Explore Beyond London

London is a great city to explore – but it also serves as an excellent base if you want to discover other parts of England, Britain, and even Europe. On this page you’ll find links to guides I’ve written for how to explore beyond London.

Day Trips from London

There is an almost limitless number of destinations you can reach during a London day trip, far beyond what I could do (or write about) in a lifetime. In addition to my favorite day trips from London, here are som more in-depth guides about different popular London day trip destinations.

Edinburgh Card
Nottingham Card
Stonehenge Card

City Breaks/Weekend Trips from London

If London is a good base for day trips, it’s even better for weekend trips – also called “city breaks” by Londoners and Brits. I’m working to add a series of in-depth guides about different city break destinations soon, based on my own weekend adventures from London while living there.

Coming soon!

Have a day trip or weekend destination you’d like me to add? Email me (valerie@londonmymind.com) to request it!