No matter where you’re staying in the city, there are tons of family-friendly pubs in London. In the case of South London, it’s The Rosendale

This lovely pub is an excellent alternative for families with little ones. The pub has its own beer garden complete with a children’s play area. The fun doesn’t stop there. It has recently added a proper climbing frame with a slide and fireman’s pole for older kids to the play area. Their staff offers coloring-in books and crayons in case playing outside isn’t possible due to bad weather. It also provides highchairs and baby changing facilities.

13. York and Albany (Regent’s Park)

Photos courtesy of York and Albany

Most child-friendly London pubs advertise a beer garden or fun games as their main attraction for families. That’s not the case with York and Albany

Owned by the infamous British chef Ramsay Gordon, York and Albany has a fantastic “Kids eat free” policy. The pub states any children under 12 eat for free from the children’s menu when accompanied by a dining adult. Needless to say, every meal option from the kid’s menu is delicious. 

Know of any other great kid-friendly pubs in London that I should add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

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