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The 8 Best Boutique Hotels in North London

North London is known for its splendid blend of history, charm, and modern vivacity. It’s not just about its iconic attractions like Camden Market or its close proximity to the famed Hampstead Heath. No, North London has an underlying buzz, a certain je ne sais quoi (to borrow from the French) that makes it a must-visit for those looking for a genuine London experience.

Now, if you fancy making your stay as stylish as the locale itself, then boutique hotels in North London are your cup of tea. These establishments, infused with personality and warmth, capture the essence of the region, offering visitors an intimate glimpse into the capital’s luxurious side.

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So, whether you’re a lover of art, gastronomy, or simply the good old British charm, choosing one of these top boutique hotels in North London promises an experience that’s as quintessentially London as rain on a summer’s day. Cheers to a jolly good stay!

What is a Boutique Hotel?

Boutique hotels have become very popular in recent times, particularly with the young, trendy generations. If you’re not familiar with the term, a “boutique hotel” distinguishes itself from other establishments in a number of ways, with its size being the most significant.

Boutique hotels are smaller in size than an average hotel, usually not having more than 100 guest rooms – but they can have as few as 10-12. The focus of this sort of property is to provide guests with a personal service, catering to their individual needs where possible, usually in intricate detail.

Boutique hotels are also typically found in fashionable locations, and are exceptionally stylish, showcasing impeccable attention to detail. Often properties will opt for a unique theme or design to set them apart from the rest. Rooms will be fitted with excellent quality amenities and the service will be faultless. The quality of the guests’ experience throughout their stay is paramount to a boutique hotel.

Given all that, let’s look at the best boutique hotels in North London, since that’s the part of London where you’re looking to stay.

The Best Boutique Hotels in North London – Mapped!

Before jumping into each hotel, I thought it might help to get oriented on a map. Below are each of the hotels I’ll cover in more detail later in the post.

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Ready to learn about each of them and pick the perfect one for your London trip?

Great Northern Hotel

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The Great Northern Hotel has been welcoming guests since way back in 1854. Conveniently located in the heart of London, very near to the transport networks of Kings Cross, this uber-stylish boutique hotel is bursting with character. Each of the rooms has been thoughtfully and individually designed to reflect the building’s historical link to the local railways. They ooze charm and sophistication, and each has its own unique character.

The Great Northern Hotel regularly hosts inspiring in-house events and arranges activities for guests to get involved with. This gives them the opportunity to connect with the spirit of the local community. For example, during the festive period, the hotel hosts wreath-making classes, and a Hogwarts adventure is organized in conjunction with the nearby Harry Potter Studios.

Holmes Hotel

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The elegant and uniquely decorated rooms at the Holmes Hotel – so named for the street near which it is set, Baker Street – come in a variety of sizes, from cute, cozy singles, to spacious, luxurious family rooms. The interiors are designed by celebrated designers and feature all the modern conveniences you might want to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

The Holmes Hotel is renowned for its exceptional service, and exquisite attention to detail. There is a fabulous restaurant at the property where guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food prepared here by the world-class chefs is made using the finest seasonal produce and the menu has a strong Mediterranean influence.

Megaro Hotel

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Nothing about the Megaro Hotel is subtle. Loud, proud, and fully extroverted, this fascinating property celebrates the punk rock music heritage of Camden combined with the House scene that once dominated the back streets and abandoned buildings of the Kings Cross region. 

The flamboyant rooms are filled with theatrical pops of color, designed to surprise, and inspire guests, and to break the classical stereotypical perception of Boutique hotels in North London. The Megaro has a vibey in-house cocktail bar which is an absolute feast for the eyes, as well as the taste buds.

And while it’s an oft-overlooked detail, the ceiling is made up of a complex artistic pattern of copper pipes and electrical circuits, the walls hold large shelving units packed with all sorts of alchemy instruments and intriguing curiosities.

Pullman London St Pancras

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The Pullman London St Pancras is one of the boutique hotels in North London that focuses on being family-friendly. A chic and contemporary property that uses strategically hung art pieces to inspire the mind, this place is unique in every way.

The central Kings Cross location means you can easily and conveniently access all other areas of this fabulous city, and the St Pancras International Station is just a short stroll away. The renowned restaurant at the Pullman effortlessly blends classic glamor with the trend of modern times. The menu is predominantly a mix of contemporary European flavors and there is an extensive cocktail list to work your way through too!

The Hide

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The Hide prides itself on offering an upscale and luxurious yet home-away-from-home style. Located a little way from the center of the city it makes for a more tranquil setting, but all the capital’s excitement and attractions are just a short and easy commute away.

It is one of the most popular small hotels in North London and boasts some exceptional reviews from guests who have visited from all over the globe. The rooms are large, elegantly decorated with fanciful wallpaper, and thoughtfully furnished.

The Hide also features a generous continental breakfast for all guests that is packed with delicious offerings such as a great selection of cereals, freshly baked breads, homemade cakes, and fresh fruit.

The Pillar Hotel

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The Pillar has the enviable reputation of being one of the friendliest and most welcoming boutique hotels in North London. Dating back to the late 1800s, the building itself is a handsome Victorian masterpiece located within an immaculately manicured Quadrangle Garden. In fact, two glorious acres of green land and gardens surround The Pillar offering ample opportunities for some relaxing outside time to unwind and connect a little with nature.

The rooms here are elegant and impressive, sporting supremely comfortable beds and designer toiletries as well as all the modern appliances you would expect. Downstairs in the communal area, you will find a cozy lounge which is used daily as the breakfast room and throughout the day is often a hub of activity where guests can drop in for a snack and some socialization.  

The Standard

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The Standard is a unique hotel in the center of all the action in North London. It is bold, bright, and welcoming in every way, and all the little luxury extras that guests enjoy are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

The unusually shaped rooms offer fabulous, far-reaching views of the city. Whilst minimalistic in their design, they also contain all the luxuries and comforts you would expect from one of the bougiest boutique hotels in North London. The finest Italian bed linen, top-of-the-range Bluetooth speakers, designer gowns, and toiletries… the list goes on!

To top it all, the in-house restaurant serves magnificent Spanish-inspired food by a Michelin-starred chef! If you’re looking for the best of the best boutique hotels in North London, The Standard is definitely a contender.

York & Albany

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The York & Albany boutique hotel knows a thing or two about luxury. One of the most exquisite small hotels in North London, this stunning Grade I listed building has been carefully and tastefully remodeled to offer opulent guest rooms, each with their own individual character. One has a magnificent four-poster bed, while another retains some of its original horse stable features. Every little detail has been considered to ensure your stay here is as special and comfortable as possible.

Each mealtime will be an absolute treat with a Gorden Ramsey restaurant on-site, serving extraordinary cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Room service is also available if you prefer to spend a quiet night in.

Have any questions about these top boutique hotels in North London or where to stay during your London trip? Let me know in the comments below!

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