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The Top 10 Cafes & Coffee Shops in Angel, North London

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When it comes to deciding where to base yourself in London, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. One of the top questions people ask about visiting London is where to stay – and where you choose can make a big difference! A little off the beaten path, Angel is a great option as it’s well-connected by public transit (especially buses) and less crowded (and sometimes less expensive) than more central areas.

While I’ve already shared my suggestions for where to stay in Angel, I thought it might help to also add another point in this small, mostly-residential area’s favor: you can find some amazing cafes and coffee shops in Angel, where you can fuel up for a day of exploring the rest of the city.

Coffee Shops in Angel Hero

Whether you love specialty roasts, crispy croissants, or just need some basic java, this list can help. Below are 10 of the top coffee shops and cafes in Angel for you to choose from. Depending on the length of your stay and your caffeine needs, you might even try them all!

Candid Cafe

Candid Cafe is definitely one of the best cafes in Angel. Somewhat tucked away from the high street, it is the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The quaint and quirky interior features bold, velvet seating and charming rustic wooden tables. Visitors describe the food menu as typically British with a Mediterranean influence. There is also a large selection of hot and cold drinks available as well as homemade cakes. Candid Cafe is a great spot to meet with friends or to take some time out with a good book. 

Frequency Coffee

Photos courtesy of Frequency Coffee via Instagram

From the outside, Frequency Coffee is small and modest. In fact, you’d be forgiven for not even noticing it if you didn’t have inside information that it’s there!

However, when you walk through the door you enter a day-in-the-night coffee-fueled refuge that spans three stories! Unlike so many of the other coffee shops that turf you out at 3 pm, this place stays open until 8pm! It serves all your favorite brews, as well as some delectable pastries and light bites. As dusk sets in, the cocktail mixers appear, so you may decide to give your espresso a glow-up and order an espresso martini instead!

Dolce Coffee

Photos courtesy of Dolce Coffee

Another great option when considering the best coffee shops in Angel is Dolce Coffee. This modest place has chosen not to tussle with its cool neighbors to be the most hip or the most trendy, and many consider this to be its best attribute.

Dolce Coffee is all about serving honest, quality coffee and food with a smile, and at an affordable price. This cafe is renowned particularly for its loaded jacket potatoes and scrummy eggs benedict dishes.

Reviewer after reviewer raves about the excellent food and friendly service. 

Redemption Roasters

When you go for coffee or a bite to eat at Redemption Roasters in Angel you can choose between a seat in the handsome interior with its high ceilings and tall windows, or outside in the peaceful courtyard.

The menu here includes their specialty coffees, various traditional brunch dishes, and some sweet treats too. The overall consensus is that the food and the service at Redemption Roasters are decidedly mid, so not the best in the area, but pleasant enough – especially if the weather is nice and you fancy some comfortable outdoor seating. 

Kipferl Restaurant & Patisserie

Photos courtesy of Kipferl Restaurant & Patisserie Interior

Kipferl Restaurant and Patisserie is a traditional Viennese coffee house and restaurant. They pride themselves on serving authentic homemade Austrian food and coffee blends.

The menu features Austrian dishes such as Gulyas soup, Wiener Schnitzel, and Kaesespaetzle. So you can really experience the taste of this fabulous country, all the while in Angel, London! Some say it is a little pricey here, but all agree it is completely authentic to its Austrian roots, so perhaps worth a bit extra to try something totally different. 

High Ground

Photos courtesy of High Ground via Instagram

Coming in hot on the list of best coffee shops in Ange,l we have High Ground. This place started out life as a specialty coffee shop, celebrating its own blends and flavors.

The proprietors then spread their wings and introduced fine wines, so you can enjoy a delicious beverage whatever time of day you visit. The produce here is all responsibly sourced from sustainable farmers, with a large emphasis on protecting our planet where possible. 

Saint Espresso

Photos courtesy of Saint Espresso via Instagram

The people of Islington must love coffee from Saint Espresso as you can find not one but two branches in Angel.

You can find the first on the busting Pentonville Road, and this Instagrammable spot is an influencer’s dream. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light to fall upon the trendy exposed brickwork and the rustic interior design. The second cafe can be found directly under the iconic Angel Wings on Parkfield Street and offers a cozy welcoming aesthetic that is loved by locals and tourists alike. You will find all your coffee favorites on the menu here as well as some delicious seasonal specials. 

Coffee Berry

Coffee Berry is another great coffee spot in Angel. It is a friendly family-run establishment that has Vietnamese roots and this is reflected in its unique and exciting menu.

Traditional Vietnamese street food and seasonal dishes are available as well as more traditional filled baguettes and homemade sweet treats. I have it on very good authority that the Vietnamese Iced Coffee is a thing of wonder here!

Cafe M2B

Cafe M2B serves inspiring Bengali-style meals throughout the day, and given the rave reviews about the flavors and the service has to be on the list of best cafes in Angel.

The food is all freshly prepared, authentically flavored, and served with a smile. In addition to the savory delights, there is also a good selection of sweet treats available and all the items on the menu are surprisingly affordable.

Blank Street Coffee

Photos courtesy of Blank Street Coffee

At Blank Street Coffee in Angel, they believe that drinking coffee should be a real experience. The company actually started out in Brooklyn (USA) and, when it migrated to London, it brought with it the company’s ethos to serve clean, natural, and top-quality products for an affordable price. In addition to the drinks menu, there are also pastries and sweet bakes to suit all dietary requirements. 

Have any questions about these cafes and coffee shops in Angel, or which one to stop by on your mornings in London? Let me know in the comments below!

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