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The 9 Best Restaurants in Tower Hill, near Tower Bridge

Tower Hill is the best definition of ‘small but mighty’ when it comes to areas of London. So named for its proximity to both the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, Tower Hill has great transit access (including plenty of buses plus the Tube and DLR within a few minutes walk), some of the city’s top attractions, great places to stay if you want to be well-located and get a good value, and – delightfully and deliciously – some awesome restaurants to eat at too.

However, it is worth noting that, as a small area within the City of London (and Greater London), the population of restaurants in Tower Hill isn’t as dense as you’ll see in other parts of the city – like, say, Covent Garden or Marylebone. But, the best restaurants in Tower Hill each have something special to offer, and it’s especially helpful to know about them if you’re planning to spend a day sightseeing in the area, or staying here.

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Unlike in past lists of restaurants that I’ve written (or published here on LOMM), I don’t have a specific numeric score for each restaurant on this list. Instead, I’ve looked at the limited number of restaurants in the area and put them in an order based on the reviews they’ve received and my own experiences. While certainly some are better than others, you really can’t go wrong at these spots!

Ready to dive into my list of the best restaurants in Tower Hill? Grab a fork and sink your teeth in!

1. Bodean’s Tower Hill

Photos courtesy of Bodean’s BBQ via Instagram

This smokehouse and BBQ restaurant-diner comprises two stories and is located right by the Tower Hill Tube Station. The upper level plays blues music and the lower one pop music, with live American sports showing on the TV screens.

Bodean’s boasts great views of the famous Tower Bridge and also a bar that serves a large selection of beers, bourbons, and cocktails. (During the summer, it’s Happy Hour all day, Sunday to Friday.) For food, the Burnt Ends and Chicken Wings are two of the most popular dishes.

2. Natural Kitchen

Photos courtesy of Natural Kitchen

Natural Kitchen serves fresh, healthy, homemade food all day. (There are new specials on the menu every month.)

It has high ceiling insides as well as a large outdoor space and bar. Food and service, unfortunately, can be a bit haphazard. (If you’re in the area around 5 to 6 p.m. (Monday to Friday) and looking for a drink, I recommend going to the Natural Kitchen at St. Katharine Docks instead- it’s just a few minutes away (on foot), and has Happy Hour.) 

3. Byward Kitchen and Bar

Photos courtesy of Byward Kitchen and Bar

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Tower Hill that serve seasonal, traditional British food, try Byward Kitchen and Bar. Two of the most popular dishes are the English breakfast (complete with black pudding, though there is a vegetarian option too) as well as the fish and chips.

Despite being located close to one of London’s most popular tourist attractions (the Tower of London), its courtyard garden is lovely and tranquil, a great place to get some peace and quiet after some sightseeing. (The garden is connected to the All Hallows by the Tower Church, which is free to explore.) Even if the weather is too cold to sit out, the interior is beautiful, with floor-to-ceiling windows all around.

4. Keepers Kitchen & Bar

Photos courtesy of Keepers Kitchen & Bar via Facebook

For the best restaurants near Tower Bridge which are slightly quirky, you’ll have to visit Keepers Kitchen & Bar, which is located in Novotel Tower Bridge Hotel. It serves traditional British cuisine with a twist, with food and drinks flavored by the honey from its rooftop hives!

Their fish and chips and their pizza are two of the most popular dishes but there’s mixed feedback on them. It’s probably best to just be aware that you are eating at a hotel restaurant, so it’s not going to be of the same calibre as you might experience at high-end restaurants elsewhere in the city.

5. Assenheims 56

Photos courtesy of Assenheims 56

For those looking for the best restaurants in Tower Hill that serve South American-inspired food, try Assenheims 56. It serves breakfast and brunch- you can find the boring old omelet and toast or something more exotic such as Colombian Pericos (scrambled eggs.)

Their famous marinated and grilled chicken is pretty good (and halal too) as evidenced by the long queues, though thankfully they move fast. (You can order it with rice, salad, grilled vegetables, or potatoes. Don’t forget to add some of the special homemade green sauce, which is made from spices and coriander.

6. Cento Alla Torre

Photos courtesy of Cento Alla Torre via Instagram

Cento Alla Torre is one of the best restaurants in Tower Bridge for authentic Italian food. It serves up great views of the Tower Bridge and Shard along with its homemade pasta, which is made from local market ingredients, in a modern setting. (I highly recommend visiting in the evening, for a view of the lit-up Bridge at night.)

The service is so friendly and personal, that most Google reviewers refer to their server by name, which is a real testament to the experience they provide. 

7. Mei Ume

Photos courtesy of Mei Ume via Instagram

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Tower Bridge that serve modern Chinese and Japanese food, try Mei Ume, located in the Four Seasons Hotel London, Ten Trinity Square. (Not to be confused with the other Four Seasons London at Park Lane.) 

If you’re concerned about how good the food can be when the restaurant serves two different cuisines, have no fear as there is a separate chef for each cuisine. Mei Use is also one of the few restaurants in London at which you can order half a Peking Duck (which it does pretty well!).

8. Paris Grill

Photos courtesy of Paris Grill via Instagram

Paris Grill is a French restaurant about an 8-minute walk from the Tower Hill Underground Station which serves classic French food. (The steak sandwich is very popular.)

The interiors are reminiscent of an Art Deco-themed bistro with red-and-white checkered tablecloths, a stage, and even a dance floor. (It occasionally does events, most recently, a George Michael tribute.) It’s been around since the 1970s and is pretty popular, so can get quite busy and somewhat noisy. 

9. The Lampery Seething Lane

Photos courtesy of The Lampery Seething Lane via Instagram

The Lampery Seething Lane is a restaurant in the APEX Hotel that serves authentic British food. It’s inspired by Samuel Pepys, the 17th-century English diarist who was born in London and recorded many important events such as the Great Plague and the Great Fire of London.

The prix fixe lunch menu is one of the best value-for-money meals in the area, at £30 for three courses. It’s a great place to relax over a meal, with a lovely atmosphere and calming lounge music, or to grab a late bite as the kitchen closes at 10:30pm.

Bonus: Dining in St. Katharine Docks

In addition to the restaurants mentioned above, it’s also worth pointing out there’s a whole separate area within/adjacent to Tower Hill that is chock-a-block full of restaurants: St. Katharine Docks. These historic docks and marina are home to the King’s barge (a beautiful boat well worth admiring from the shore, even when it’s moored), but a large number of drinking and dining establishments have also popped up to fill the ground floors of the buildings that surround the area.

I also wrote a list of the best restaurants in St. Katharine Docks if you’re looking specifically in that part of this area of London; it will dive more deeply into the places I recommend than I could do justice here. Basically, think of this list as everywhere in Tower Hill but St. Katharine Docks, and that list is dedicated to that smaller area.

Any questions about the best restaurants in Tower Hill or where to grab a meal in this area? Let me know in the comments!

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