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7 Perfectly Cozy Pod & Capsule Hotels in London

Looking for somewhere to stay in London that doesn’t break the bank or waste money on lots of space in a hotel room you won’t actually spend time in? Consider booking a stay at one of the pod or capsule hotels in London which you can find across the city!

It might help to clarify what I mean by a pod hotel or a capsule hotel, since there are lots of lists that just include hotels with small rooms – of which there are plenty in London (and many at really high prices!).

For this list, I’m specifically referring to accommodations that either have pods (i.e. sleeping pods, with absolutely minimal space beyond your sleeping area, and with all other amenities in a common area) or a very small bedroom – a capsule – usually with common bathrooms and other areas. This is a common type of accommodation in Japan, but you can also find hotels like this in London.

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While these obviously aren’t the kinds of accommodations you’ll be spending a lot of time in aside from sleeping, the one benefit is that you can often find them at a very reasonable price, especially when compared to the cost of many other hotels in London.

Ready to discover this unique type of London hotel and decide where to stay in London on a budget – both in money and space? Here’s my list of the best pod capsule hotels in London.

St. Christopher’s Inn (London Bridge)

St. Christopher’s Inn in London Bridge is the first place I suggest on this list; it has dormitories and pods with lockers for those who enjoy more privacy compared to other hostels…

Because I need to clarify a few things. First and foremost, this is a hostel – not a hotel–, so you are rating it in comparison to its counterparts (I have a list of the best hostels in London, too).

Second, it’s a party hostel. It’s great for socializing, the location is next to some of the liveliest bars, and it’s right on top of a bar that plays music past midnight. So bear in mind what kind of hostel experience you are looking for on your trip.

This said, St. Christopher’s Inn is a great place to spend the night, especially if you’re budget conscious, want to stay in a good pod hotel in London, and are up for a good time. 

From $93 per night; book on Hotels.com.

Yotel London (Multiple)

With two locations, Yotel London is one of the best capsule hotels in London for business or weekend trips – basically any trip where you won’t spend much time in your room.

Their first location – Yotel London City – is in the Farringdon area, the hotel has a good location to explore nearby attractions (St. Paul’s is very close) and you have great public transport access, including the Elizabeth line to Heathrow airport. Their other location is out in Shoreditch, taking full advantage of East London’s cultural and nightlife opportunities for all that time you won’t be spending in your room.

The rooms are tiny (and I mean tiny – this is definitely a capsule hotel) but spotless and comfortable. As a heads up, toilets have glass screens, which can be a bit awkward for some people when sharing. The hotel also has a nice bar area for evening drinks and offers a delicious breakfast with food choices for all tastes.

From $114/night; book the London City location on Booking.com or Hotels.com or book the Shoreditch location on Booking.com or Hotels.com.

YotelAir (Gatwick)

I love traveling, but, like anything else in life, it has its less romantic side. One of them? Overnight layovers or butt o’clock in the morning departure times. To help with that, the next two capsule hotels in London – located at two of London’s most popular airports.

YotelAir is your best option if your flight arrives at or departs from Gatwick. These little pods have everything you need whether it’s an overnight stay, a power nap between flights, or if you have an early flight, but they are very compact. The pods have no window and not much storage, but it’s literally right in Terminal South and a short walk to the terminal North shuttle, making it a great option if you just need to crash, rest, and then take to the skies.

From $117/night; book on Hotels.com.

Aerotel London (Heathrow)

If you’re in Heathrow, you’ll also have an option: Aerotel London will spare you from spending hours curled up in a chair next to your departure gate.

This pod hotel is incredible: like its Gatwick counterpart, rooms are compact, but they give you everything you’d need to have a nice shower, kick back, and enjoy some late-night TV before your flight. It also has a great location – right at the very end of terminal 3 just past the door that goes to the taxis.

Honestly, I’ve always wanted to stay at Aerotel and might try to spend a night here as part of my next trip since it’s such a good experience.

From $182/night; book on Hotels.com.

Snoozebox (Olympic Park)

The name says it all, Snoozebox is all about snoozing… in a box…

The hotel sits just across from the O2, so it’s very popular with travelers who’re catching a concert in this East London venue. It’s an old shipping container, but never judge a book by its cover. The pods are compact but well thought out and designed. They have comfy beds, air conditioning (hard to find in London), and a peaceful location. There’s a bar, too, but the music finishes at 11pm so you’ll be able to sleep well.

From $72/night; book on Booking.com or Hotels.com.

Pop & Rest (Old Street)

Some travelers spend months traveling, and London is one of many stops in their itinerary. As you can imagine, weeks of trains, flights, and tours start to take their toll even on the best of us. Pop & Rest in Old Street is here to the rescue.

This London capsule hotel is specially designed for short stays, whether that’s a quick snooze, a night stay before your flight, or an hour to talk to your therapist. Just for you to know, the pods are a bit more modest, meaning they’re not high-tech sleeping pods but rather functional cubicles separated by walls. Still, they’re perfect for a power nap before you continue exploring London. 

Pop & Rest is still under development, but should open in 2023 – I’ll update this post with pricing and booking info once that happens.

There you have it: the list of the best pod and capsule hotels in London that meet the true definition for these types of accommodations. Have any questions about your pod and capsule hotel options in London? Let me know in the comments below!

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Valerie fell in love with London on her first trip to the city way back in 2011. Since then, she spent a year living in London and visits as often as she can. Join her to explore my favorite city on earth and learn everything you need to discover the best London has to offer!

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