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The 6 Best Spots for Birria Tacos in London

Can you remember your first bite of Birria tacos? The crunchy taco shells, the piping hot meat, the richly spiced juices… Honestly, it’s no surprise to me that these tacos went viral on social media a few years ago and became obsession-worthy. They are delicious and bring the flavors of Jalisco, Mexico right into your mouth. Best of all, you can find Birria tacos in London!

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While London isn’t known for having a ton of – or particularly great – Mexican food, the tide has begun to change as chefs from North America made their way across the pond to open restaurants serving authentic dishes from the many states of Estahdos Unidos Mexicanos.

If you’re craving Birria tacos and want to know where to find them in the great city of London, here’s a guide. There aren’t a ton of spots to choose from – but let’s just take that as an invitation to try them all!

Birria Taco (Edgware Road)

Don’t be deceived by the Moroccan-inspired décor – Birria Taco stands true to its name and serves some of the best Birria Tacos in London.

Unlike the U.S., the U.K. doesn’t have as great of access to authentic Mexican food. That’s why Birria Taco quickly rose to fame when it opened its doors.

The food here is truly authentic and you get to experience real Mexican flavors in every bite. It’s a great alternative if you’re coming with your family or friends. The restaurant has all the taco varieties you can imagine: lamb, meat, Halal, and even vegetarians. Prices are a bit on the expensive side. But, hey, it’s London, after all.

Cavita (Marylebone)

Nestled in the heart of Marylebone is Cavita, a non-pretentious restaurant that promises a delightful culinary experience. For some Londoners, it’s the best place to enjoy Mexican cuisine.

Cavita knows how to play the authenticity game, from the food to the décor, everything screams Mexican. The flavors are there, the colors and variety of plates. Even the staff is all Latin American. While all their dishes are sublime, the Birria tacos are just delicious.

When you’re done with your tacos, head to their mezcalera downstairs, where you’ll get to learn the difference between mezcals and tequilas, thanks to the amazing waitress there.

Birria Tacos in London - Single Birria Taco with Onions

Dos Mas Tacos (Canary Wharf)

Dos Mas Tacos is the kind of place that’ll have you leaving with a serious craving, even after you’ve stuffed your mouth with everything on the plate.

They make, hands-down, one of the best Birria Tacos in London. The balance and textures are just phenomenal. The tender meat falling apart in your mouth. The intense flavors invade every corner of your palate. Best of all, the place is not expensive.

Oh, and don’t leave without trying the black coconut ice cream. It’s delicious! 

Birria Tacos in London - Consomme and Tacos on a Bright Background

Meat Head Mexican (Camden)

That’s the beauty of tacos; you can sit down and enjoy them in a leisurely lunch, or grab one from a carrito and eat it before getting back to your itinerary. If you need a quick bite, Meat Head Mexican is your best option.

Their birria tacos are so juicy, punching with strong smoky flavors. The portion is very generous for a very reasonable price. Service here is efficient, but there can be quite a long queue, which is definitely deserved, by the way. Anyway, the mouth-watering aromas from their pots will keep you waiting in line.

Taca Tacos (Deptford)

Even the most jaded palates succumb to Taca Tacos dishes. The South London joint that opened wanting to bring California favors to London is a solid option for Mexican food.

Everything is delicious, but the Birria are the star of the show. Some say they’re easily the best barrio tacos in London, and perhaps even the entire UK. The cozy restaurant is popular among American expats who’ve been on an endless hunt for good Mexican food.

Before I forget, get the consommé if you’re getting the birria tacos. You’ll be literally licking your fingers.

Birria Tacos in London - Birria Tacos in a Dark Room

Taco Collective (Hoxton/Shoreditch)

Ask any huge taco fan where you can get them in Shoreditch and the name Taco Collective pops up. Their tacos are unreal. Stringy melty cheese, hell of a beef or amazing veggies options, they’ve got it all. It’s all freshly made and they use authentic Mexican ingredients, which really evokes the flavors you find in the streets of Mexico.

If you’re feeling particularly hungry, work your way through their menu. It won’t disappoint you. 

Know of any other great spots for birria tacos in London, or have questions about these spots? Let me know in the comments!

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