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Bridgerton Tours from London: Delightful Diversions for Fans

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Dearest readers, I find myself most delighted to share with you a veritable treasure for those with a discerning taste for both adventure and the elegance of yesteryear: Bridgerton tours.

As a passionate explorer with a penchant for the romance of the Regency era, I have been positively captivated by these tours, designed to transport you back in time to the world of the ton and their exquisite social affairs.

Bridgerton Tours from London Hero

Fear not, for your humble correspondent shall provide a detailed account of this splendid outing, perfect for those who wish to promenade through the breathtaking locations that so gracefully adorn our beloved Bridgerton series. Be prepared to swoon as we recount tales of dashing rakes and diamonds of the first water debutantes, all while exploring the very streets and estates that have captured our hearts and imaginations.

So, come hither, fellow devotees of romance and intrigue, and let us embark on a journey through the captivating world of Bridgerton tours from London, where whispers of scandal and whispers of love intertwine to create an unforgettable experience.

2-Hour Bridgerton Experience Walking Tour

Photo courtesy of Get Your Guide

Go behind the scenes and immerse yourself in the Regency period on this delightful walking tour of Bath. You’ll start out at the Abbey Churchyard, used as a backdrop for gossipy strolls on the way to fittings in the Modiste dress shop. 

You’ll also walk past the filming location for Gunter’s Tea Shop, where the Duke of Hastings meets Daphne. To make things even better, besides just hearing interesting facts about Bridgerton, you’ll also be able to learn about the real history of Bath in the 1800s. 

Next, you’ll head to the Royal Crescent, aka the Featherington’s “London” home. This is the ideal time for a photo opportunity and to pretend you’re the diamond of the first water in the ton.

Lastly, you’ll head to the Holburne Museum – you’ll recognize this as Lady Danbury’s abode. Here, you can end the tour in style with a cup of tea in the café pretending to gossip about the latest scandal!

Discover Bath and Bridgerton With Music

Photo courtesy of Get Your Guide

Bridgerton tours from London don’t always require imagination, as this 1.5-hour walking tour explores Bath with high-tech headphones. This way, you get to experience the Bridgerton score while walking around the city.  

Let it serenade you and conjure up images of being at a ball, hoping to be one of the season’s best picks. What’s more, you get all the latest gossip from your guide, a true Bridgerton fan — which might feel like you’re reading one of Lady Whistledown’s latest social pamphlets. 

You’ll go past key filming locations like the Royal Crescent, the Holburne Museum, and Pulteney Bridge, where you can promenade across with your partner as you introduce them to the don. This bridge, as well as Great Pulteney Street, was used in the show as introductory shots for Lady Danbury’s manor.  

The only scandal with this tour is that you’ll still need to pay for the entrance fees, but seeing as you’re feigning aristocracy, this shan’t be a problem.

Bridgerton Filming Locations Walking Tour With Music

Photo courtesy of Get Your Guide

One of the best ways to spend a Bath day trip is on this magical Bridgerton filming locations walking tour with music. Seriously, put on your best gown and prepare to attend the don in style.  

Okay, you don’t actually have to come in a ballgown, however, do bring weather-appropriate clothing as this tour operates in rain or shine. Hope for the latter, but don’t stress too much, as your tour guide will provide loads of insight into Bridgerton’s production. 

You’ll get headphones to listen to iconic songs from the series’ score and visit over 10 of its filming locations. These include Royal Crescent, the Holbourne, the Bath Assembly Rooms (where Lady Danbury’s Ball is held), and the Guildhall (setting for the Rambury Ball). 

It’s a brilliant way to learn about Bath’s immense history, its iconic buildings, and the part they played in Bridgerton

Private Guided Tour of Bridgerton Set in Bath

Photo courtesy of Viator

Visiting London, but you’re disappointed to find that most of Bridgerton was shot outside of it? Don’t worry, as day trips from London are a thing of simplicity thanks to England’s railway system. 

This private guided tour is definitely one of the best Bridgerton tours from London, as it includes pick-up from the city. Meaning you get to ride in comfort to Bath and surrounds. If you like, you can pretend you’re riding in a hansom cab, much like the aristocracy in Bridgerton

You’ll get to see 17 different filming locations, including Bath Street, the Bath Racecourse, and Pulteney Bridge. It’s also perfect if some in your party aren’t keen Bridgerton watchers, as you’ll get to see locations from Jane Austen books and Les Miserables’ filming. 

Bridgerton Walking Tour of Filming Locations & Storylines

Photo courtesy of Viator

Last but certainly not least is this delightful Bridgerton walking tour around Bath. What’s great about this is it’s a small group tour with a maximum of 12 people. 

This makes it easy to ask more questions, and if you’re as inquisitive as Penelope Featherington, you’ll surely have many. You’ll start off at the Abbey Hotel and make your way across Bath to the Royal Crescent. 

You’ll pass by iconic spots, like the Duke’s London residence, Lady Dee’s Hat Emporium, and the Market Square. The informative guide was present in Bath during the filming of Bridgerton, and so has tons of details into the filming process. This helps to bring the show alive. After all, who doesn’t want to feel the enigmatic energy of being in the wonderful world of Bridgerton?

These all sound swell, right? Have any questions about these Bridgerton tours from London? Let me know in the comments below!

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